3 thoughts on “They say this never happens…

  1. Hecuba

    Women have no reason to be concerned (sic) because in reality nothing has changed, given men for centuries have enacted their pseudo male sex right to prey on females with impunity!! Now the boys have a new ‘weapon’ they are successfully using to justify (male sex right sic!) 24/7 sexual predation upon females. This ‘weapon’ is men’s lie they can magically morph into females!

    Numerous male sexual predators are claiming ‘wah I am really a female and hence I have (male sex right!) to enter female only spaces and select which females I will subject to sadistic male sexual violence!’ Naturally the boys’ male supremacist legal system immediately claims these male predators are ‘females’ and that male violence is magically decreasing whereas female on female violence is dramatically ‘going through the roof!’

    Mens’ male supremacist legal system swiftly realised male myth that biological males can magically morph into females is a very successful political strategy in maintaining male oppression over all women because these ‘fake females can enter female only spaces and maintain male control over all women.’ Any biological woman or women who dares to denounce these fake women as males, is/are immediately demonised by the biological boys in political power because stating biological males cannot morph into females is a lie apparently!

    However real issue is as always, males maintaining their male sex right to oppress and control all women and girls and this is why the focus is on the boys claiming ‘wah those poor males who pretend to be females are the most oppressed creatures on mens’ planet!’

    This is true if we believe men’s women-hating lie that biological males, especially white biological males are the default human species and male myopic views of their male supremacist world are definitive because women and girls aren’t human! If we believe this male lie then obviously sole reason why women and girls exist is to pander to the boys’ needs/demands/male sex rights. So because biological males are the default human species this means they alone can define what supposedly constitutes that dehumanised class named females, which is why biological males are in fact the real females not us biological females!

    Long live men’s human rights because only male rights are real and valid – including male pseudo sex right (sic) to play at being a ‘dehumanised female’ except of course these biological males retain their male sex rights, which means they are now another special category of males being accorded specific (male) human rights and we dehumanised biological females are once again being forced to accept mens’ lie that we have no rights because our sex is female!

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