Tackle Status!

Fans of Twanzphobic Since Forever have probably noticed a bit of a trend, in that our Tootsies and miscellaneous Female Impersonators more often than not are in possession of their “tackle”.

Of course, it gets difficult to remember who has, and who has not, so here at TSF we want to make your life just that little bit easier. Without further ado, we present the Tackle Status page to help you keep track!

As you can see below, there is room for more, and we will update the list as more female impersonators cross our path.

I will probably add the female impersonators found at GallusMag’s as well, because I know that dedicated twanzphobes like to read at both sites.

Tackle Status

Wants Mangina?
Alexis Arquette /
Robert Arquette
Now a full-time dragqueen
Allanah (Ally) Collina /
Richard Duncan
Probably not, gay couple living mock hets
Anthony G Casebeer /
Anne Casebeer /
Anthony G Casebeer
Doubtful that he ever wanted one, garden variety transvestite. However, he does have a thing for wanting to attack lesbians with a baseball bat. *nice*
Ashley Yang Doubtful, made no claim he was in the process of getting/wanting SRS
Dee Omally Failed at masculinity, but plays for both teams, describes himself as non-op (rather than pre-op)
Emily /
2009, acquired mangina, but not before giving F2T partner an old fashioned dicking
Gregory Gorgeous He is man, all-man, identifies as man, even though he declares self as ‘more gorgeous than your girlfriend’. Threatens anyone if challenged to use the women’s bathroom
Hexydezimal /
Zoe Ambrosine /
Nicholas Masters
Doubtful, does not bother to play dress-ups
Jessica Dresser Male-indentified crossdresser
Julia Serano   After the boring monologue about his “lesbian penis” in 2006, Serano lopped the dong in 2009
Miss Kerry Whybrow /
Roger Steed
2008, acquired mangina for “lesbian” purposes
Monica Speight No, autogynophiliac
Natasha Gray /
David Payne
Nope, doesn’t mind the ball mashing by the polestering
Riley Kilo
(“adult baby”)
Yep, wants to pee in his diaper “like a girl”
Stephanie Collins /
Stephen Collins
Apparently so, even with the tendancy for LTN
Mr Vagina Acquirer /
Racheal McGonigal /
Storm the hooker
Yep, 2010 he told us all about the op, then deleted the blog

Running statistical breakdown:

Has mangina 4/16 ~or~ 25%
> Has penis, wants mangina 2/16 ~or~ 12.5%
> Has penis, keeping penis 10/16 ~or~ 62.5%
Total currently be-penised 12/16 ~or~ 75%

Note that percentages may not always tally to 100% due to rounding errors. But most of my readers are smart enough to know that already.

Libfems and funfems might like to note that the percentage of be-penised ‘laydees’ that they are fine sharing a bathroom with, is around the 67-75% mark, and generally less than half of our ‘laydees’ wants to or has gotten rid of their penis. Laydees with penises. How terribly quaint.

48 thoughts on “Tackle Status!

  1. myrtle

    Remember those booklets of paper dolls little girls used to get, with tab-on clothing for this sport, or that activity?

    Dongs, pop-it tits, holes to nowhere. The boyz seem to have trouble understanding the concept.

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  2. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Yep, such a shame that I cannot get the rowspan tag working with the graphics. Also, there looks to be cell spacing or padding (but there is not in tags) so I wonder if it is some WP thing.


  3. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    There you go “not 6”, I included our old mate Mr Vagina Acquirer, and as a bonus, Mr choppy/changey Casebeer, whose hobbies include making death threats against lesbians – the very group of people his organisation supposedly supports and protects. That is the kind of support and protection that most of us could do without.


  4. myrtle

    Garden variety transvestite, you say.

    You’ve seen a Louisville Slugger? You’ve seen it wielded by someone who’s 6’2″ and well over 200 lbs? That’s not just a threat of violence. That’s a death threat.

    ““Pimp slap is not enough here: a nice home run swing to the head with a 38-oz Louisville Slugger is more in order.” says Anthony Casebeer aka Anne Casebeer on Facebook. HEY FACEBOOOOOOK!!!


  5. KatieS

    the very group of people his organisation supposedly supports and protects. That is the kind of support and protection that most of us could do without.

    There’s another group that does offer “protection” like that, using baseball bats and other dangerous weapons. They’re called the mafia.


  6. iamnotanumber06

    Are you sure Storm the Hooker is the same dude as Mr Vagina Acquirer? I read the Laydee Making quotes from Mr Vagina Acquirer and they read way different to Storm the Hooker.
    Storm reads like an inbred old retard from Dargaville with a PHD in sucking at English, whereas Mr VA reads like an upperclass, uni-student psychopath trying to be all internet hip (i.e. a Clayton Weatherston).


