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Pregnant ‘people’ and toasters


Hi. I identify as a toaster. And I am pregnant. It is very personist to insist that only ‘persons’ can get pregnant.

What could have been an otherwise excellent article on DIY abortion, degenerated about half way along:

As soon as I could, I rounded up my closest friends for a knowledge-sharing session at home in Austin. I made modifications of my own to the training documents: I edited the gendered language in the instructions as much as possible, to better accommodate trans and genderqueer folks who don’t identify as women but who might need abortions.

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Female existence is triggering to twanz


And there we have it, from Tumblr site mtfconfessions. This is not merely ‘pregnant women shatter my womanish delusions’ because pregnant women remind M2T that they are not, and will never be, female or anything like female. This is actually an admission that ALL females’ existence ‘trigger’ M2Ts and shatter their delusion of womansuit.

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