Quotable radfeminisms

This page is just an aid for my cruddy memory, to store all those brilliant radfem soundbites that nail certain aspects. Where possible I will put a link into the original comment (a dead link for less friendly locations). It is also faster for me to link to the quotes at this page, rather than trying to hunt down where it originally came from (that cruddy memory thing I have going on). It is worthwhile to see the soundbites within the thread context if you were not following the discussion.

(Paraphrased from memory)
When people discovered where babies came from, they should have stopped having sex for ‘fun’.
VeganPrimate, probably on one of FCM’s threads (help, someone give me the link!!)

My insides don’t match my outsides, either.
Inside, I’m a human being. Outside, I’m a woman.
In a world with no gender, there would be no dysphoria
Joy; blog.iblamethepatriarchy.com/2011/02/09/spinster-aunt-gets-translucent/#comment-172151

YES, what noanodyne said about females as the impregnable CLASS. Raping anything that has a vagina (or even a fake fuckhole) is like throwing spaghetti against the wall, and knowing some of it will stick.
FCM, at undercoverpunk’s, later solo-post at scum-o-rama

RIGHT. If you just want to assault someone, if you merely wanted to HARM them or to HURT them, physically, then you would punch them, kick them, break their kneecaps, etc. But you don’t hold them down and stick your DICK in their VAGINA. Dicks are soft. Not like teeth, claws, steel-toed boots, or fists. Which is what you’d use if you were simply interested in causing PAIN to another body.

On the other hand, if you merely wanted to “violate” someone by penetrating them, in some orifice, any orifice, then I must ask why sticking carrots (or even your fingers) into other people’s ears and noses isn’t a violation equivalent to RAPE?? Why is this practice NOT a tool of oppression?? Because that’s not the POINT. Impregnation is the purpose of RAPE as a tool of oppression. That, and SHAME. Because genitals and “sex” are dirty, just like women. But shame is just a happy side effect that keeps women QUIET and the whole game under wraps. Impregnation is the overwhelming, undeniable PURPOSE of rape AS oppression.
Undercover Punk

I have a married friend who is pregnant, already has two kids. Her career is just taking off, this is bad timing. People were ribbing her, “don’t you know what causes this, yet?” She was kind of embarrassed, but I caught her eye and told her later that I know exactly what causes an inconvenient pregnancy. It isn’t passion or carelessness or some drive to reproduce, it’s having a husband who is threatened by your success and needs to reassert control. If his priority was to support you and your career, then he would have done everything he could to protect your body. There really aren’t that many “accidents.” Impregnation is a premeditated act. That’s a hard fact for a lot of women to accept because who wants to admit that this person you’ve entrusted yourself too is a self centered, sabotaging jerk? And those are just the good guys.
yttik, on If impregnation is relevant to sex (@UCP)

Males like him pretty much dedicate their life to the fetishistic hobby of modifying their body to be the recipient of the male gaze on their (to them) exciting sexy womanliness. Many transgender males work as prostitutes just for the sport of it, not for the money. Males will troll parks and railway yards and airport bathrooms looking for anonymous sex after all. For example world famous lawyer David Burgess who was tragically killed (allegedly- trial has not started yet) by another transgender male in a London subway tunnel worked as an “escort” advertising his services online. It’s a way for male transgenders to troll for sex. These male prostitutes often think females work from the same motivation, but females never troll city parks and restrooms looking for sex. Female prostitutes do it for money, usually because of drug addiction, not because they are “addicted” to the idea of themselves as having womanly attractiveness to men. Or the “addiction” of viewing their womanly self with their OWN male gaze.
– GallusMag at GenderTrender on trans prostitution

Lesbians absolutely have the right to have space free from The Great Impregnators. To ever think that matter was up for debate at all I can only assume was attributed to a brief bout of complete and all-consuming delusion. To allow the matter of womb-owning to go undiscussed while pretending femininity and how it relates to men is the great issue of our time? Are you kidding me? They can get us pregnant, but oh god, what about their right to wear a dress?!
RadfemCrafts, Attacks on Radical Feminism post

Female apologists for men and boys say that males are rapists because they were sexually assaulted when they were young.  Why then aren’t most females rapists too?
– BevJo on excuses for rapist males (Compulsory Heterosexuality)

