The miracle of twanzition—the before and after photos!


It’s a miracle!

Danielle is clearly aiming for this type of Laydee, doing laydee things, complete with laydee parasol:


Dave Muscato, “Atheist Activist” announced in 2014, that he was “saying goodbye to [his] old self”. Not just on his old Twitter account, but on the shiny new Danielle Twitter account—as well as at Patheos.

Dave-twitterold   Danielle-twitternew

Now don’t be too hard on Dave Danielle, twanzitioning is hard, rilly hard.

First there is buying the new domain name, and stocking it with lovely laydee photos….


Obligatory photo credit: “” LOL

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

Of course, being a twanzwoman is hard, rilly hard. All that website updating, not forgetting LinkedIn


Stunning, simply stunning. One would never ever know that “Danielle” was a twanzwoman!


Purposeful self-deadnaming aside (posing the question; is this a twanz version of suicide, because 3rd party’s deadnaming is like “literal death”, so doing it themselves must surely be suicide?) We all know that mis-jendahing the pronouns is “certain death” and “violence” when done by 3rd parties, is the above some kind of self-mutilation???

Then of course, the Most Important duty of changing all the FaceButt accounts….


Oh noes, I forgot to send a friend request!! Another Pretendbian on the Internutz, I’ll make sure I get right onto that! Woohoo, my dating pool just expanded to ‘women with penises you lesbian bigot’

Let’s check out those personal profiles, and make sure the appropriate Jendah has been selected from FaceButt’s Heinz Varieties…

First, the Lovely Danielle, playing guitar! Check! Pronouns sorted!


Good to see Faisal protecting a Poor Defenceless Twanzwoman™


Awww, the lovely guitar-playing Danielle, works at the official Danielle Muscato page as an activist. Must be a huge staff there…


Laydee photos updated to FaceButt—check!

Better check the other profile now….


Pronoun—check! Lovely laydee profile picture—check! TwanzToonWoman!


Ok, so now I am confused, the link is to a web/blog of Danielle Martin?? Maybe Muscato thinks he is Martin?? My head go explody, better head over to Danielle Muscato’s Official FaceButt page. Oh noes, dwama!!!


Oh the dwama! Someone is impersonating a man impersonating a woman – is the outrage ever going to end?


New Official FaceButt Page, chock full of lovely Laydee pictures, just beautiful!


whoopsies, accidental flashback

So how did all this outrage start? Well, a page created a meme and posted it, this is the meme:


Now what “Ms Muscato” actually posted was this:


Actual female consults Expert On Womanhood (since Nov 2014) as to what ‘woman’ really is. Thank goodness for some Twanzsplainin’

So, you can clearly see why “Ms Muscato” is outraged, clearly the original post and the meme are very very different, and by that I mean exactly exactly the same. A few more comments on the original post…


The comments continue with some more twanzsplaining, most even twanzsplaining to twanz…


And even moar twanzsplaining…

Those Uppity Females (aka ‘cis women’) should really butt out, and leave Important Internetting to Laydees Who Rilly Know What Woman Is All About. sheesh!

And where would we be without the obligatory TERFing? (But hey, remember pesky cis-women, TERF isn’t a slur!!!)


But ‘TERF’ isn’t a slur, ammirite? Just because it keeps getting used as a slur, does not mean it is a slur. Gee, I wonders what gaslighting means?


Anyone (mainly uppity cis-women) who disagree with Danielle Muscato being with you in the women’s changing rooms is a BIGOT. Kudos for the ‘twanz is not a choice’ memeing. It’s worse than manzflu!!! Just remember that, you bigots!

Dammit, this is all Twanzmisogyny™!


The lovely “Ms Muscato” will REPORT YOU, you BIGOTS. How dare you comment that “Danielle” does not pass, when “she” has very carefully gone all over the Internutz and updated lovely profile pictures of “herself”?

Let’s check out the twanzition progress again, because clearly, some females (and what the fuck do they really know about being women???) have uppity ideas that “Ms Muscato” does not pass, and are just being bigoted when “she” only wants to shop at Target and share the changing rooms with you!


Jendah: The emperor's new clothes

Coming to a Target changing room near you! Iz Laydee, Genuine Laydee™ I tell ya!

42 thoughts on “The miracle of twanzition—the before and after photos!

  1. Miep

    Is Radfem Memes the current Facebook page that gets blamed for everything anybody does that some man doesn’t like? It’s clear that they have trouble imagining the possibility that there might be more than eight women on the Internets who are less than impressed by their womenhood. Also it is striking how superhuman they apparently think these eight women are. Busy, busy, busy.