  7. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Dee Omally then:

    And now:

    And as Dee is so very fond of “About” pages, from his website:

    I grew up here… That’s right…what Wikipedia now refers to as a ghost town….need I say more? That picture…the guy with the guitar you don’t ask? I was 18 in that picture. Handsome you say? I guess some might have thought so…but for a female, handsome is not quite how we would like to describe ourselves. After puberty, I could never acknowledge the person looking back at me in the mirror, that is until years later in 2009 after hormones began to finally help me finish growing. I finally saw on the outside who I’ve always seen on the inside.

    Do you think he cast his eyes downward, when he looked in the mirror and “saw a male”? Just going by his bio that he so kindly posted at your blog GM.


  8. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    omg, so funny!

    When I was called “sir”….I was not a man. Though I am now called “ma’am”…I am not a wo-man. My inner essence…self… spirit… what​ever is there in spite of body…transcends gender…and race…and age…and species…even intellect. I march to my own drum…as I risk all. I sought and found harmony between my outside and my inside….the power to change what can be changed. Eureka!!

    Dammit Omally! How dare you transcend species! That’s my gig, as twanzsquirrel.
    But yes, he did manage to transcend intellect rather successfully I think.


  9. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Hiya Spindel, welcomes!
    Thanks for the update – whodathunkit, being so terribly proud of their penis and making and endless monologue about it.

    And damn Serano, because this now causes me more editing on the Tackle Status page.

    The upside is, at least no more boring monologues about “lesbian penises”. I suppose we will have to hear about the mangina now?


  10. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Alan Bwain, yes we know him well.
    He had a miraculous spontaneous twanzformation doncha know?
    I think these miraculous spontaneous changes happen so frequently when someone works in IT. An yep, La Bwain does (or at least did?) as well.


  11. Nicky

    Also This past summer, Riley Kilo was seen at a top free protest in Central park New York city pretending to be part of the FAB movement and claiming to be female by showing his what he believes his breast. The links below will show photo proof

    Here’s the Photo’s as proof of a Riley Kilol barging in on a FAB Topfree protest and showing off his Manboobs and pretending to be part of the female top free protest. I just wonder how many women know that a man was their in the group pretending to be a female.
    2011 Central Park Topless Day

    2011 Central Park Topless Day


  12. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Thanks Nicky, although it looks like I have to sign up to flickr to have the “pleasure” of seeing the big baby’s Moobs. I will rate that as #87 of things to do tomorrow (I usually only get to #6 on the list then lose interest).

    Can anyone say “meeja ho”?
    My gawd, it’s like some kind of infectious outbreak in the twanz community.
    Then they moan that ‘people’ are talking about them on blogs!
    It’s a shame that the Oprah show closed down, I am sure Oprah would have been interested in the Twanz Squirrel story. Afterwards, I could go to blogs screaming “cease and desist!!” for calling me a nutjob. If my name was Ally. Or Tommy.

    Of course I have squoobs (squirrel boobs).

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  13. Nicky

    Not a problem because I know some nudist groups are too blind to the fact that they allowed a twanzperson in on a top free protest when they are not a FAB to being with. I tried to make them aware of this, but was called a transphobic when I pointed out that one of them was not a Female, but a man with mannboobs .


  14. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I will have to check on Riley Kilo actually. I think he said he “wanted” a mangina, but I don’t think he actually has one at this point. So, omg, my tackle status is inaccurate!!!


  15. Nicky

    Yeap and Reily Kilo has been on many ABDL websites on the web pretending to be a real woman and many of his twanz friends that are into diapers as well. Here is his website as well rileykilo.com and his so called twans status blog letsgetsrs.com/


  16. Nicky

    Here’s another fine example of a twanz who is claiming to be intersex and claiming to speak for everyone.


  17. Nicky

    Yeap and that twanz is claiming to have a GENDER DEFECT and Claims to speak for all genders including the LGBT community as well. It just goes to show that the Twanz are on Youtube trying to sell the propaganda to the unsuspecting masses. It dose show that he’s a bloke of XY and pretending to be intersex and claiming to have a gender defect.


  18. DaveSquirrel Post author

    He couldn’t be any more XY if he had it stamped on his forehead!

