Tootsie of the Week: Laydeelike threats


We are often told by the Twanz how hard it is to be twanz. Here is one such case!

How on earth can an M2T call on his male privilege of the threat of male violence in LaydeeFace™? Zoey Tur (nice spelling btw, makes him stand out from all the other Zoe M2Ts), manages to do just that, maintaining Laydee composure during the threat of violence against the heretic (Ben Shapiro) who just refused to disavow his belief in biological sex!

Laydee Tur leans over to Shapiro, puts a hand around his neck in some kind of failed Vulcan Nerve Pinch, and “advises” Shapiro that he will be “going home in an ambulance” if Shapiro does not cease his jendah-heretic ways! But look at the effortless way our Toots pulls it off!

Take THAT, Shapiro! Do you believe in Jendah now, well do you?!

And Tur has only been doing Laydee since 2014! Whadda gal!

In late 2013, Tur explained how he had “always felt he was a woman trapped in a man’s body.” [check] And even though in the early stages of ‘treatment’ said he was “already thinking like a woman” [check] And “When the procedure is done, he says Bob Tur will be “dead” and he will become Zoe.” [nice touch, check!]

Tur apparently also said “he doesn’t believe women can make the same quick, decisive decisions like men when piloting an aircraft.”

I guess that Tur will be handing back his helicopter licence now that he has a Genuine Case of Laydeebrain? But wait, he’s always been Laydeebrain, so what was he doing flying helicopters all those years? I know I am confused. Maybe the FAA knew this when they revoked Tur’s licence in 1991—it must have been obvious to the FAA that this was a LaydeeBrain behind the joystick?


That’s right Zoey, know your place, just stand there and look glam in front of complicated machine that your LaydeeBrain cannot possibly hope to fathom. Don’t be getting uppity and think you can fly that thing, in heels, and with a LaydeeBrain…


Zoey NOOOO!!! Put that thing down NOW! You cannot possibly be flying that thing with your LaydeeBrain – you said so yourself!

Thanks to TheBewilderness for the vid link!

ETA: A second part to the programme can be found here. Tur, so terribly self-controlled, when all he wants to do is deck the twanzphobe!

13 thoughts on “Tootsie of the Week: Laydeelike threats

  1. Miep

    Breitbart has screenshots of this Laydee saying he thought it a good idea to curb stomp this young whippersnapper. Curb stomping is making someone eat the curb and then stomping on the person’s head. Learn something new every day in Laydee Land!

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      1. kamilla1960

        The Wikipedia entry is enlightening. I looked at the other link–While agreeing with their position on the violence of the threats against Shapiro, it’s also important to not support right wing media such as Breitbart, so I would recommend not contributing to their comments. That only strengthens the nice liberal view that any opposition to men claiming to be women means that you are a reactionary.


  2. Hecuba

    Oh look!! Women are as violent as men – male Tur who plays at being a woman publicly assaults another biological male and Tur justifies his male violence by claiming ‘wah I am a woman!!’ Not surprised statistics concerning female on male violence continue to increase – those perpetrators are all males pretending to be females! Typical male behaviour enacted by male Tur – because like his numerous violent bros. they all believe male violence against women and sometimes other men will maintain their male power and it works!

    By the way Tur you’ve demonstrated you are just another mundane male uttering contradictory lies (oops I mean male truths) because said male lies swiftly become male truths. So poor male Tur he somehow managed to learn to fly a helicopter but when his mythical ‘female brain’ took over – hey presto he claims ‘he doesn’t believe women can make the same quick, decisive decisions like men when piloting an aircraft.”

    Hope male Tur you’ve handed back your helicopter licence because we don’t want you piloting any helicopter given you’ve now decided you have both a male and a female brain and notice it is the ‘male brain which enacts the male violence’ whereas the ‘female brain’ enacts the ‘look I am a male in a dress stance!’

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  3. Deb Gee

    More – “By most accounts you were great at being a guy. You were doing macho things. You were a maverick helicopter pilot. You were successful. You were a husband. You were a father. You were a tough dude. I was, yeah,” Zoey said. “I was in dozens of fights. Broken nose. It was an act, I was portraying a part.”

    And now you are playing another “part”.

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  4. FabFro

    *Cha* Clearly the other women on that panel were being just as violent as Zoey to the other males on the panel. The cameras just didn’t show it because they were too busy being transphobic and not showing the women beat up the males and making violent life threatening threats.

    As a matter of fact, I go around pinching male’s necks and Clint Eastwood threatening them all the time when they disagree with me! It’s just a laydee like thing to do.

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    1. morag99

      Oh, I hear you, FabFro. Nothing quite makes me feel so womanly as getting all dressed up, dabbing a little perfume on my wrists, slipping into a pair of daring heels, and heading out for an evening of man-neck pinching and uttering violent threats. It helps me get in touch with my femininity and — OK, I admit it — I feel so sexy when I’m hurting and intimidating people whose opinions upset me.

      That’s why, when I think I might get lucky and find some man-necks that need a good, painful pinching, I like to file my nails extra-sharp and paint them blood-red. To remind the guy what I’m capable of doing to him. Namely, sending him home in an ambulance! Gosh, it’s all awfully naughty — but hey, that’s the kind of feisty gal I am. And if somebody has a problem with that … well, you know what I can and WILL do to his or her neck! Boy, I just love being a laydee, and having the whole world at my delicate little fingertips …

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  6. plasticgirl

    Zoey was doomed from the get go. i don’t know about the rest of you, but when i saw Shapiro turn slightly and mention chromosomes, i saw the “troll face grin” flash for a moment across his features. Zoey fell for it… oops.

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