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  2. Jane Dark (@janethe1st)

    Dave Muscato is pure comedy, the spokestrans Gay Male and Trans Inc deserve. He’s an anti-religion activist, yet thinks we’re supposed to accept that he’s a woman because he says so. His gender is a faith-based religion. You can’t make it up.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      I know, I know!!!
      At first though, I thought he was doing some kind of parody, for the LOLs—but no, he has changed all his sites to “Danielle”, and made extra sure that nobody in the world will ever mistake him for female(!)

      My first thought was, well, he, as an ‘atheist activist’ is doing this to show up how stupid it is to believe in Sky Fairies that cannot be proven or seen. And here he is, same profile pic, just a change in pronouns, and we are to “take it on faith” that his sacred, invisible, unable to be proven Inner Laydee Feels are Genuine! I still hold out hope that it is one of the internet’s longest hoaxes!

      Certainly he has the narcissism and arrogance of the average M2T, but how to tell whether this is at regular dude levels?!

      Further irony though. He is going out of his way to keep the very same dudely profile pics, not even a pretty frock or anything. If he isn’t careful, everyone will assume he is an F2T trans, and treat him accordingly. Playing the trans card only works for M2Ts (because everyone knows they are the male-born, and should be obeyed). The other way around? Notsomuch. Bus meet F2Ts.

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      1. Hecuba

        ‘The lovely “Ms Muscato” will REPORT YOU, you BIGOTS. How dare you comment that “Danielle” does not pass, when “she” has very carefully gone all over the Internutz and updated lovely profile pictures of “herself”?’ Hilarious!!! Men continue to whine ‘you nasty women-hating Feminists don’t have a sense of humour.’ Well boys this demonstrates we do so how do you like being the butt of feminist humour?

        On a serious note – this male hates women – (not news) but like 99.9% males his incessant mantra is ‘whatever men say or do you non-women (meaning us real biological females) must always comply.’ Men have never believed we real (yes Dave Muscato baby that includes you) females are human, so Muscato’s hysterical lies are in fact mens’ logic because given females don’t exist then males can magically become females merely by saying so. Why bother to shave off one’s manly beard and buy female clothing when all that is required by mens’ Male Supremacist System is for the male to publicly state ‘look at me I am a woman and you biologically born females must comply or else the boys (sic) will subject you all to male violence!

        So it continues – mens’ war on women is endless and has now reached a new level of vile male hatred/male contempt for us real females. I predict there will be innumerable other Dave Muscato’s imitating his women-hating lies because hey every biological male can magically become a female merely by uttering that magic phrase ‘I am a woman and you biologically born females must comply!’

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      2. floydmerit

        I was thinking the same thing about this being a long-con troll. Is it possible for someone to be that dissociative?


  3. petuniacat00

    He says “I’ve banned 40 of you. And I’ll keep banning you if you post transmisogynistic or transphobic or hateful things on my Facebook wall”. Well he did say his Facebook wall wasn’t a ‘safe space’. 😂😂😂

    Laugh your ass off here! But if you want to cry your ass off check out this post on the fourth wave now. “Transmisogyny” is a mindfuck term used in making transmen i.e. lesbians think they are obligated to emotionally look after transwomen. At least in the abusive dynamic. Because the actual lesbians have “cis privilege” and thus all the real power. o-O

    Also: I now see the reason they say this crazy shit to us online, like transwomen are women and we literally kill them by criticizing trans etc is because they’re using it interpersonally in abusive relationships. Where that kind of crap from someone you have to see every day or who you think you love is very effective. The reason it sounds so crazy is because all of that pseudo-politics and rhetoric isn’t invented for us. The critical ones. Wow.🤔😠

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      The twanzmisogyny bullshit was rolled out long before they turned it onto F2Ts. It was aimed squarely at all females, particularly the uppity ones, as a means of emotional blackmail for compliance in this circus. Hence, I have a tag/category on this blog, which has been in existence for almost as long as the blog.

      Basically, the M2Ts know they can roll it out for F2Ts, because they are born-females after all. As seen in that post, the guilt-tripping really does work on the majority of females, even those in their own movement.

      Strangely, twanzsquirrels seem immune to its power. Must be the twanztail I got goin’ on.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. morag99

        Well, I was pissing myself laughing, too, so I didn’t notice any spelling mistake. Neither will anyone else.

        You know what else I LOVE? Your use of a “masculine” font for Dave, and a “feminine” font for Danielle. Side-by-side, else, how would you know one of them is a girl? So cute!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        I was rather pleased with my Genuine Laydee Font.
        After all, “Danielle” is such a busy manz, whoops, Laydee. He She cannot be expected to make any effort for this twanzition (dear dawg, hasn’t he she done enough already?!), so I had to help him her out.

