Quick, alert T-CAS—Island Twanzphobia!


The Royal Australian Air Force chilling at Trannies Beach, Cocos Islands in the 90s

Yes, I could not believe what I was seeing, when viewing this article about the Cocos Islands (read the photo description).

That’s right, the Cocos Islands have a beach named “Trannies Beach” (zmog, teh twanzphobia!).

According to this other article, their twanzphobic excuse is:

It’s not every place that has a Trannies Beach, but Cocos is a special place in many ways. Trannies is one of the islands’ most welcoming. It’s not named after the sunbathers who frequent it, but rather the communications transmission station that used to be located on its sands.

Sure it is! Twanz-Cultists won’t believe that for a minute! After all, we are told by Twanz-Cultists that ‘tranny’ is a slur, no matter what, and regardless if the term originated from drag queens and transsexuals themselves!

So call in the T-CAS (Twanz-Cult Attack Squad) to deal with these most twanzphobic of islands, twanzphobically positioned in the sea, thinking they can be immune from the Wrath of the T-CAS!

On a final note, we are left wondering just how many of the Australian Air Force dudes pictured (phallically riding the palm tree) are now bonafide laydees? Must be loads of them I reckon, and unlike the US military, that likes their twanz to be ex-military before dressing teh LaydeeFeels, the Aussie Military likes to promote its laydees to the top!


Cate’s LaydeeFeels obvious, innit?

Yes, Malcolm Gerard “Cate” McGregor lived as a manz for 50 years, before surrendering to the innate jendah LaydeeFeels, and becoming the “most senior ranked transgendered military officer in the world” and currently holds the position of Director of Research and Analysis in the Office of the Chief of Air Force. Mmm, Air Force again. Had better look at that first picture more closely and see if we can spot “Cate”, phallically straddling the palm tree.

Perhaps actually, Trannies Beach is a place that innate jendah laydees come to get in touch with their innate LaydeeFeels? Perhaps this very beach is responsible for unstapling jendah, and allowing inner laydeeness to burst out from under the manzsuit?

So perhaps that is why T-CAS have held off storming Trannies Beach for its twanzphobia—it is really a Laydee maker!

Therefore, this twanzsquirrel humbly suggests a name change for the Cocos and Keeling Islands, more fitting to their purpose.

  • Cocos and LaydeeFeelings Islands
  • Cocos Chanel Islands (it is all about the clothes after all!)
  • Cocos-no-this-is-rilly-Laydee-Christmas-Islands

Much better!

Call off the T-CAS attack! No need for the Cocos Islands to DIAF!

8 thoughts on “Quick, alert T-CAS—Island Twanzphobia!

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I did completely forget to mention, that Prime Minister Tony Abbott, appointed himself Minister for Women (yes, we have a male minister for women, move along, nothing to see).

    I guess the likes of “Cate” McGregor are for whom he is Minister, seeings they are besties and all.

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  2. Hecuba

    Oh look – another woman has broken through mens’ glass ceiling and now she too can join the elite men who already hold immense political power. Feminism is dead because another woman has attained a successful career. Oh wait a minute – this isn’t a female – she is a male who likes dressing up and pretending to be a female. That is why this male playing at being a female was given this very lucrative and powerful role by that women-hating Prime Minister Tony Abbott, because he is a male and also a white male.

    Boys appointing other boys to powerful lucrative positions – nothing new then in mens’ Male Supremacist System.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Well, the beach is still within the island.
      I was being “inclusive” 😉

      And who’s to say, there isn’t another spot on one of the islands, called LaydeeWang Cove or something? If the islands don’t have a LaydeeWang Cove, then they are being uppity lesbian twanzphobic bigots that won’t accept that Wangs are Laydee parts.

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      1. DaveSquirrel Post author

        I posit that the beach “identifies” as an island, and who are you to diss that inner sacred identitah of the island-identified beach?!

        Actually, it is an island-identified beach, complete with laydeewang palmtree.

        Whomever named it Trannies Beach, is twanz-island phobic, and should really DIAF.

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      2. sellmaeth

        GallusMag, according to that logic I could live on a tropical island with a beach if I just identified the boring little town as tropical island, and the main street as beach.

        Well, I suppose, “some tropical islands are cold and rainy!” and “some beaches have traffic lights”?


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