Newbies to the blog probably need a bit of a handy guide to decoding some of the terms and acronyms used. So here it is.

FAAB / FAB: Female Assigned At Birth, a replacement term to the old inaccurate “born-woman” and the longish “biological woman”.

MAAB: Counterpart to the above. Nuff said.

Twanzphobia: Taking the piss out of “transphobic”, a label frequently thrown at radfems for politically disagreeing with trans ideology. Remember folks, it ain’t the radfems out there beating up trans peeps, that would be teh menz, who hardly ever get called “transphobic” with such fervor and frequency.

M2T / F2T: Replaces MTF and FTM respectively. Stands for Male to Trans, and Female to Trans. See the Primer for more. Trans themselves ‘admit’ (sometimes) that they know they are not changing biological sex, but gender presentation. It also appeases some of my radfem mates who hate using MTW (male to woman) as the alternative.

Sex Pozzies / Pozzies: The crowd who claim they are “feminists too!” yet only really harp on about how wunderful and empowerful porn, stripping, and doing head is. Always noticably light on actual feminist issues like reproduction rights. This term has now been superceded by “mozzies” or “mozzers”

Mozzies/Mozzers: See above. Due to the contradiction in terms of “sex-positive”, the prefential term is now “mozzer” which also refers to the hex-like effect they have on truly free sexuality.

Pomo: Postmodernism. An academic bunch of shite whereby anything can mean anything, and is ‘rilly hard’ to define anything. Infinite shades of grey shite.

3rd wave: Current embarrassment in the feminist movement. Brought up on a diet of pomo, pozziness, empowerfulness, and of course, choosey-choiceness. This group has fear of anyone over 35, and gawd help them when they eventually get there, it might be a real eye-opener when they grow-the-fuck-up.

CSA: Child sexual abuse. Female children are subject to it at twice the rate of male children.

MVAW: Male Violence Against Women. Stock tool in trade for keeping FAABs under control. The threat of it works well too, as we already know they have no problem actually doing it. More popular than a lot of hobbies actually.

Pro-FAAB: Well, now, I am just phoning it in. See Noanodyne’s fuller explanation of why Pro-FAAB is a better term than anti-Tranz.

Transmisogyny: Radfems liberated and reappropriated this term from Trans. M2Ts tried to claim that they had a Special Snowflake status in the area of misogyny, one that was supposedly far worse from our every day reality of misogyny. Nice try at winning the Oppression Olympics, but it does not fly. If you dress like, and pass as a woman, you get treated like the rest of us. If you try to dress like a woman, but get perceived as some dude in a dress, then you get homophobia. Simples. The radfem appropriation of transmisogyny now means the misogyny directed at FAABs by M2Ts, because we get it all the fucking time from you transactivists, so much so, you don’t even know you are doing it. In exercising your transmisogyny, you prove that you actually are NOT “one of the girls” after all.

Lesbian: The only real sensible and sane sexuality choice for an FAAB. M2Ts do not count, you are a heterosexual male who dresses in the attire or body of a female.

Always-Lesbian: An FAAB who has never had sex with an MAAB. The term is superior to the old “never-het” because it avoids framing the term in relation to menz/heterosexuality. Gold Star Lesbian (GSL) is banned on this blog, as it is hierarchical in nature, and it does not make you any kind of superior woman for being one.

Later-Lesbian: A FAAB who becomes lesbian in later life, formerly heterosexual or bisexual. The superior replacement for “ex-het lesbian”. Don’t feel badly that it took you so long to realise, there is an intense 24/7 grooming process to make you think you were heterosexual.

Spinster: Any FAAB who lives a single, usually separatist life. Can be formerly partnered with a dude, therefore respinsterised, but that’s ok. Dudes rewrite history all the time, and I support your choice to rewrite former Nigel(s) out of your life. Spinster is probably a better term to use if you are abstinent, and probably a good replacement for the old “political lesbian”. Spinster says you are doing it solo without reference to anyone else (hence political lesbian is bad from this pov also).

TW: Formerly meant transwoman, but I have now changed it to mean the more sinister trojan-woman.

Mansplaining: When a man explains (anything), but specifically if they are trying to explain to a female about things females know more about (like childbirth, periods, female reality)

Transplaining: Basically the same as above, from an M2T explaining to a FAB, particularly about “what it is like to be a woman”. Yeah dude, you have been one for all of five minutes.

Pervsplaining: Whenever a mozzer tries to justify any kind of “kink”. Exhibit A is the “Vanilla Privilege Check List“. Pervsplaining makes the final part of the Trinity of ‘splaining.

Jendah: Revised mocking of ‘gender’ and ‘gender roles’. Because I have such contempt for the whole thing.

Testerically: Replacement for “hysterical”, when a male does it.

Mangina: The artificial vagina and labia surgically created on a male (M2T) to approximate the natural vagina and labia found in females.

Manginaplasty: Process of the above. Replacement of the original term of vaginoplasty, when constructing an artificial vagina (“mangina”) on an M2T male.

Will add more stuff as I use it, or make it up. Add suggestions below if you wish.

5 thoughts on “FAB-speak

  1. faabreeze

    I created an account just to suggest you add “testerically” (used on your Disclaimer) page) because I think it is the best English word I have seen in a long time.


  2. survivorthriver

    You’re welcome to add one I coined if you like it:

    Male Testosterone Poisoning (MTP)- no definition needed, a hand blanket term.

    Love love love you FL. I cannot tell you how confused I was from the recent years of the bandying about in public of all the Jendah twanzie BS. Wow, what a huge smokescreen was created and implemented to get the whole LGBTQQ agenda rolling. I thought initially – hey, society is getting really really open and liberal finally. Not.

    Keep up the fab hilarity! “It’s so fab!” should replace, “It’s so gay!”


  3. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Well, I cannot claim any originality for testerically (it’s been around for a while on the radfem circuit). Don’t think it needs a definition, pretty darn obvious in my book!
    Thanks for stopping by FAABreeze…

    Thanks ST. I think my recent post clarifies a lot of the tranz terms. I will continue to debunk, with humour thrown in. It eats up the opposition to use humour 😉


  4. jilla

    Sure does!

    We rad fems are a courageous lot. We get down, and we get right back up. Thanks for the lift(s)


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