        But at least I did better than his her 6/9 on the LinkedIn. It’s sooooo hard being a delicate widdle twanzlaydee.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      “Three weeks ago, I started using Fiverr to commission original political cartoons for my social media presence.”

      LOL, Davey Davey Davey… Fiverr are playing as loose as a goose on the word ‘original’ there (well, and ‘political’ tbh). That is an oldie, the same text has been around for YEARS. The only differences? The actual drawing, and the “North Carolina’s Finest BBQ” part. Other than that, nothing ‘original’ about it! LOLOLOLOL. Davey got ripped off good and proper! Even I know of the original, and I ain’t bona fide twanz. Maybe their twanz propaganda department is becoming far to huge to manage?

      Davey ranted enough about the ‘delay’ in service (I am surprised we didn’t get a minute by minute account of the delay). Davey is clearly a cis-asshole, no question about that. I will see if I can dig up the old cartoon, but I probably lost the bookmark in the Computer Crash of 2015.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Here is the ‘original’ version of that cartoon, as far as I can tell. And the URL would indicate it was uploaded in July 2012.

        (Just to break up the URL to show you):

        But you know, remarkably different cartoons!!!! (Missouri should sue “Ms Muscato”)

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  4. endthewoo

    I realise that men are more than capable of this level of delusional stupidity – but is this for real and not just some 4chan style messing about ? The channers and their various MRA mates are on record planning these sort of “dark ops” against the tumblr sjw brigade. Talking of which, I wonder how are the trans-cult supporters reacting to “Danielle”, if at all ?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      mmmm, interesting ‘dark ops’ theory there!
      It’s a very long-game, given his twanzition announcement was November 2014, and we are 17 months into it. Regardless though, it damages women and women’s spaces. Even if he is dark ops, this is still contributing to disruption for women (but the 4c crowd have attacked feminists in the past, so they will get a thrill out of it either way)

      If I can stomach his continual LaydeePeen waggling, I might look for clues. But chances are I’ll lose interest rather quickly.


      1. sarineal

        Nah, he is exploiting everyone, He gets to double-dip doing this, gets his male privilege, with unquestioned rights to lord it over everyone else and his laydee cakes to eat too (also with unquestioned rights to lord it over everyone else) and don’t think he doesn’t know that. He even looks like he has eaten way too much cake, that is how I can tell.

        It’s a win-win for him in all respects, he can argue to take his male self into the ladies loo so he can get off on the validation and no one really dares question in those circles. There are a couple of males that can seemingly get away with this, but even they have to refer the obvious in an oblique way.

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      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Agreed, particularly on the double dipping (and eating way too much cake, LOL)

        He is most likely an autogynephile (just wanking to himself in private, in his pretty things) but wanting to retain ALL of his male privilege (hence that ‘dramatic’ difference in the before and after photos!). I don’t believe for a minute that he even believes a word of the ‘I feel like a woman inside’. He has just appropriated all the twanz talking points. He is just so blatant about it all, arrogant really, and it is a tough call whether this is dark ops or not.

        His “public service announcement” got me laughing (next post)—if ever there was a demonstration of male entitlement, it was that post. Not even a hint of inner-Laydee, because that was all a male pissing contest.


      3. endthewoo

        He is just so blatant about it all, arrogant really, and it is a tough call whether this is dark ops or not.

        The fact that anyone is having this discusion, ie “is he for real or a send-up? ” just shows how detached from reality the whole trans circus has become. I’d bet good money that a women would not get away this sort of farcical behaviour either, she’d be getting proper hate for it.

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    2. Hecuba

      On reading the comments from the facebook page extract – women are avidly agreeing with women-hating male Muscato’s claims because remember whatever the Male Emperors say it is always the Male Emperors’ definitive truths. Even when the male Emperors are wearing beards and clearly male clothing they can magically become ‘females!’ Biology is non-existent according to the men – or rather biology only exists when the boys can reference it to reinforce/maintain their pseudo male sex right to oppress/dominate/control/erase us real biologically born females!


  5. Kim

    He may not wear dresses in his profile pics but I can imagine what he wears at home to feel ‘pretty’. I’ll now go scrub my imagination with bleach.

