Danielle—the gift that keeps on giving


Well, who could forget “Danielle”, our delightful Toots of seventeen whole months, and who, by all accounts, has put in the mostest effort into Laydee that we have ever seen at Twanzphobic!

OK, last post was just a few hours ago, so not too taxing on the memory, unless of course, one suffers from the Very Real Condition of LaydeeBrain.

Anyway, the new commenter here (at Twanzphobic), Awesomecat, picked up this little gem from last week. Here we see “Danielle” in his her bestest Laydeelike manner, giving everyone a Public Service Announcement.

Because he she is a Big Important Manz Twanzlaydee, I subtitle this post:

Penis vs Laydee Penis

It’s a battle not to be missed! So, I screencapped it! Some of you might miss the very subtle subtext going on, so I helped!





Now after understanding all the dwama behind this Important (and most urgent) Piece of Commissioned Political Commentary, there seemed, well, something just a tad ‘familiar’ about it.

Curious to know what the info was that our lovely laydee Danielle sent to the serf artist.

Maybe I just imagined the ‘familiarity’ here, after all, the Very Important Piece of Commissioned Political Commentary is actually copyrighted “Danielle Muscato”?


yup, completely different!

And by completely different I do mean remarkably similar… Maybe another variation of LaydeePeen vs LaydeePeen Cockfight will break out over this valuable new piece of topical, political commentary?

This Laydee, “Danielle” Muscato, is comedy gold!

As Jane Dark reminded us in the comments of the last post:

Dave Muscato is pure comedy, the spokestrans Gay Male and Trans Inc deserve. He’s an anti-religion activist, yet thinks we’re supposed to accept that he’s a woman because he says so. His gender is a faith-based religion. You can’t make it up.

So I’ll leave you with that thought. Particularly as “Danielle” has shown us that he she ain’t tryin’ too hard on the Laydee front, and we should just accept it “on faith” that he she has Genuine Laydee Brain™ inside that rather obvious dudely exterior!

So remember to let him her into the ladies toilets, lest you be a BIGOTED TERF who should DIAF.

Yes, that is the obvious conclusion to the twanz women’s spaces position, given no proof is to be either asked for or given. And dammit Kitten, if a man says he is a woman, HE KNOWS BEST, don’t worry your pretty little head about it!

10 thoughts on “Danielle—the gift that keeps on giving

  1. Hecuba

    Going to root of the issue – this is what men have always said and continue to mansplain – ‘whatever a male says it is always man’s (sic) definitive; absolute; not to be challenged truth! Men for centuries have told us non-human; non-real biological females that man’s (sic) truth/experiences are the definitive ones.

    So biological born non-real females – commit this to memory because to challenge mens’ lies – oops I am a’ BIGOTTED TERF WHO WILL DIAF’ is heretical. Here’s mens’ definitive truth:

    ‘If a man says he is a woman, HE KNOWS BEST, don’t worry your pretty little head about it!’

    Kudos to Davina Squirrel for creating this statement.

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    1. wycoff

      Plenty of men are disgusted by the trans bullshit as well.

      I’m a pretty conservative and traditional hetero man (though I’m far from an MRA and am not sympathetic towards them). Given that this site is organized by radical lesbians with very dim views of men, I assume that in most circumstances we’d hate each others’ guts. Nevertheless, I fully support the TERFs. You’re the ones in the best position to push back against the delusional trans nutjobs. You can poignantly identify and attack all of the contradictions and absurdities underlying the trans ideology.

      The fact that the fat, balding (would he call it female pattern baldness?) goateed fuck featured in this article demands that other people pretend that he’s actually a woman is pathetic. In a just world, people would laugh in his face. But there’s a host of brainwashed people (including the President of the United States!) who would demand that we kowtow to his delusions, and that makes me sick. Women should not be forced to sacrifice to accommodate people like “Danielle”.

      No one on the left will listen to someone like me, but hopefully there are still some wise enough to listen to people like you.

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      1. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Oh dude! You know that TERF is a slur created by transjacktivists, don’t you?

        You had better acquaint yourself as to why we have the position that we have, which is female-focused, not conservative based.

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      2. wycoff

        Sorry, I didn’t realize that term was a slur. I don’t know all that much about the current terminology; I only found this site because a political site linked to your take-down of this Dan Muscato guy. I certainly didn’t intend it as an insult! It seems more like a badge of honor- you don’t put up with the obvious, reality-denying nonsense spouted by the activist “transwomen”.

        I know that we have philosophical differences which are likely profound. I doubt that I’ll ever post anything here again (though I might read your articles from time to time to better understand your point of view). I just like to see people willing to stand up against the ridiculous groupthink and say that the emperor has no clothes, even if we probably disagree on most everything else.

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