Perhaps it’s too hard to face the fact that nature isn’t perfect, because that also means facing the fact that males won’t change their brutal ways.  Yet it doesn’t really matter whether males can’t or won’t change, because they aren’t changing.
– BevJo on males’ inherent nature (Compulsory Heterosexuality)

Blaming socialization for boys’ violence blames the females who raise and teach boys. […] The implied solution is that even more female lives should be devoted to changing males.  The reality is that men and boys know it’s wrong to rape and murder.  There are laws in most cultures saying so.
– BevJo (Compulsory Heterosexuality)

To allow the matter of womb-owning to go undiscussed while pretending femininity and how it relates to men is the great issue of our time? Are you kidding me? They can get us pregnant, but oh god, what about their right to wear a dress?!
– RadFemCrafts, Attacks on Radical Feminism

Instead of understanding that being naturally female includes liking to do things considered “male” and that “femininity” in patriarchal cultures is actually a male invention, the girls were encouraged to believe that they were really “males” inside of females’ bodies.
– BevJo, F2T trans (Better to Be Anything than a Lesbian)

It took decades for the medical establishment to finally get around to reacting to anorexia, for all the reasons that this post and comments are covering. It could be decades before it is forced to admit that dosing people indiscriminately with hormones and butchering their bodies wasn’t such a great idea afterall. In the meantime, there are a whole bunch of very naive young people signing up for this experiment.

But we don’t have to wait decades to know something is very wrong. We already hear stories from trans people who have found that they are no happier playing the opposite gender. They are still who they are and they are still living under the oppression of the patriarchy.

Women are dead and in the ground because people keep telling us and showing us that we have very little value as human beings. People who transition to being men, instead of being the unique women that they are, are giving that exact same message to women: you’re not good enough the way you are, so you must take drugs for the rest of your life and butcher your body.

And your choice is not just affecting you, it’s sending a hateful message to a whole lot of other women.
– Noanodyne, on the irresponsible medical profession

Biological sex is not an “identity”. Neither is gender.
Sex denotes one’s reproductive function. Gender is a system of oppression that is inflicted on the basis of appearance by external, not internal forces.
– GallusMag, comment on sex and gender and identity

The whole appeal of drag is that it draws back the veil and reveals the extent to which gender is a theatrical, constructed act under patriarchy.
– GallusMag, Drag Kings: The Unperformance

…but if the patriarchy really viewed trans women as actual women, they’d all be sitting under the bus with the rest of us.Born women are not included in hate crime legislation. It’s almost funny in a kind of bitter way, our culture is concerned that men who are perceived as female are sometimes abused. Women being perceived as female and being abused, well that’s just business as usual. It’s similar in the Middle East too, in many countries, trans gendered people actually have an equal rights amendment and protected status not granted to born women. Doesn’t mean it’s utopia for anyone, but if the patriarchy really viewed trans women as actual women, they’d all be sitting under the bus with the rest of us.
– yttik on FAB status vs M2T status

“The service states that it is for anyone who is “gender-questioning” which I understand to be code for biological sex-questioning. Feminists have been questioning gender for decades. Questioning gender is different to trying to change your biological sex by having a fun hole drilled in your crotch.”
Instead of “gender-questioning” they should call themselves “gender-believing”, you know, like fundy churches call themselves “bible-believing”.
– Gallus Mag, at High Dudgeon, on ‘gender questioning

I have a friend who insists in believing that men are biologically driven to reproduce, that they can’t help themselves, that you see this drive in the animal kingdom, in this case observing my chickens. The rooster just moves from one hen to the next, compulsively humping each one, hoping to fertilize. My friend seems to believe the rooster can’t help it and that human men are the same too, also having a brain the size of a pea and all. Well, the hens all got together a few weeks ago and simply did in the rooster. It was awful, but kind of funny too, because it’s left my friend sputtering while she tries to explain how the urge to bump off the only male fits into nature’s plan for survival and reproductive biology.

What can I say? Mother nature doesn’t mess around. No means no.
– yttik on biological urges

This is just sad and barbaric. It’s child abuse.

