TranzCult Logic Fail


OK, I do avoid this faux-feminist site as much as possible, but every couple of years, I go there and see what they are up to (mainly in a “have you got half a clue yet?” kind of way). The answer to that question has been a consistent “no”.

See, Jezebel (or “Jizzabel” as we call it, given their ‘rah rah sexay empowerfulment’ stance), are pro-prostitution, pro-‘kink’, pro-bdsm, and most tellingly, pro-twanz. Jizzabel started in 2007, and has been spewing out lefty anti-feminist bullshit ever since. There is not even any cataloging of their blog, maybe to cover their tracks. There is a search function, but it is all about ‘now now now’ mentality. And like the proverbial ‘stopped clock’, they occasionally do some feminism, albeit, feminism-lite.

Take this recent offering, “Boy wins UK Tech Competition for Girls“, in which the main article cannot be described as outraged, no, it is pretty restrained. The reader comments are, a bit outraged, well some of them anyway.

The readership (at least a few of them?) seem to get that it is not actually a sign of ‘fairness’ to open up a competition designed to inspire girls into STEM fields, to boys, and does in fact, defeat the entire purpose of the competition (particularly when the winner is a boy). Come on Jizzabel, a bit of outrage really would not have been out of order on this occasion!


Eeek ThisIsAnExParrot*, you have too much brain to be reading this site! WTF were you thinking? (*clearly a Monty Python reference for the screen name)

And here is an example of the usual pro-twanz crap (the article is so boring, you might consider starting an amphetamine habit just to reach the end), but here is a reader comment:


Ahhh, TheDrDonna*, you have learned the cult-speak well. (*A Doctor Who referenced screen name)

Or consider the track record of Jizzabel cooing over Brucie Jendah’s Vanity Fair cover. Yeah, just yay! for the rich republican white guy and how pretty he looks in satin after several hundred thousand dollars of plastic surgery (what, no mention of how well he is tucking that laydeepeen? Nor any questions as to why, when he had the money, he kept his laydeepeen? No questions about the ethics of plastic surgery and how this impacts women’s self esteem?)

Or this offering, bring us the ‘news’ that “Khloe Says O.J. Simpson Almost Killed Himself in Her Childhood Bedroom, Not Kim’s“. No one seems to question why a grown male ‘family friend‘ and accused murderer is doing wandering around in daughters’ bedrooms. But then again, fast forward a decade or so, and step-daddy is trying on their clothes—no one bothers to question that either, just that he looks super-hawt in satiny garments.

Back to topic, the boy who wins a tech competition for girls. Here is where logic flies out the window. Consider these two scenarios:

  1. Boy wins tech competition for girls – reaction: probably bad! but we have to keep pretending to do feminism
  2. Boy, who identifies as a girl, and who is to argue with them invisible jendah-feels, wins tech competition for girls – reaction: how brave of ‘her’! How dare those nasty cis-girls be upset about this! He is the most oppressed of the oppressed here!

Yeah. Completely different, innit? Invisible jendah-feels are currency baby! Just add some pink sparkly shit, and *proof*!

I wonder if any of the bloggers or some of the readers at Jizzabel will ponder how either situation ’empowers’ girls to go into STEM, or how having the male-born directly competing with females is in any way a sign of ‘fairness’? Like having males being named “Woman of the Year“?


Maybe it should become MANdatory for all future Women of the Year to have a laydeepeen? Would stop those pesky ‘cis-women’ coveting these awards

Oh never mind, carry on… just never ask me again why I go off on one every time feminist pages link to this shite of a site.

Seems I am not the only one pissed off by this faux-feminist shite. See this truly excellent post.

5 thoughts on “TranzCult Logic Fail

  1. Hecuba

    One more time – ‘rah rah rah rah Jizzabel is such a sexy empowered site for promoting and maintaining males’ women-hating propaganda!

    Oh look!! A biological male who has magically morphed into a female wins the prize in a UK tech competition, which was supposedly specifically for girls only!! Never mind this is equality according to mens’ women-hating definition, wherein everything is all about biological males maintaining their male sex right to exclude/deny biological females their female sex right to even think of careers which are highly valued and hence for males only. Insrtead only those biological males who have magically morphed into females are viewed by jizzabel as real females!

    Meanwhile back at Jizzabel it continues to be ‘rah rah jizzabel is such a sexy empowered site’ for those fake biologically born females who need to be constantly told by women-hating jizzabel doing whatever males demand/expect is the sole reason why those fake females – aka biologically born females exist! This is ‘rah rah rah sexy empowerment – biological females servicing males in whatever capacity males demand!’

    Male patriarchal reversal continues to proclaim ‘biologically born males can merely state ‘I am a woman hear me roar (in my squeaky male voice)’ and magically they become the most oppressed creatures on mens’ planet and jizzabel fawns over them and publicises uncritically male invasion of a female only tech competition!

    This is feminism – aka male supremacist propaganda as perceived by ‘rah rah rah sexy empowered jizzabel!’


    1. Hecuba

      Mea culpa!! I mistakenly thought the boy who won UK tech competition had claimed he is really a girl despite his male biology. However, the fact a competition specifically for girls had to include boys proves this is how men define their notion of ‘equality!’ Whenever issue is about women and girls it has to include the definitive human species which is of course always the boys!! I eagerly await white males’ rights to invade/take over specific non-white male spaces!

      I’ve no doubt this boy won the competition because he worked hard – not because he has innate creativity/intelligence. This is what the boys always tell us women and girls that we only succeed due to hard work not because we have innate intelligence!

      So no need for us women to demand Women’s Liberation from Male Oppression because ‘merit alone will supposedly ensure us women and girls are accorded the same sex rights as those definitive humans named men!’

      Rah rah jizabel is such a sexy empowered site continues to promote mens’ notion of equality wherein whatever men want/demand from women it is okay because hey we women only need ‘merit’ in order to succeed in mens’ male only created system!



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