Tootsie of the Week: Eyeshadow is never a victimless crime


The tiara is a nice touch, very femme. Click the pic to see our Toots in all his finery!

Awww bless. At this point I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, it is Maybelline, being all twanzmisogynist, and applying the eyeshadow in goth format, when clearly this is sparkly to match the tiara, and dammit Maybelline, get with the programme and express his innerlaydeefeels!

Seems our Toots got himself in a bit of bother with FaceButt yesterday, his second infraction, this latest one shutting him out for 30 days (oh noes, that is a lifetime!)

To hear the otherwise sane Clementine Ford describe it:

Please sign and share this petition to reinstate trans* activist Pammy Lee/Jack Mannix’ Facebook page. They have been banned for 30 days for posting about transphobia, misogyny and trans misogyny. The voices of the marginalised and oppressed must be magnified, not silenced.

Really Clem, really? OK, let’s check it out then!


OK, looking at the date, this one might actually have been the first infraction, but I think the readers get the gist of this Tootsie’s “activism”, which seems to revolve around death threats to females who refuse to buy into his delusions of womanhood. Twanzflemminism, at it’s finest.

But this is what Clem Ford, and the other twanz-enabling feminists are actually supporting, while simultaneously shutting down any women that disagree with the delusion of ‘acquired womanhood’.

‘Woman’ is not something you buy off the rack, or applying make-up, or wearing tiaras, or any refashioned bodyparts from the plastic surgeon. The category of woman, is that of an historically oppressed class of persons, and that oppression (by males) is based on female reproductive capabilities (that is potential or assumed capabilities, regardless of actual individual status). It is because males need females to reproduce and to perpetuate patriarchy, otherwise they would have killed us off a long time ago.

While ‘gender’ (as in gender roles) is a social construct, how the division of society is made is based is in physical reality, who is born male (the good treatment), and who is born female (the 2nd class treatment), and this is determined by genitals at birth (male/female/intersex). Same goes with racism as well, based upon a physical difference (skin colour), which has no relevance UNTIL the social construct of racism is APPLIED, then of course, one group of people, based on skin colour, is targeted for 2nd class treatment.

The twanz borg got all in a tizzy when the Rachel Dolezal thing came out, twanzsplaining how it was ‘completely different’ for a white person to don blackface, than for Bruce Jenner to don womanface. It is not, it is about appropriation by a dominant group, inserting themselves into an oppressed group, and ignoring the lifelong 2nd class citizen status the oppressed groups have had to put up with. Yes, a few tokens are ‘allowed’ to do it the other way, but they will only ever be tokens, and not equal participants. The Dolezal thing really only hit the fan because a female did it, plenty of white dudes are claiming to be ‘two spirit’ (an indigenous american thing), or just appropriate indian culture ad hoc.

But! Back to our Toots, because there are more eyeshadow mishaps to come!

Our Toots uses two names interchangeably, “Jack Mannix” or “Pammy Lee” (he must not let anyone forget for a minute that he is a dude, wanting to retain male privilege, while being oppressed by his eyeshadow!) And the plural for personal pronouns, well that is just a sign of being a wanker.

At this 30-day ban from the FaceButt, our Toots swoops into action! Off to, and make a rilly serious petition (it is serious, look at them shoutycaps!), because lawd knows, a ‘silenced’ twanzwoman is like, way way worse than torture or death, but is also exactly the same!


The Attack of the Eyeshadow now resembling Manz Tearz. zmog, this is serious shit! Oh and no one said you were not human, just not a woman. Unless of course in your manzbrain the two are synonyms, because that is the ONLY way you can posit that condition… we call it a Freudian Slip dude

“Free Pammy Lee”, oh the rhetoric! And posted by his manz-self (Mannix), because dear dawg, his poor widdle twanzwoman self is now HELPLESS I tell ya!

Currently this VERY IMPORTANT SHOUTYCAP PETITION has just over 900 supporters, even though “Pammy’s” friend list is over 2,000. I guess the delay is due to other poor oppressed twanzwomen being physically assaulted by various other skincare and make-up products, damn you Mabelline, for being so darned twanzphobic!

I eagerly await the next instalment, that of the GoFundMe, to raise money for a professional make-up artist to be on call for each and every twanzwoman, because dear dawg, the inhumanity of badly applied make-up is far worse than death! Is the UN aware of this travesty of injustice and civil rights breach? They need to get onto that, those twanzphobic bastards!

Now for the LITMUS TEST, for all the twanz-enabling ‘feminists’ out there, because you don’t seem to get it otherwise. I want you to gather up you local ranks of twanz-enabling libfems, and all the local Mostest Oppressedest twanzwomen you can find. All go down to a local gym or department store that has communal changing rooms (no individual stalls), all strip off (as you would in any all-female communal changing room)—then tell me, oh tell me, that the plethora of LadyeeWangs swinging around in the changing room does not bother you one bit. Because unless you can genuinely do that without reservation, do NOT ask the rest of the female population to do it. Feminism is not just about YOU, it is about what is good for Class Woman.

