3 thoughts on “Tech update: Autogynephile essentials

  1. Hecuba

    Ooh this is tranzphobic to the biological males who claim they have magically morphed into females and yet literally ‘hang on to their male genitals!’ Remember they are all ‘special snowflakes’ so we non-human/totally irrelevant biological females must always, always show due deference and bow down to the biological males who are continuing to erase our female existence!

    Can’t wait to see if a special tool (sic) has been developed in pink specifically for all those special snowflakes – ‘cos you know they will spontaneously implode if the male inventors don’t create one for them!


  2. FabFro

    Men are so weird, I actually thought that video was real…If it isn’t, give it a couple of more years and it will be. Men are very strange like that.

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  3. petuniacat00

    That was so well done. So completely convincing as one of those little Internet news stories. And so completely repulsive. Thank you.



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