I can understand parents being confused, parents wanting their kids to lead “normal” lives. The problem is that serving “normal” to the point of forcing plastic surgery on your child or breast reduction or hormone therapy, is just sick. It’s not much different then forcing FGM on girl because you want her to be “normal” and able to make a good marriage. At some point people have to stand up and question “normal,” because all through history we’ve committed a lot of atrocities against people under the guise of hoping to make them “fit in.”
– yttik, on 12yo’s being given hormone blockers and diagnosed trans

I wonder..is this patriarchy’s last ditch attempt at eliminating homosexuality? Pretend effeminate boys are women and voila, no more gay men around upsetting the status quo which dictates that only women should be fucked. The existence of gay men remind ALL men how unnatural their male dominance over women actually is. The truth: the gender binary is a socially constructed farce, upheld by the threat of violence like all regimes, and nothing more.
– Cherryblossomlife on the harms of trans, I give it 20 years MAX…

What suddenly hit me right in the face while I read everyone’s excellent comments about this is that parents now don’t have to wait to find out which part of the brain holds the gay/lesbian part (or the gene that causes it) to get rid of that in their kid, they’ve found another perfect method.

We’ve been talking for decades about what would happen if science did find the “gay/lesbian gene” — would doctors advocate for either doing something to the fetus to make it heterosexual (because you know research into possible intervention wouldn’t be far behind) or find a way to not let that gene in the parent ever express itself or would parents simply have a good reason to abort, etc. Or what would happen if the part of the brain was identified — what lengths would doctors and parents go to? All of that was chilling to consider (would they be able to wipe out L/G people relatively easily and quickly from the gene pool or at least from society?), but it seemed remote somehow.

Now it’s not remote at all. Researchers have found the answer and doctors and parents are anxious to implement it. As a lesbian, this sickens me to the absolute core of my being.
– NoAnodyne, the anti-lesbian/gay agenda

[…] Did she forget that femininity is what makes trans-women “women” and without that, they’d be men?
– Nuclearnight, at RFC

We radical feminists can speak for ourselves if you ask us or actually read what we write, rather than have someone make things up to reverse-spin our arguments. It’s really very simple to understand: Gender is a social construct and is the equivalent of stereotypical sex roles. Born women do not have to buy into that system, it is forced on us from birth regardless of who we are as individuals. It is the traditional female sex role that has been used as a lever to keep women forever on our knees in the patriarchy. Enshrining and reinforcing that sex role, as trans women do, in no way “unpacks” or dismantles that system, it gives it yet one more front in its battle against women. And thus is fully supportive of and supported by the patriarchy. And that is what radical feminists are critical of. Too bad you didn’t get radical feminist women to help on that book, Laurie Penny, there might actually be some balance and fairness about these debates, and some real change in society if people stopped making things up about us.
– Noanodyne, at RFC (a comment posted elsewhere)

And now I’m wondering why funfems […] do so like to pretend that we’re all equal now and the only injustice left is how we can’t dance around the stripper pole as much as we’d like.
– mAndrea, on funfem politics & workplace harassment at FCM

Yeah they don’t care about violence against women. They only care about violence against trans-women. Which is a clear sign that they aren’t the same as us, hell no. They only want to be special snowflakes.
– Cizzir, on TW status being elevated above FABs

It’s preposterous to me that these posters lack a shred of knowledge about the reality for the “industry” does to women and girls worldwide. I’ll dig up the rape rates in Australia, but it’s not just disease, it is that paid women whether they fake like they like it on filmed sex acts, or fake that they like what the johns do help to create a climate of false expectations for women at large. Anal, cum on face, DP, ATM generally were popularized and came out of the Paid Female experience. Men pay women for what is degrading sex acts and girls/women who have been exposed also mimic those memes. I know, I did! My first husband didn’t know for 2 years that I acted like the paid woman he’d shown me on a porno. Oooh, ahhh.

I think that’s one of my pet peeves, that paid women fake like they like these commodified “sex acts” and the rest of us are pressured to put up with garbage popularized by “industry”. Well, this is another anecdotal but telling way in which paid women commodify and affect the expectations of nonpaid women in our bedrooms.

Oh, bully on Oz for having high rates of condom use. that’s not my main disagreement with them. Whereever prostitution is legalized there is an explosion of illegal prostitution, more rape of children (no such thing as underage prostitute), more trafficking of slaves. Sure, the prostitute such as appear here may decry this fact, but fact it is. There are more sex slaves on the planet now than slaves in the U.S. before our Civil War.

More facts will be coming on the number of women/children trafficked into Oz for their male consumption. Oz is a country of origination, transportation and destination for prostitutes slaved.

