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15 thoughts on “#levelplayingfield

  1. petuniacat00

    The point I like to make about this is we don’t have eight-year-old kids play hockey against 12-year-old kids. The sports thing may be a division between male and female but the reason for it, the level playing field, has nothing to do with gender or sex. It’s about non-genital physical differences that exist between men and women as well as people of different ages. Including special sports divisions for senior citizens. In marathons and maybe other things.

    Excellent graphics. Especially the genital diagram part. 👌🏼

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      I cannot take any credit whatsoever for the graphics. A woman posted these to a private group, and I was unable to ascertain where they originated from.

      Personally, I love the last photo of Ludwig on the girl’s basketball team. Reality is worth more than a thousand words

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  2. tnt666

    Loss of women safe spaces is a great betrayal, unfortunately, I don’t know if that problem will sway society. However, sport, though fluffy from a philosophical perspective, holds such sway in all societies, that I think these biological realities will be impossible to ignore. I think it is our strongest card in fighting this lunacy.

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    1. sophieijameson

      Yes, I think sport is so public – competitive sport to some extent needs an audience – and I think there’s bound to be a backlash among anyone who cares about fairness in sport, which is a lot of people. Thing is, most people have no idea what’s coming. I explained it to a woman friend who’s mad on sport and she was clearly very doubtful that I had my facts right. Told me the issue hadn’t been mentioned in any of the sports media she follows.

      However the invasion of sex-segregated spaces is, I think, gonna be a biggy. Feminists have been warning about it but Joe Public wasn’t interested. Now huge blokes in frocks are appearing in ladies facilities and parents of girls, protective dads and partners are beginning to perceive the as a threat. Most people assume that MTTs are gay, have had SRS and therefore pose no risk to naked girls.

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      1. sophieijameson

        Sorry, should have read “perceive the situation as a potential threat.” Still not used to posting on my phone.

        I think we’re going to see some strange bedfellows over all this: Gender critics of both sexes/any gender, social conservatives, various religious groups, right wing nutters, middle of the road parents of girls, and a lot of women who totally reject the label feminist but who object to men in their private spaces. Think that although some of us have been aware of the issues for years, it’s only when it hits critical mass in the wider world that peak trans will hit. The fact that trans activists actively promote people like Stefoknee doesn’t help their cause.

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    2. DaveSquirrel Post author

      I agree with both of you. That sport (and indeed, places like sports changing rooms!) are what is completely ‘out there’ in terms of being the obvious problem (or threat). That other female-only spaces, just-as, if not more-so, important, just are not obvious or ‘sound bite’ material. But the honking great Ludwig in the team line-up, pretty hard to deny except for the most Cult brainwashed.

      Yes, it will be Peak Transing all over the place.

      Just for the record, I do like to mention, the term Peak Trans was created by Jane Crafts, a radfem blogger, who sadly, no longer blogs and deleted her blog. If ‘Crafty’ (as I sometimes called her) is reading this, please come back!!

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  3. Hecuba

    The photo demonstrates mens’ centuries old idea of ‘level playing field’ which is men have male sex right to participate in male only sports and males have male sex right to participate/erase/women’s sports! In other words sport is for men and women’s sport are also owned/controlled by men in order to maintain mens’ fiction that only males can become ‘sportsmen (sic)!’

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  4. DaveSquirrel Post author

    A couple of related GenderTrender posts I wanted to highlight here.

    The IOC decision to “relax” (*cough* abandon) the “gender change” rules.

    There was a post, which I cannot seem to find at the moment (google has locked me out of searching GT, with endless captcha requests, wtaf?). It is similar to this one, possibly even the same team, whereby the “women” on the team were predominately males (because females’ families/male owners would not let them travel)

    But, in trying to (unsuccessfully) find that post, found many others that relate:


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  5. Hecuba

    Women had to campaign for decades and decades for their female sex right to even participate in certain sports because the boys in charge claimed the female body is incapable of undertaking physical exercise since said exercise will negatively impact on the female body’s reproductive system! The boys claimed women/girls riding bicycles would ruin their reproductivity – I kid you not! Of course boys having to ensure their genitals were well protected when engaging in physical activity was never publicly stated because the male body is supposedly invulnerable!

    However, I digress – this latest male created lie that biological males can magically morph into females has proven to be a ‘goldmine for the women-hating adult men in political power.’ Why? Because I predict within five years womens’ sport will be almost eliminated due to innumerable number of biological males all singing the same women-hating line ‘wah we are females and don’t you real women dare to challenge us!’ I also predict mens’ laws will ensure all those ‘special male snowflakes’ are accorded extra special rights and privileges because hey they are all really females in male bodies!’

    Mens’ Male Supremacist System has discovered what they believe to be a ‘foolproof’ method of maintaining male oppression over all women and girls by claiming ‘wah innumerable boys are born in the wrong bodies and you biological females must accept these fakes as “females” because their (male sex) rights supercede your trivial demands. Long live the boys who claim they are females and long live male oppression over all women!

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  6. MsBrendalina

    I hate how the Trans activists are ignoring WHY Title IX exists in the first place. I doesn’t exist so boys can put on makeup and use female classmates to help them live out their fantasies. It exists so that girls have an equal chance to participate in sports and compete for athletic scholarships. How the hell are female teens supposed to have a shot at athletic scholarships if boys in drag are allowed to take their spots!?

    This subject can be a turning point for a lot of young girls. I imagine they wont be so keen to celebrate trans-women in their spaces when said trans-women are stealing valuable scholarships and opportunities from them and/or their friends

    Also, I can’t help noticing that you NEVER see trans-men bitching about not being allowed to play men’s sports. It’s only trans-women who are claiming that their civil rights are being violated if we as a society don’t allow them to compete with actual female athletes. Gee, I wonder why that is….

    I think a good compromise would be to institute a Trans sport league and let them fight among themselves for medals, scholarships, etc. But, sadly, the trans activists aren’t keen on compromising for the sake of female safety and fairness. So I doubt that will happen

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