I don’t ever want to be ‘right’


Ok, if you can stop chuckling at Jones’ ‘misogyny-ists’ for a moment, this post is about the oft cited “you will be on the wrong side of history” phrase that gets thrown up on a fairly regular basis. Boiling it down to the essential meaning: “support twanz, or you will be on the wrong side of history”. Yep, got it.

Except that we have lived under several thousand years of Patriarchy, HIStory is always written by the winners (therefore HIStory is written by the patriarchs).

Clearly, to be on the ‘right side’ of HIStory, you have to be a twanz supporter. The same HIStory that is written by male supremacists and colonisers.

Further, feminism and women have ALWAYS been on the wrong side of HIStory. The suffragettes got the same shit (and more) as we still do today.

If supporting feminism and the liberation of females is ‘wrong’; then I don’t ever want to be ‘right’.

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15 thoughts on “I don’t ever want to be ‘right’

  1. Miep

    I might most humbly suggest that people who have historically supported the abolition of slavery and oppression of people of certain skin colors likely got told that, too. It just seems like such a vague, multipurpose sort of phrase. Manifest Destiny!

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    1. Hecuba

      Absolutely correct Miep. The ‘great and good white men’ hated the Anti-Slavery Campaign and later the Civil Rights Movement because according to the ‘great and good white men’ they were right and the campaigners were wrong!

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  2. Black Metal Valkyrie

    The world’s imperialist superpower ;America; also puts out intense propaganda against communists; slandering them and making up outright lies about the history of socialist revolutions and even the theory itself. It is a similar phenomena that we see Mr. Jones committing in this screencap. Anyone who upsets the status quo- be it of male supremacy, capitalist-imperialism or other systems of oppression will be considered “on the wrong side of history”. We radicals wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  3. australopithecene

    It’s undeniable that the trans movement has support and momentum,so anyone who’s on board with it would have an exhilarating feeling of being on the right side of history. But lots of popular movements with a rapid rise have proven to be catastrophically wrong, especially when they are embraced without examination or discussion, or even a coherent statement of aims and goals.
    The problem with the trans movement is that it is based on silencing, wishful thinking and – frankly – falsehoods.
    The fact that it is misogynistic won’t be its undoing, because no-one cares about misogyny. Its undoing will come from the fact that it is patently ridiculous. At the moment no challenges are made to its claims (transwomen are women), but that won’t be the case forever. It’ll just take one or two ambitious philosophy graduates, or scientists, or skeptics, to pull it apart and the whole thing will collapse into a pile of shit. They’ll have to be men, though, natch.

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  4. Hecuba

    My thoughts exactly – out of the mouths of men are uttered nonsensical illogical, irrational phrases.. Yet men claim they are the rational and intelligent sex!!

    Male dictators have always claimed ‘I am right – no need to provide evidence supporting my claim – because I am male and whatever I say is right.’

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  5. Me

    At one time, it was considered progressive to support the “improvement” of the human race through eugenics, which was actually, of course, a form of social control. Transgenderism, especially when it comes to children, is clearly another form of eugenics and social control. Can’t these people see that permanently removing a child’s reproductive capacity before they have completed their cognitive development and can truly understand what such an irreversible decision really means is nothing more than social control?

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  6. dbrvnk

    I thought men liked to pretend history was an ‘objectively true’ account of things that really happened, and therefore can’t *have* sides in the first place. Keep your story straight menz, seriously.

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  7. gaydude50

    I think you’re right that it is men who are going to put a stop to this ridiculousness eventually, but it won’t be philosophy majors. It’ll be the fathers, husbands, brothers etc. of women who aren’t going to put up with dudes waving their dicks in front of their daughters, wives, sisters in the women’s locker room. Because men actually know that penis = male.

    Twanz insanity is going to burn out. Sadly, it probably won’t be because it is stupid on its face to argue that biological men are women. It’ll be because of good old fashioned paternalism. And apart from keeping laydees out of the locker rooms, it isn’t going to help lesbians one bit with the LGBTLMNOP(and sometimes Y) ‘movement.’

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      “Twanz insanity is going to burn out. Sadly, it probably won’t be because it is stupid on its face to argue that biological men are women. It’ll be because of good old fashioned paternalism.”

      Yes, I agree, this will be the ending of twanz-unsanity, and nothing we females say, is going to have any effect (hasn’t so far!). Females are still largely regarded as property, and rape was HIStorically, seen as a property violation (against another dude’s ‘property’).

      As I explained to a younger feminist just the other day, feminism stands outside of males’ left/right politics, which are driven by male interests. Sure we make the odd gain with changes from each, but the losses are higher. The RW view is that each male is the owner (Master) of the wife and children, and any violation of ‘his property’ is a crime against him. The lefty dudes aim for a shared pool of women to use (so ‘communal property’). Feminism has that uppity idea that women are not actually property at all!

      It will be a long time coming before the twanz-unsanity is ended, and a lot of damage will be done to women (and also feminism) before that happens. There is enough evidence now, that it is doing some damage to Gay PR as well, given the T tacked themselves onto the alphabet, they are dragging down the other letters with them.

      I may call it the LGBC now, the C being cwazy.

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    2. Kesh Meshi

      It kind of makes me think about how prosecutors supposedly would rather have men on the jury in a rape trial than women. Female jurors are looking for a reason why the victim had it coming while male jurors are supposedly trying to look at the facts of what happened.

      I think this is largely due to women being conditioned to see rape as something we can only ever try to avoid, and our trying to rationalize why, when we made the same “mistakes” trusting a man who didn’t deserve to be trusted, we were lucky enough not to be attacked. Every straight woman has gone up to the apartment of a man she didn’t know very well. Every woman has been alone with a man who could have raped her if he felt like it. Women trying to heap the blame on rape victims is a way to convince ourselves that it isn’t just luck; it gives us an illusion of control. We’re not the bad, dumb, slutty women who had it coming.

      Meanwhile, men don’t want to see themselves as the aggressors. They want to believe that, if a woman says no, they’ll stop. They’re looking to heap the blame on the defendant, that he’s one of those *bad* men who’s very different and much more vile than the men sitting on the jury or their male friends or male relatives. Of course this impulse is completely reversed when the accused is one of those male friends or relatives, then the victim is just a lying slut.

      And I think this is going to factor in to the inevitable backlash of letting non-trans pervs and actual trans pervs into women’s spaces. Women, I think, pity trans people and are also conditioned not to make much fuss about male transgressions. Obviously, feminist women do push back, but most women aren’t feminists. On the other side, men know full well what men are and what men are capable of, even as they try to lie about it when it’s convenient (such as when opposing women’s rights) and when they claim that they and theirs aren’t the degenerates. Men are perfectly willing to name the problem when it’s their women/children under threat from an Other.

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  8. parallelexistence

    Wrong side of history, right side of reality.

    It will be a long time coming before the twanz-unsanity is ended, and a lot of damage will be done to women (and also feminism) before that happens.

    I get evermore pessimistic that it will end at all, it is scary just how much the trans males are getting away with, things that other men in other circumstances would be at least getting some “progressive” if not mainstream pushback for.

    I may call it the LGBC now, the C being cwazy.

    It’s more or less TTTT all the way now.

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