    The ‘birth defect‘ thing really annoys me, I mean, FFS, this gender thing is in their head, not a chromosomal abnormality. They maintain all sorts of crap, like ‘gender’ is set in the womb (hence claiming birth defect). I rebel against my ‘assigned gender’ too, because I got a really crappy one assigned to me based on ‘lack of penis’ (in my case, vulva/vagina), but I do not consider that a birth defect, I consider that the gender roles are fucked up, not directly to do with my anatomy.

    All these twanz claiming ‘birth defect’ and intersex, well, I want to see the DNA results. In other words, prove it. They cannot. Because it is pure appropriation, in order to legitimise their claims. And Mr A E Brain, that goes for you too. I want to see actual proof (DNA test results) of your so-called intersex condition (which one, we all ask, you cannot have them all).


  19. Nicky

    Yeap he could not be any more XY if he had it tattoo on his forehead. Yeap and that male twanz on Youtube is trying to claim that his so called Gender Defect is a birth defect. He’s trying to say that being twanz is a birth defect for him. It’s really getting to be so nauseating to hear twanz people who claim to be intersex and claim to have a birth defect. It just cheapens what it means to be biologically born intersex from birth and it appropriate intersex people’s upbringing and shared experience.

    Oh and when you try to get them to show their DNA proof of their so-called intersex condition. They always like to lash out and call you names for calling on their so called claim and challenging their claims. It makes you think that we don’t have any right to challenge them and challenge their so called “birth defect” and so-called intersex condition.


  20. DaveSquirrel Post author

    It just cheapens what it means to be biologically born intersex from birth and it appropriate intersex people’s upbringing and shared experience.

    Yes indeed.
    Actually, I was only kidding about needing proof, because it is always so damn obvious when a twanz-appropriator claims to be intersex. May as well be tattooed on their foreheads. 😉


  21. Nicky

    They do that so often that is it very nauseating when you hear and see twanz people trying to pretend and claim a “birth defect” or a so-called intersex condition. They should be a website cataloging and documenting any twanz who claims a birth defect or a so called intersex condition. That way women can find out who these twanz wannabes are and who are the twanz who are pretending to be something that they are not.

    I also think it is approiate and a right to demand they show proof of their claim and show proof of their so called birth defect and their so called intersex claim. I know Youtube has plenty of twanz people who claim to be intersex and claim to have a so called birth defect.


  22. Nicky

    Also You may want to have a look at this youtube vid and see what this twanz is trying to claim. Already that twanz is trying to shame me for challenging his status and his so called claim. Here’s the vid


  23. Nicky

    Here’s another twanz I found on the internet who claims to run a twanz center in Houston Texas.
    It smacks Male privilege at it’s core.


  24. Nicky

    I found you another twanz blogger posted a comment on my blog. You may want to take a look at his so called woman like pictures xttp://clareflourish.wordpress.com/


  25. twanzmooselike

    Nicky you poor thing. You must find better friends!

    How very sad this blogger thinks language can change the fact of his biology. Sex: Male.


  26. Clare Flourish

    Hello, Dullards. Have a look at what I think of your blog.


    Do you have the guts to publish this comment, or are you just scared of my “male privilege” into ganging up on me?


  27. Nicky

    Oh and check out the response that the twanz blogger made in response to these comments. That twanz is now attacking intersex people and quote

    “Actually, this is more ridiculous than offensive. Nicky is out as an intersex person. Some intersex folk look down on transsexual people. “No, we’re not weirdos like them,” they say, “we have a genuine physical condition”. Perhaps they feel threatened by bi-gendered society, and want to avoid the prejudice they experience from ignorant cis-sexuals. But the way to do it is not to collude with oppression of another group.”

    It seems his maleness is showing in his blog post, claiming oppression because of a medical condition. It’s very typical of these twanz to lash out at those who uncover their true agenda and expose them for all to see.


  28. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I saw that comment, I thought the description of “an out intersex person” was weird! But what a jumble of important-SOUNDING stuff eh? “bi-gendered” (ummm, thought the whole point was really that two sexes with two artificial but corresponding gender roles was too limiting and they wanted moar jendah). And how can he put in “cis-sexuals” in there when talking about the beloved and sacred gender? Should be cis-gender surely?
    Fucking nutters, can’t even get their own babble right.


  29. Nicky

    Yea and it does not surprise me one bit that they had to throw in the “cis-sexuals” and “bi-gendered” in their to make themselves sound very important. It seems they are trying to call anyone who is against twanz, self hating and self fearing. They are the most insane bunch the internet has ever seen.

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  30. Nicky

    You should Clare Flourish’s blog and look at the comments. It’s amazing that they think that were all deluded all because we exposed their agenda

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