The 28th identifies as the 20th, so stfu



Ah yes, it is that time of year again, when the ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’ (TDoR) rolls around on the 20th of November.

The TDoR was started in 1999 by twanzwoman Gwendolyn Ann Smith, to remember the murder of twanzwoman Rita Hester on the 28th November 1998. Wait! What?! How come the TDoR is on the 20th then?

Don’t be such twanzphobic scum! Clearly, the 28th identifies as the 20th, and everyone in the world needs to acknowledge the 28th’s new jendah of the 20th, else this is Literal Violence™ to all twanzwomen everywhere.

What about people born on the (dead-dates) of the 20th or 28th? Well, good news and bad news. For those born on the 28th, you now get to celebrate eight days earlier, on the day after the 19th. For those born on the 20th, suck it up buttercup, your new birthday is the day after the 27th, and if you complain about it, you will personally be responsible for all the suicides of twanzwomen, because clearly, you are TERFy cis-scum for not going along with the new TwanzNovember. Twanz cannot be expected to go along with the old Twanzphobic November, they are far too fragile! Side-note, all previous Twanzphobic Novembers are now “reclaimed” in a manoeuvre called ‘twanzing the dead (calendars)’. Some of us may have known or suspected that Novembers were Lesbian or Gay, but really, they were TwanzNovembers, and all calendars, past, present and future, have now changed to reflect that FACT.

What about the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on the 25th November each year? The date was based on the 1960 assassination of the three Mirabel sisters in the Dominican Republic, which, in typical cis-scum fashion, was on the 25th of November, and not a date that identified as any other date. But luckily for us silly women, men have swooped in and made the date all about them, it is now called White Ribbon Day. Phew, because women may get uppity ideas that something could actually be about them!

The IDEVAW started (“unofficially”) on the twentieth anniversary of the Mirabel sisters in 1981, and was formally recognised by a United Nations resolution on 17th December 1999 (better late than never I guess). The 25th November marks the start of 16 days of activism to eliminate violence against women. The last day of the period, 10th December, is International Human Rights Day.

As mentioned above, Rita Hester was murdered on the 28th November 1998, which would have fallen three days after the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (now reclaimed as Death to TERFs Day), and within the period of activism to eliminate violence against women. But that would be cis-scum women, and it would never be right for transwomen to be included in that period, because even though they claim to be women, they are More Speshul™ than cis-scum women, even though they maintain they “have always been women inside”. Better jump to the head of the Woman Queue then, hence, the 28th of November tranzed into the 20th of November, because:Reasons. And nobody should ever dead-date the 28th, because it is now the 20th, and always has been the 20th, since it was two years old and trying on different numbers in secret, in its bedroom, and twirling in front of the mirror.

Enough about cis-scum, 1999 was a busy year for twanzactivism. It was also the year that twanzwoman and stunning US Navy Laydee, Monica Helms, designed that magnificent piece of cloth, the twanzjendah flag.


Such a magnificent and detailed piece of design work! Well done MoMo! I salute you on this one!

That other cis-scummy day, International Women’s Day (IWD), is the 8th of March each year. In an ironic twist of fate, gorgeous US Navy Laydee, Monica Helms (complex flag designer) was born on the 8th March 1951.

Thankfully, we have our other stunning Laydee, Danielle Muscato, who had this tweet to rightly throw focus off uppity women and remind them to fear LaydeeSticks™ as much as cis-cocks, for IWD 2017:

Was this a secret birthday present to complex flag designer MoMo Helms? At the very least, it reminded everyone to stop thinking about cis-scum women, and start thinking about the Struggles of the LaydeeStick™.

Maybe this is all academic now, because another group of dudes have swooped in and renamed November as Movember, so the entire month is now blocked out so that uppity women can totes forget about the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women, and start thinking about MEN’S BALLS!


Because we never tire of hearing about men’s genitals, do we?

One thought on “The 28th identifies as the 20th, so stfu

  1. Hecuba

    Will there be an international two minutes silence wherein men and Twanz (because women don’t exist -right?) will stand to attention and remember all those poor Twanz murdered by entities simply because they were ‘Twanz!’

    Oh and why haven’t the boys malestream media been ‘awash’ with images of ‘Movember’ because hey focusing on the boys and their genital problems is BIG NEWS! (Pun deliberately intended).

    Finally a huge huge thank you to male who claims he is female named ‘Monica Helms’ for creating this very very complex flag. How many hours did it take fake female Helms to make this flag??



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