My twanzition to Dave

Gosh, it is such a longwinded sob story, you had better get out your hankies!

For a while there, I “felt like” a lot of things every few days:


Anyway, I happened to read a comment by the twanzphobic feminazi mAndrea over at Echidne of the Snakes:

m Andrea
You’re hogging the thread.  Just sayin’.  Smile   And since I am assexual, then I know what it means.  Ditto intersex.

Surgical alterations to primary or secondary sex characteristics doesn’t change one’s gender

Then why claim that they need surgery???   The typical response is that surgery is needed to “align the body with the brain”.  In logic terms, that’s called begging the question.  It doesn’t actually answer the question, in other words.  My question is: WHY HAVE SURGERY AT ALL?  Your answer is:  “their body doesn’t need surgery but their brain does need to have the body surgically operated on”.

Uh, read the question again!  The other typical response is that “oh he feels like a woman on the inside and people should know to treat him like a woman (whatever that is) even though he looks male on the outside”.  Um, this defies any logic at all.  It’s assuming telepathy is common, and also assumes that everyone adheres to the same gender norms, and also assumes that certain special snowflakes have a right to be treated according to their self-perception — but that OTHER people — me for example — do NOT have the right to be treated by others according to my self-perception.  [IE: I think I am a squirrel, so everyone else must give me acorns for lunch and let me climb the trees in their yard.]  It’s hypocrisy when trans expect to be treated how they want to be treated but are not willing to grant that privilege to others.   So we’ve got begging the question and hypocrisy.  This would make a nice flow chart Miska…  notice I keep trying to get Miska to do all the work.  : )

(no direct link to the post, it was the “Chaz Bono on biology” post )

Anyway, that was enough to incite me to pick “squirrel” for the day. But then! Something just happened!! I tried on the squirrel suit, and I liked it!

Then I needed a name for my new identity as squirrel, so I became Dave the Squirrel. My full name is David John-Thomas Butch Squirrel, because I need everyone to know just how much squirrel-testosterone is eminating from my innate squirrelness. If you doubt my manzly-squirrelness, I will gladly show you my nuts.

Meet Dave the Squirrel. He is my “internal identity”.

What, you don’t believe that my internal identity is Dave the Squirrel? How dare you question my sacred, internal identity! That is tantamount to saying I don’t exist! You must acknowledge my sacred internal identity, and ‘respect’ it by using the correct squirrelific pronouns.

Well, hands up who thought my *demands* to having my “internal identity” validated by everyone else was just a bit silly?

Easy to see when the “internal identity” is Dave the Squirrel. It is also easy to see that the requirement for external validation of Dave the Squirrel, a supposedly internal identity, is ridiculous, unreasonable, and a terribly fragile sense of “internal identity” if it requires constant external validation.

In fact, any so-called internal identity that requires any form of external validation, is not an internal identity at all.

Read more about Internal Identities here.

That is, if you can see well enough through your tear-filled eyes to click the hyperlink. 😛

~ Dave