Arrrr, pirating twanzphobia


Arrrrr, this be twanzphobia alright

Remember the mostest Twanzphobic Oscars last year? Yep, teh horrors of it all, a manz pretending to be a manz pretending to be a woman! Yep, that’s right, Jared Leto twanzphobically accepting the Oscar for his twanzfaced-womanface.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Show

The film that Leto, a manz playing a twanz, was The Dallas Buyer’s Club.

The film is back in the news again, apparently thousands of peoples downloaded the film illegally off the internutz, and now the Australian Federal Court has made a ruling that ISPs must hand over the names and addresses of the Aussies who illegally downloaded/shared the film.

IF you’ve downloaded the film Dallas Buyers Club illegally, could you be hit with a $9000 fine?

That’s the average amount rights holders have tried to extract from illegal downloaders internationally, and after yesterday’s Federal Court ruling, there are around 4,700 Australians who could be feeling pretty nervous.

The landmark case between internet service provider iiNet and the rights holders of the award-winning film is tipped to have long lasting implications for the ongoing fight against illegal downloading.

Yesterday’s decision requires iiNet and other ISPs to divulge the identity and personal details of customers whose IP address was found to have shared the film Dallas Buyers Club illegally.

The ruling means that the company will now be given the contact details of the offenders, and will be able to pursue them directly for compensation. It also means more than a few Australian internet users will probably be nervously checking their mailboxes in the next few weeks.

Well, most likely these will be Aussie twanz and twanz cultists who have downloaded the film.


Rest assured, 100% of twanzbillionaire twanzsquirrels have no cause to worry about an email from the DBC production company! Also rest assured, Laydee cries of twanzphobia won’t get you out of this one!

Arrrr, hoist the Jolly Roger Roxanne.


8 thoughts on “Arrrr, pirating twanzphobia

  1. australopithecene

    God, like the highest paid woman CEO in the US is a man. And women are supposed to see this as a mark of progress. Um, no.It’s blokes getting all the goodies as usual.

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  2. Kesh Meshi

    Seems to me that the worst thing possible is to cast an actual trans woman or someone who *looks* the part, regardless of trans status. Leto is fairly feminine looking for a man, and he was very believable as an extremely effeminate gay man who’d be considered trans in this day and age but was treated more as a gay man (no one called him “she”) in the film. I wonder if that was part of the reason behind the trans hatred of the movie. It didn’t impose current values on a time period two decades ago.

    In comparison, Jeffrey Tambor as a trans woman looks like a ghoul, which strikes me as much more believable in terms of what that show is conveying (straight man transitions well into middle age).

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      arrrrr, aye.
      We be puttin’ all of three minutes into that thar graphic.

      This is the second time I have revamped the gender-stereotype flag (because that is what it be! pink and blue, are they like 12??)



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