8 thoughts on “Arquette announces new identity

  1. Hecuba

    Another mundane biological male dies and apparently this is a first in mens’ malestream media reporting because he wasn’t a male/female he was what??

    This mundane biological male a while ago declared he has the magical ability to change sex as and when he desires!! Of course only biological males accord themselves the male sex right to claim ‘some days I am a woman and other days I am a man and on other days I am what??? Oh I don’t know perhaps I could be a kitty cat or a dog or anything I want ‘cos I am a male which means my bros accord me the socio-economic power to declare myself to be anything. Any female who challenges my male sex right will die in a fire ‘cos whatever we males say it is always our male definitive truths!’


  2. anonymomz

    Hey, general contact comments are closed so posting here. Came to this site last week via Danielle Muscato – had “peak trans” moment. Have bary slept since…

    Most of the transcritical blogs/tumblrs I have been coming across are all from 2012 (assuming outrage peaked due to cotton ceiling?). Yours is just about the only one I see with any updates from this year. Any advice for good follows?

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Glad to hear you had your Peak Twanz moment. There is a Tumblr using that name, I think it is still updated.

      No, we haven’t retired (just busy, most of us have lives), and no, the outrage has not subsided, but there are so many fronts to be outraged about, sometimes it is hard to pick one. In actual fact, since 2012, there has been an explosion of new blogs, sure some go quiet, but some continue.

      The most consistent gender-critical blogger over the years is Gallus Mag, at Gender Trender.


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