A laydee named Luke


The ‘comedian’ Colin Mochrie (regular of the well-rehearsed ‘improv’ show “Whose Line is it Anyway”) has announced he has a ‘daughter who is transgender‘.

A quick search at IMDb revealed that previous credits of this ‘daughter’ were under the name ‘Luke Mochrie“. Another outbreak of the Laydee Feels it seems.

Seems that ‘proud dad’ Mochrie gained 2,000 Twitty followers since the announcement. What a great move to boost ratings!

Seems that Luke Kinley ‘came out’ last April. And still hasn’t had time to shave.

At least Kinley will get plenty of work in laydeeface, since Arquette is having contractual problems with his agent as to trans-alive status. My gawd, they are ‘sisters separated at birth’!

One thought on “A laydee named Luke

  1. Hecuba

    It’s twanzphobic to criticise this biological male who still hasn’t had time to shave. despite magically morphing into a female over six months ago. Don’t you realise being a ‘fake female’ is a 24/7 365/366 job!!

    Proud daddy Colin Mochrie certainly exploited his son’s – oops I mean his new daughter’s sexed identity (oh no!! This is transphobic since sex is gender and vice versa according to the male created trans propaganda) because as we know Daddies who proudly declare their son is now a daughter always earns them cookies from their bros and those fake females!

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