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  1. Jessica Velez

    Very interesting how a minority of the gay and lesbian community has chosen to view trans persons in such a negative light. It is amazing in an age where gays and lesbians are still actively persecuted to varying degrees that some of the persecuted have no problem switching sides and becoming the persecutors themselves. I suppose I can understand an LGB discounting trans persons as a knee jerk reaction, but creating an entire blog about it shows real commitment. I am sure the webmaster would be offended if a hetero said his or her sexual orientation was a farce, but apparently that logic extends only far enough to protect the webmaster’s own sexuality — god forbid empathy be shown.
    And I know, I’m just a crazy ‘twanz,’ — a m2f at that — and hey I even have a girlfriend — oh wait…yes I must be some sort of anomaly, because of course ‘twanz’ are just gheys and lezzies conforming to the heterosexual regime right? The webmaster has no clue what it means to be trans and I’m guessing lacks the empathy to EVER understand. Sexual orientation does not beget gender identity. Period.

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  2. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Blah blah blah Velez.

    The webmaster has no clue what it means to be trans and I’m guessing lacks the empathy to EVER understand.

    Do you know why that I and many other radfems question/disbelieve the whole tranz thing? It is because we actually did, for many years, have a neutral position on it, and actually LISTENED to what tranz themselves said. The conclusion: No, you are NOT women just like us at all. Your politics are nothing more than a cover for paraphilias or delusions/mental illness, the main thrust of your ‘politics’ is to hijack other theories or cases like intersex, and mainly consists of ‘poor widdle me, you just don’t understand what it’s like to be twanz’ (you have twanz bingo above). Lately, it seems that tranzjacktivists are downright dangerous and indistinguishable from any other male as far as threats, violence and entitlement goes.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

    ps: read this

    Clipnote version:

    Over the years, the more trans politics I was exposed to, the more it struck me as plainly wrong. It seemed wrong for men to angrily berate fab women for ‘oppressing’ men. It seemed obviously wrong for men to call feminist women ‘cunts‘ and ‘bitches’ who need to ‘masturbate more’. It seemed wrong for men to camp outside a lesbian festival, threatening women and demanding entry. It seemed wrong that clinics built by women for women should be forced to serve men. It seemed wrong to demand entry into an oppressed political class (woman) and to attack and threaten women for not being comfortable with that. It seemed wrong to blame radfems for anything and everything bad and give them credit for nothing good. The more trans writing I read, the more absurd and disconnected from real life it became. The claim that lesbians must be attracted to a penis because ‘some women have dicks’ was really the final discrediting of transpolitics for me.

    Transpolitics is very much like Mormonism and Scientology. The less you know about it, the more plausible and the more benign it seems. Once you find out that the men get their own planet when the die, that Xenu used hydrogen bombs 75 million years ago, and that ‘equating childbirth with motherhood and women, erases those men and nonbinaries who give birth’, that’s when things start to look more than a little ridiculous. While transpolitics starts off seemingly benign with politeness and the dreams of liberation, in the end, it turns into the destruction of the class of women and lesbians and a violently reactionary defense of the status quo.

    Actually, read the whole thing. Sick of you M2Ts blabbing on like big babies that we are “twanzphobic” just because we don’t ‘understand’ what it’s like to be twanz, mwaaaaahhh. We understand plenty. That is the problem, nay, your problem.


  3. Bev Jo

    Well said, Dave! It’s always the same lecture. But not once do they answer anything we have said about appropriation of our identity and oppressing all females. And they are so obvious they you can usually tell from how they write, without even seeing their drag queen selves.


  4. twanzmooselike

    “…a violently reactionary defense of the status quo”.

    Absolutely. This is the message–you are not transending anything; you are gender essentialists, and I will no more remain silent about what the medical profession enables you to do to your bodies than I would with someone who is cutting, or wants a limb removed. Nor will I stand by while you pervert the children. This is NOT a threat to your physical selves, as your brothers deliver to us, but to your political mis-advocacies and appropriation of our culture and our women’s spaces and funding.


  5. steelhibiscus

    Hi DaveSquirrel,

    I couldn’t find your e-mail, but I wanted to thank you for running this blog.

    I’m one of those MT~Fs (I think male to ‘approximately female’ is appropriate, no?) – the GID kind, not one of the gays or autogynephiles.

    You claim to be transphobic, but a number of your posts, as well as those of other radical feminists, have been quite the boon to a wise tranny. (Pun not intended.) See, I get it, or at least I think I do. I’m not stupid enough to think I can learn legitimate femininity from the patriarchy. I really appreciate that you take the time to point out the mass of male behaviors that some of these so called ‘women’ perform, because from your analysis, I can work out exactly what I shouldn’t do and correct my own behavior. Even more so, you display the flaws and inherent misogyny in a lot of the transgender ideology – I greatly appreciate such. I understand that my transition could very well be a mistake – this is something that one will never hear in a transsexual forum and I’ve been accosted in one for bringing up stories of transsexual regrets. It’s a shame the overwhelming majority of MAAB transsexuals will never get over their male egos enough to go through the radical feminist material and seriously question their actions – at best, they’ll never truly complete their transition, and at worst, they’ll be participating in the same misogyny that they get to experience if they pass.

    Above all, thank you for your work towards improving the lives of women.


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  6. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I’m not stupid enough to think I can learn legitimate femininity from the patriarchy.

    You won’t find “legitimate femininity” here either, in fact, it is an oxymoron.
    If you are talking ‘legitimate femaleness’, still a mission impossible – as females make up half the world’s population and are as varied as snowflakes. Female is something you ‘just are’, a fact. But I guess that we do have a shared girlhood and womanhood of how patriarchy treats those born female, which is generally shit. Also, the menstrual (and pregnancy/potentially pregnant) stuff is probably something that males will never truly understand.


  7. Nicky

    That is a classic example of a M2T Twanz using their maleness to claim femininity. It’s almost too funny that they can’t see right pass their MALE BS. You gotta love how they like to Mansplain everything including trying to be so apologetic over their own groups MALENESS. So typical of them. It’s no wonder why people can see right through all the lies and deception.


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