There is not a doubt in my mind that our Eyeshadow-disaster Toots is proudly packing LaydeeWang, that is, him and the majority of them. Neither I, nor any other lesbian, nor most women, want to share facilities with fucking LaydeePeen in the area, and that includes hospital wards.

Libfems, it is time you stopped selling out your sisters, to enable these dime-a-dozen Tootsies. Wake up and smell the LaydeePeen.

11 thoughts on “Tootsie of the Week: Eyeshadow is never a victimless crime

  1. australopithecene

    Clementine Ford ignores threats towards radical feminists, despite all her campaigning about harassment towards women.. She’s totes in thrall to trans.

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    1. australopithecene

      Honestly, she has this reputation for being a ballbreaker, with all her ironic misandry. Watching her get rudely and arrogantly language-policed by trans and accepting it humbly is fucking embarrassing. Male tears aren’t so tasty with mascara mixed through, are they Clem. Pfffft.

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  2. Hecuba

    Bingo!!! The most most oppressed humans on this planet are – wait for it – men – yes men because only men’s rights are real and important. Mens’ Rights include male right to publicly proclaim ‘I am a female because I feel I was always a female irrespective of biological fact I was born a biological male and can’t alter/erase that fact! My Male Rights are sacrosanct and I demand/order all women and girls accord me respect and subservience because I am a male playing at being a female!’

    Feminism is according to men and their female collaborators all about Mens’ Rights and Mens’ Demands that we real women (not those men in dresses) must put all our time and energy in supporting Male Rights because we real women don’t have any rights. This is why that women-hating petition was created because it is all about men and their egotistical demands/male sex rights!

    Issue of men who claim they are really females is in essence all about mens’ continuing erasure of us real women. We are almost at the point of total erasure of real biological women because we don’t matter to men – other than the biological fact men would not exist were it not for us useless creatures (sic) called females who are the only ones capable of giving birth and this is irrespective of individual women not being able or wanting to give birth. (Issue isn’t about individual women it is how men collectively oppress women collectively). This is why men permit some of us women to continue living, as succinctly stated by Dave Squirrel. However, this doesn’t translate into males permitting (sic) all biological females to live because the men know that the most effective method of maintaining male oppression over women is via pandemic male violence including lethal male violence against women and girls. Remember real biological women – the only real and important ‘human rights’ are Male Human Rights including Male Sex right to pretend to have magically morphed into a biological female!! Yes I wrote ‘biological female’ because according to men and their lies – penises aren’t male since even females have them but this in itself doesn’t mean the ‘female’ is male – rather he is whatever he wants to call himself and this must be respected by us non-human biological women!

    So welcome to the new Male Order – or rather the perpetuation of Males Are The Only Real Human Species existing on Males’ Planet!’ Oh and don’t forget real biological women ‘the poor men are being oppressed by unidentified entities’ (who are the obviously those nasty Radical Feminazis who continue to have immense political power over men and other men who pretend they are females) who are shaming these men who pretend they are females for not putting their eye shadow on correctly as defined by those ‘unidentified entities!’

    Mens’ new Social Order has finally arrived – real biological women don’t exist – only biological males exist including those biological males who pretend they are females!

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  3. endlessleeper

    “transphobia, misogyny and trans misogyny”

    why the hell is that so funny to me? also as an aside, it’s pretty convenient that twanz and libfems are all too quick to hate on teenage girls who wear clothing outside their culture (they’re responsible for racial genocide, of course) but not men who base their entire lives on wearing womanface while committing incredibly depraved sex crimes against said teenage girls. oh well, guess this is just what the end of the world looks like…

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  4. Kesh Meshi

    “plenty of white dudes are claiming to be ‘two spirit’ (an indigenous american thing)”

    The best thing about this appropriation isn’t just that it’s insensitive of Native Americans (not that white males give a crap about that), but also that two-spirit is something bestowed on an individual by the community; it isn’t an identity you can adopt at will. It’s also my understanding that, back in the day, it was something forcibly imposed on gender non-conforming men to distinguish them from the real manly warriors. If that’s true, it’s that much more ridiculous that twanz activists try to claim this “identity” as evidence of how tolerant and perf non-Western cultures (especially Native American cultures) are with regard to the twanz.

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  5. dbrvnk

    “Oh and no one said you were not human, just not a woman. Unless of course in your manzbrain the two are synonyms”

    This is kind of what they do think though isn’t it?
    ‘Men suck. I hate men! I hate being a man! Men are less than human, only women are truly human! Your radical feminist club is all about hating men and proving they’re less than human right? Why can’t I be part of it to show you how much better I am at hating men than a real woman is?! You’re trans exclusionary!!! You think I’m a man and therefore want to kill me because you want to #killallmen so you are trying to exterminate trans women!!! TWEF’

    If I had to guess I’d say it had to do with trauma from homophobic violence, but then some of these trans have never faced the slightest amount of violence or stigma or anything, so yeah. It is a mysteryyyy.


  6. ramendik

    Well this one takes the mickey. Quoting out of context is usual Internet staple, but highlighting out of context? I mean, she does not use commas, but the only way the passage can be read without nonconsensual torture to grammar is “death to transphobic, women-beating, scum street artists…”



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