Before you transactivists get all testerical and scream “transphobia!!”, you had better read this first. So nah, not exactly ‘transphobic’ at all, more like transactivistphobic, now there is a difference! So suck it up.

Whilst I don’t have anything against transpersons on an individual level, and I believe many are victims of the same system and deserve my compassion, I reserve my right to vent my rage at those who do harm. Yeah, looking right at you transactivists.

Testerically screeching “transphobia” is a silencing technique, and I will not be silenced. I have used the spelling ‘twanzphobia’ because it is a tongue-in-cheek way of telling you that it is a pile of crock, and a false and malicious label hurled at those who disagree with you.

So here is some essential reading, here and elsewhere (I will add to this list as I find stuff):

From here:
Do no harm
The default human is FEMALE
Discrimination and gender
Trans-wot? (decoding the trans terms)

From other radfem blogs:
Men Love The Ladies Restroom- Transgender Edition (essential reading)
Don’t call me cisgender
Defining Lesbians Out of Existence (lesbian/FAB-only spaces)
FTM Female Body Parts=Not disposable (organ & hormonal implications)
Gender & artificiality (debunking cis-gender)
Hi! I’m a Pope! (humorous debunk of trans arguments)
Queer Theory Magik (humorous debunk of queer arguments)
Pedomorphisis and the abortive language of Transgenderism
Femalephobia (the root of homophobia and transphobia)
Trans activism is diametrically opposed to feminism
Men love the ladies restroom
this “gender identity” business
no one cares about your “gender identity”
The nullification of women
I am menstruating. Now, WTF does gender have to do with my SEX??
Men in womens restrooms
The Transgender Bathroom Fantasy

– – – – –
Standard disclaimer:
Now, just before you go off testerically screaming “twanzphobia”, highlight the passages that:
1) denied you were a human
2) said I hated you
3) wished you bodily harm (telling you to piss off or calling you ‘idiot’ does not count)
4) point to the ‘loads’ of articles where radfems physically have beaten the crap out of a transperson
If you find those bits, then please do run around screaming “twanzphobia”.

– – – – –
Radfems, feel free to use or adapt the disclaimer in any of your posts or comments. It *might* stop the twanzphobic namecalling, but I doubt it.
– – – – –

Now, if none of the above articles sway you, I have my sekrit weapon, the kitteh mind meld. So beware! I use all tools available:

8 thoughts on “Twanzphobia!!11!!

  1. FAB Libber

    “testerical” has been around for a long long time. I don’t claim any originality.
    But, if teh menz can come up with terms like hysterical (the theory behind it was a wandering uterus), then right back at them, testerical, dudes.

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  2. Dana Lane Taylor

    I am a radical feminist! 🙂 I made the list! I am pretty much an outcast in “my community”, now. For obvious reasons. I care about rights and protections for women and don’t demand things from the radical feminist community. Of course, my feelings get hurt when I read some of this stuff that is directed at all trans*.* because it is directed at me as well. But I will thank the “transgender umbrella” for a lot of this. It is a fucking zoo. And we were assimilated against our will. Transgender reeks of testosterone and the patriarch. I will not cave in to their demands of assimilation.


  3. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Hi Dana
    Thanks for speaking out against the ‘zoo of pervs’ that cluster under the ‘twanzgender parasol’. It is important to note that most of the legislation (supposedly transgender anti-discrimination legislation) makes very little or bad definitions of ‘transgender’ – most bits of legislation is written so that any old perv can don a dress, enter a female-only space unchallenged – by the fear that challenging such a person will lead to a prosecution of discrimination against the challenger, including FAB females.

    Whilst I will concede that a small percentage of ‘trans’ will pass reasonably as women, and therefore get treated ‘like women’, most do not pass as women and will not get the same treatment as FABs (see current post), and many actually want to retain that distinction as M2Ts specifically to get special/better treatment than FABs. It is this latter that once again, throws FABs under the bus. Forty years after 2nd wave feminism, and we still are on 70-75% of the male wage.

    My absolute, non-negotiable point, is that birth certificate amendment and status of M2Ts is not granted until FULL SRS (not ‘top surgery’ not ‘deknackered only’) but full removal of the penis and scrotum. They have no business, no rights, to enter FAB-only segregated areas packing a penis. Prior to the surgery, it is discretionary. And most FABs would be accomodating as long as they behaved themselves in FAB-spaces like restrooms. Currently we have story after story of M2Ts, with penis, suing or getting compensation for not being able to use female restrooms, even when they don’t even have a legal status of ‘female’.


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