The prostitution industry boosters here are traitors to their own sex. We should be looking at Ending Demand, and about outting the johns. In my experience a significant number of johns wanted to at least humiliate me. I find it unbelievable, a fantasy land, that these two posters have never had the angry man, the borderline sex predator who wants extreme gonzo sex acts. I guess the females in Oz might not be as skilled as their sisters abroad in identifying what is abuse, what is humiliation and therefore part of the Public Safety Education campaign can help drive awareness of the frequency of this, the impact that prostitution has on a community beyond its secret doors, and how rates of violence toward an entire communiity of women goes up when there is prostitution (legal espeically, illegally always).

I will say it one more time: woman, you are a traitor to your sex. Wait a few decades before you can really speak. Right now you’re up over your eyeballs in BS. You don’t even think straight, don’t even have facts at your fingertips. Pfft.
– survivorthriver, on prostitution and the harms of the industry
see also her previous comments in the thread.

We are half the world’s population.  We are women.  We are born women.  We are oppressed because we are women.  Not because of our thoughts, or how we identify, because of something real and tangible about ourselves that is biological and therefore a means of categorizing us as second class.

Our experiences are different than transwomen’s experiences.  Either we’re allowed our own spaces, our own organizations, our own charities we will not get anywhere in terms of basic human respect.  Autonomous organizing and services are our right as oppressed human beings, yet here we are, allowing these things to be taken from us without much of a fight so as to not offend the sensibilities of people who were once men.

As long as female children are more likely than any other group in the world to be raped, live in poverty and experience violence than I will support women’s rights to define themselves, for themselves.

If that makes me transphobic, oh well.
– bolshevikchick, post on transphobia and the erasure of misogyny

Business is Business and Mo Money is Mo Money. What trans would ultimately love to do is to eliminate the legal status of sex and replace it with gender. But in order to get the body mods they want they need to not only essentialize sex roles but medicalize them. They want gender non-compliance to be categorized as a physical birth defect of the brain, and also to assert the surprisingly unscientific notion that brains and neurology are unchanging, so the body must be changed to comply with the unchangeable brain (which likes Barbies and lingerie, yo). Their problem is that gender doesn’t exist. Is not quantifiable or even definable. There is no scientific evidence. There is no “gender deformity” requiring medical intervention. So they are stuck needing psychiatrists for the body mods they want because mental illness is the only provable cause for gender essentialism that requires lifelong drug dependence and genital mutilation as a “cure”.
– GallusMag, on GID being defined in the DSM

I just can’t believe the common confusion of “gender” with the word “sex.” What is it, failed high school biology? Honestly, the ignorance people show of the very real differences in the bodies of MEN and WOMEN! Pregnancy, obviously being the biggie.

When a department is changed from “Women’s Studies” to “Gender Studies” that is a slight of hand all the male supremacists can get behind. They’ll do just about everything in their power to erase women as central to the discussion of half the world’s population on our own terms.

No one is stopping men from wearing libstick and dresses to work. No one, but other men that is. Now if women could battle tooth and nail to be able to wear clothing they love — pants, shirts buttoned “the wrong” way, or get short haircuts, if women challenged these rules in court and won, then men can do the same thing. But see men don’t want to fight for the right to wear dresses or lipstick to work, and men attack other men for dressing in “women’s clothing.”

Gender is a code of conduct forced on women for male dominance and sexual gratification, that is all it ever was folks.

So radfems need to clarify “gender” and “sex” and make this crystal clear to one and all. And if trans take women’s safety lightly, and don’t care about women’s valid fears of being raped or perved at in women’s restrooms, well they really are men, because real men don’t give a damn if women are raped or if women fear rape. Gender doesn’t = sex and never did. Biology says so.
– SheilaG, comment to Trans arguments debunked: sex/gender

If men are using their penises as weapons against us we have the right to disarm them.
– Delphyne, on rapists

Belief in the redeem-ability of men requires belief in the guilt or failure of previous generations of women. If it was possible for conversation to change men’s opinions of, and behaviour toward women, why has the speech of thousands of generations of women failed to accomplish this?  Can we really believe that some nuance in our sentence construction can make a difference?

When individual women, socialised into believing in the possibility of changing men, become involved with men who they know have been violent in previous relationships, they are set up to waste their lives and wellbeing trying over and over to transform him. The same scenario plays out when whole groups of women invest their time and energy trying to placate, explain, cajole, and psychoanalyse groups of men into change.

Men are not redeemable, but they are containable, if we focus on changing our own socialisation and learn to hold power together as an alliance. That is a change we have direct control over…
– zeph on redeemable men

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