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Danielle—the gift that keeps on giving


Well, who could forget “Danielle”, our delightful Toots of seventeen whole months, and who, by all accounts, has put in the mostest effort into Laydee that we have ever seen at Twanzphobic!

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Jeffreys on the ‘degendering’ of women’s spaces


Professor Sheila Jeffreys has penned a most comprehensive article for the Women’s Studies International Forum on the ‘degendering’ of women’s spaces. A PDF of the article is available from Professor Jeffreys’ website.

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Excuse me, which way to the Squirrel Bathroom?

It is completely Squirrelphobic to deny me use of a bathroom that is not inline with my internal squirrel identity. Sure, at this stage of my transition, before surgery, I still look a bit like a human female wearing a clip-on fluffy tail, but why should I be forced to use the human female bathroom when clearly, my internal identity is that of squirrel?
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