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  6. anomie

    The three things that really bother me are
    (1) the anime girl with glasses icon
    (2) a post (linked on another blog, not in this compilation) where Muscato, D. talks about the need to have male, female and unisex restrooms/changing facilities/etc, while insisting that entry to such facilities should be based solely on self-definition rather than biological sex, safety, or even gender presentation. Like what’s the point of even having three separate facilities then if anyone can self-identify into any one of them? For an atheist, that’s not very logical >_>
    (3) completely gender-conforming bearded males acting like some kind of authority on transphobia and misogyny that there’s no way they have actually experienced, and being taken seriously by liberal women

    Liked by 3 people

    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      The ‘anime girl’ thing is standard. You can pick most of them on FaceButt by similar avatars and Laydee name, usually a triple-barreled Laydee name (moar laydee than scummy cis-females don’tchaknow?) See this comment by anonmale over at GenderTrender:

      For (2), yes, that is the logical destination, no restroom branding—what is the point, seeings anyone can simply go into any space? That has been on the table since the beginning, and only now is it being revealed to the wider world. The tactical mistake of the Twanz Cult, is that they assume the silencing/bullying tactics that they have used against women/feminists will work more widely (ie on other menz). Nope! Wrong!

      On (3), the last few years, we have seen a steady influx of libfems hitting Peak Twanz. One halfway apologised to me (even though she got my FB account killed). It is the unintentional side-effect of the Cult getting so outrageous in their demands on women, that our feminist numbers have been on the rise. Just look at the number of twanz-crit blogs that have sprung up in the last few years. Before that, was only GenderTrender and Twanzphobic mainly, solely dedicated to twanz-crit. Now there are loads! 🙂


    2. Kesh Meshi

      This guy doesn’t even deserve to call himself trans.

      I accept that extremely gender non-conforming men face a lot of difficulties depending on other factors in their lives, such as their class, geographic location, education level, race, sexual orientation, and so I have some amount of concern for these men and agree they don’t deserve mistreatment just for their “presentation”, and I respect the label “trans” as the more extreme version of gender non-conformity. But this guy is perverting even that category. No MTF is a woman, but this guy isn’t even trans.


  7. Helen Heaton

    This delusional dude blocked me as one of the TERFY twanzphobes and deleted my very polite and reasonable questions about what a woman is. As a “twanzwoman” (aka gender non-conforming male) myself, this is totes ironic. He is either a) a troll who is out there to make twanz look even more ridiculous and push more people to peak twanz moments or b) a complete fucking idiot. The jury is out for me. You decide.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Both a) and b) for me. You forgot the huge serve of male entitlement.
      I think your comment was captured in the screenshot.

      Thanks for letting me know your status. I don’t have a problem with M2Ts that know that they are male, and really only have a taste of what females go through (from birth). Of course I ban the others that try to make me believe the usual Cult nonsense.


    2. Kesh Meshi

      I think if he were a troll he wouldn’t be blocking people, especially not that quickly. Trolls live for the outrage they cause. If he can’t see the outrage, then what’s the point of trolling?


  8. Carrie-Anne

    This trans nonsense just keeps on getting more and more ridiculous and out of touch with reality! I feel sick knowing I know people who would welcome this obvious MAN in the women’s room, since he “feels like a woman.” Anyone off the street, when shown that photograph, would correctly identify him as a man. I’m sure this clown also expects women to worship his pretended “female penis,” and anyone who dares say that’s not a female organ is a horrible bigot causing trans folks to kill themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Miep

    The more this catches on with men who look like they are trolling, the more pissed off people are going to get and the more they are likely to push to roll back gender identity rights laws, which are sadly connected to gay and lesbian rights laws in some cases. I first read years ago of difficulties getting such laws passed because the T part was just too much for people. GLB rights are a genuine social justice cause, as are rights of presentation. The right to insist people pretend to believe you are the opposite sex is, however, a complete farce and a reactionary abusive one to boot. The clinging insistence on going along with this nonsense is funny but ultimately it may well lead to backlash against GNC people in general. The left sells lies that misogyny and homophohia are no longer problems and then promotes a homophobic and misogynist idea like transgenderism. It’s like a disease and has alienated me from politics, which I often wonder about being intentional, to alienate independent thinkers in order to neutralize us.


  10. Anemone Cerridwen

    Amanda Stevens is another one. He got kicked off a flight recently for not obeying instructions, and on the io9 article about him (which used female pronouns but mistyped his surname as Steven at one point) a lot of commenters were really confused about that trans thing. I really enjoyed the confusion (but got bumped from black to grey for my TERFness, and even got labelled a TERF by artiofab on Twitter, twice! – am I famous yet?).

    It was really disappointing that the comments section got hung up on the trans issue (in a follow the party line way, too) instead of maybe commenting on the actual subject. The other place I saw this (Daily Mail) no one got into arguments about gendering like this.

    Liked by 1 person

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