FAB is short for FAAB, Female Assigned at Birth.
Libber is short for Liberationist, as in Women’s Liberationist, with a reclamation on Libber from the historic putdown.

FAB Libber reserves the right to delete or ban anyone on a whim.
My blog, my rules.

So, what’s up with the new theme then?
Good question! And stand by for symbolism-overload!

Firstly, at it’s most basic, the chameleon takes on the characteristics of something else, in this case, ‘someone’ else. Mimicry does not mean identical or exactly the same – in the above, are we to really believe that the ladybug and chameleon are identical?

And what about that tail? Do genuine ladybugs really have tails?
Do FAB (genuine) women really have penises?
99.9% of the population are going with “no” on that one.

Next, why do chameleons do the camoflage thing?
Primarily to get close to their prey.
This is particularly apt when put into the context of (human male) sexual predators either cross-dressing or declaring trans status in order to access their potential victims. Rapists and murderers trying to get into women’s prisons, perverts trying to get into women’s dorms, and potentially abusers getting into women’s refuges. These sexual predators are extremely dangerous to FABs. The transjacktivists have no problem accepting these lowlifes, because the safety of FABs are not their concern.

Autogynephiliacs fetish women’s bodies to the extent they will even surgically modify their own in the ultimate quest of sexual arousal. That’s no ‘gender identity disorder’, that is a sexual fetish. Cross-dressers by and large fetish women’s clothing. Both the cross-dressers and autogynephiliacs are on the same continuum, primarily the differences between them are degree and exact nature of the fetish (clothing vs body parts). This lot are heterosexual males, and pose direct dangers to FABs. Transjacktivists also support this crowd as well.

Next are the Usurpers. These are generally homosexual males who want to be the ‘object of desire’ to other males, including straight males. In no way do they legitimately want to ‘join’ with FABs, because even though they take on the appearance of FABs, usually through exaggerated mimicry (of femininity), they have no interest in FABs being their sisters and, in their minds, compete with FABs for male attention. This is the extreme continuation of drag queens, who viciously parody and ridicule ‘womanhood’ for male-to-male amusement. However, the usurpers are the full-time minstrels, far more narcissistic in motivation, seeing FABs as their competition and have no problem eliminating their competition via triumph of trans rights over FAB rights. It is in this way they are still dangerous to FABs. Elagabalus is an example of an usurper. The usurpers are supported by the transjactivists too.

The last group are the genuine gender-dysphoria group. It is this group to whom I have sympathy. Not conforming to the artificial gender roles, which are a societal construct, they (and others) see themselves as not fitting the expected gender role conformity. Sadly the push for ‘gender’ reassignment (via physical sex characteristics reassignment) is being foisted onto more and more people, particularly younger people and now teens and even children. Transjacktivists and the medical profession have no problem exploiting and physically damaging these people to uphold the gender binary. Many of these gender-role non-conforming people are gay/lesbian too, which makes the trans-agenda homophobic in nature. The genuinely GID people are not really harmful to FABs and generally just want to get on with their lives quietly.  In order for the autogynephiliacs and usurpers to get their SRS, they claim to be GID, but they are not. They are using the confusion and misery of the genuine cases for their own selfish ends. GID should be treated with therapy, not drugs and surgeries. It is important for GID patients to accept themselves as they are, and to realise that non-conformity with gender-roles is not only fine, but to be encouraged. Upholding gender roles is a mechanism of patriarchy. Transjacktivists are harming these people.

Now, how is the ladybug in the picture to know which group of chameleons she is staring at – the dangerous ones, or the benign ones? She cannot really know for sure.

She does know that she is looking at one from the predator class, and that ladybugs are on the menu of many chameleons. She knows this because she was brought up knowing she is prey to chameleons. If he is a genuine SID (species identity disorder) chameleon, chances he will wander off quietly and snack on some aphids. If he is not, he will continue to try to get close to her, to demand entry into LB-only spaces, with disastrous results for her.

Until transjacktivists can show that safety of FABs is a priority, and that FAB rights will not be compromised by trans rights, there is no discussion to be had. Particularly as they promote the rights of the sexual predators as far more important than FAB safety. So until then, transjacktivists can take their MAB-focused agenda and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

~ ~ ~

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