The Melbourne Cup is Golf-phobic


Yeah, you heard me—The Melbourne Cup, a horse race, is golf-phobic.

Yep, they have been hosting this golf-phobic horse race for 155 years now, since 1861, and have consistently excluded all references to golf in each of those 155 years. How dare they promote horses, jockeys, trainers, and the racing silks; and completely omit golf clubs, golf tees, flat caps and argyle socks?

It is clearly an “act of violence” against golfers, to ignore them at horse racing events.

Equating horses to horse racing is completely golf-misogynistic. If a golfer says it makes them uncomfortable about hosting an event that does not focus on golfers, that should be enough for you!

Binary perceptions of sports just has to go! It should all be polo, with the horses, and hitting balls with sticks. Polo is the sport-queer of sports. Golf can have its own events and not be called horse-phobic, but hell, can’t anyone see what is wrong with horse racing that excludes golfing?

And vulva cupcakes.

“Right like this entire event is so incredibly violent to trans women specifically. I’m so disgusted,” said another commenter.

“Equating genitalia to a person’s gender is and always will be transphobic,” a third commenter wrote.

“A trans woman is telling y’all this makes her feel uncomfortable and that’s not enough for you to rethink your stance on this? You’re gross, this whole thing is gross, have fun with your ugly cupcakes,” a fourth person declared.

Yes, just how dare females try and celebrate and be proud of themselves and their bodies. And not pretend that penises are female!

The first 154 Melbourne Cups were won by male-born jockeys. This week, the 155th race, a female jockey one the race, in spite of all the years of sexism and adversity she faced getting to that point. So the 154:1 ratio indicates that females have now reached ‘equality’.

So libfems, get onto this, and ensure that the status quo is preserved, and next year a male-born M2T jockey wins this race, and the world can pretend that things have changed for the female-born, and females don’t need any further anti-discrimination work for them. Just as happened in IT, chocked full of laydees, and actual females are not required to be in equal numbers in IT.


Michelle Payne also wore silks of the Suffragette colours—Green, White, Violet. the Suffragettes, those vocal, “unladylike” women, who spent several generations campaigning for women to be allowed to vote. How dare those women step out of their assigned gender role, and not be home caring for a dozen children!

So remember folks, to be “A Good Ally™”, never ever support horse racing, always support golf and polo. In fact, supporters of horse racing are TURFs.

10 thoughts on “The Melbourne Cup is Golf-phobic

  1. petuniacat00

    This is perfect. The horse racing-golf binary. Finally it is ACKNOWLEDGED!!! Human society can noe evolve…


    Polo will forever be funny. Despite its true nature is something that is stupid and awful. 🐎


  2. Hecuba

    I have no doubt a biological male jockey will soon be competing in horse racing and claiming he is in fact a woman because he has always felt he is a woman!!! Spot-on – equality is whatever men claim it is and now the men have succeeded in claiming biological males can magically morph into females so of course ‘equality’ as defined by men has been achieved, because only biological males can become females!

    We biologically born females are now an invisible group because the only real visible women are those biological males pretending to be females! Win win again for men and their male supremacist system and what will the Lib Fems do about this?? Why they will be cheering from the sidelines because pandering to the men is what Lib Feminism is about. Lib Feminism was never about Women’s Liberation from Male Supremacy which is why Lib Feminism is supposedly the only real Feminism recognised by men and their malestream media.

    Oh and that Melbourne Cup is Golf-phobic because if men can successfully lie and claim they can become women then of course said horse racing event is ‘Golf Phobic!’

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  3. sellmaeth

    Methinks, as jockeys have an advantage when they are light and small, a male has nothing to gain from claiming to be female.
    Though maybe one will accuse his horse of being twanzphobic, as it runs as fast as it does with a grown ass male on its back, and not as fast as it would if it was ridden by a tiny teenage girl.

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    1. Kesh Meshi

      I posted on the earlier Olympics post that the only sport where FTTs might benefit are those few where being light and small is an asset. I think there are Olympic horse riding events. Although I don’t think any are prohibited from women (unlike the decathlon — penises only).


    2. plasticgirl

      if ur going for min-max as a jock-he, why not lose the junk, deliberately? all that saddle slamming cant be good for the satchel and whatnot, so, lighten up a few ounces with a voluntary penectomy and castration. but dont think that gets clearance for the ladies loo. still, it might help lose some weight, and seems like a properly elitist thing to do, like male bike racers shaving their legs for aerodynamics and less road rash during pavement wipeouts…

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