Land of the Laydeewangs !


Lingerie shops in Alberta, Canada, should be stocking up with these little beauties, as the government of the province has just announced that it has “established new regulations to simplify the process for transgender residents to change their birth certificates”. From the Edmonton Journal, article in full, my emphasis added:

New rules for transgender Albertans to alter birth records
Edmonton Journal February 20, 2015

The Alberta government has established new regulations to simplify the process for transgender residents to change their birth certificates.

Anyone wishing to receive an amended birth record must submit a signed affidavit stating the gender they identify as, along with a supporting letter from an accredited physician or psychologist. Applicants are not required to have undergone gender reassignment surgery.

In the past, changing a birth record required transgender residents to prove they had received the surgery by providing two affidavits signed by physicians.

That process was declared unconstitutional last April in a groundbreaking Court of Queen’s Bench decision.

The province responded by introducing amendments to the Vital Statistics Act to remove the surgical requirements. Since then, the government has been working on developing the new regulations for changing a birth record but has still been accepting applications on a case-by-case basis.

A total of 89 birth records have been amended so far, including eight for minors over the age of 12. There is a fee of $20 to amend a vital event record.

The same process can be used to alter a driver’s licence or government-issued ID card.

The headline of course, focuses the readers’ attention on amending paperwork, as if this is no biggie. The major point though, is the removal of any surgical requirement, which goes far beyond paperwork, and into the rhelm of female-only spaces such as changing rooms and domestic violence shelters.

Just south of the Canadian-US border, there has already been the incident of two high school girls’ swimteams forced to use a small locker room to changed, while the middle-aged male (who calls himself a ‘teen girl’) got to change in the main female locker room. As GenderTrender reports:

Two Washington State high-school Girls Swim Teams were stripped of their Federal Title IX rights by Olympia Washington School officials after the teens and their parents refused to allow the girls to shower with a middle-aged retired military man calling himself Colleen. The man was discovered in the women’s sauna by a high-school teen girls swim team. Parents refused to let their minor girls undress in front of him. As a result, local school officials have forced the girls into a small ancillary locker room space and given use of the women’s locker room to the male.

Of course the meeja coverage reports that he was the one discriminated against! Perhaps his version of ‘discrimination’ is that he does not get to waggle his laydeewang around teenaged girls?

Back in Canada, Toronto, in a letter to The Star, an elderly woman writes of her experience being stared at, exposed to his erect penis, and ‘chatted up’, all of which constitute sexual harassment:

I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?

Did the woman get any sympathy from the columnist? No way! She got mansplained (and twanzsplained) for her troubles! The dudely columnist could have shortened his reply to “Suck it up, old woman. You should be grateful some random dude chatted you up and waggled his (laydee)wang at you!”

Gender legislations everywhere trump sex-based protections for females.

‘Suck it up women (and girls), get used to laydeepeens in your changing rooms! If a manz says his peen is a laydeepeen, then you had damned well better believe that it is a layeepeen. Now STFU.’ Where have we women heard all this before? Oh yeah, a few thousand years of patriarchy, is where.

In 2012, I reported on Ontario’s removal of the de-balling requirement. a picture is worth a thousand words, so re-posting the ‘Trans Lobby Group at Queen’s Park in 2010’.


Laydeestance: Lean forward, so your laydee bulge doesn’t show!

This is the reality of the majority of M2Ts—late transitioners, intact genitals, and rather obvious looking ‘manz in drag’ appearance. If any female dares object to laydees like this in the changing rooms or toilets, she will be shouted down as ‘twanzphobic TERF’, as in the above letter to the paper. Nor is any woman allowed to complain about any laydeepeen waggling, erect laydeewangs, or anything else. To avoid being called a ‘twanzphobic TERF hater’, is to STFU and put up with any sexual harassment that comes your way.

First wave feminists were the ones who lobbied for women’s public toilets (men’s public toilets were already in existence) back in the late 19th century, early 20th century. The lobbying was on the basis that lack of facilities for females prohibited them from full participation in public life.

When I started participating in online feminism about a decade ago, the transgenders were fairly open about their tackle status. In the general meeja, partially because of ‘sensibilities’, and partially propaganda to hide the reality, news reports referred to a vague “surgery” (the subject having had, or wanting “surgery”). Most of the general public would have assumed the ‘SRS’ (as it was back then, ‘GRS’ as it is called now) consisted of silicone moobs, and a dick-lopping with mangina installed.

But it became clear a few years back, that most M2T transgenders had no intention of being de-dicked or even de-balled, so then came the online discourse of ‘laydeepeen’ (ie: “A penis is not a male organ if it is on a ‘transwoman’, it becomes a laydeepeen’). This was around the time that the rapey ‘Cotton Ceiling‘, started by a porn dude at some convention they had in Canada (what, Canada again? what the hell are they putting in the water??). So the situation is now that a whole bunch of heterosexual males (the majority of M2Ts, the ‘transgenders’), with laydeefeels, complete with laydeewangs, claiming to be lesbians (in reality, Pretendbians), some being autogynephiliacs, and the majority being late twanzitioners*, are legally entitled to frollick in any and all sex-segregated spaces for females. *yes, you may ask, with all these lack of surgery requirements, not exactly much involved in twanzitioning these days! Just slap on a dress and lippy, and good to go! Look again at that picture above.

So we have come full circle. It was never enough that the backlash against feminism of the 80s and 90s were hell-bent on reversing the gains of the Second Wave—now we have the reversal of First Wave gains as well, where women will no longer feel safe in public places or facilities (like the Y), and will once again be excluded from public life and full participation in society, for fear of having some pervert’s laydeewang waggled at them in the changing rooms. It is already happening now, and incidents such as these will only increase as the ‘requirements’ for ‘jendah reassignment’ become so lax, they’ll probably be able to get a laydee jendah certificate at the local post office.

Jendah recognition and rights that trump females’ rights to privacy are not progression, they are regression. Welcome to the 19th century women!

As I had forgotten to mention the old “body/jendah dysmorphia” thing. We knew it was, for the most part, a stupid bit of twanzplaining at the time (particularly with the Cotton Ceiling rollout). The total lack of surgical requirements being rolled out everywhere gives you all a clue that very few ever had dysmorphia of any kind, they were, and still are, way happy to retain their peens. Now only a few of the transsexual M2Ts will ever bother getting any surgery at all, and the transsexuals make the minority of M2Ts.

WangFest, here we come!


Further reading:

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47 thoughts on “Land of the Laydeewangs !

  1. SelkiePriestess

    This is so fucking disgusting! I have been raped by one of these fuckers when I was FIFTEEN and HE was middle aged, not getting surgery, really obvious drag like appearanced just as you described. He gained access to me through my local LGBTQWTF scene. I’m 22 now and I don’t really go anywhere in large part because of shit like this. Men have legally enshrined rights to our bodies and going out just puts me at risk. If someone rapes me I cannot report it(unless I WANT to be revictimized on my process to getting him convicted which even if I do it will take more of my life than his! It takes about 3 years to see everything through court and that is how long they spend in jail!), if someone beats me I cannot fight back or I’ll go to jail(and we aren’t allowed ANYTHING for self protection in Canada, no mace even!) and now I cannot even go to the gym or bathroom without one of these fuckers invading my space(not to mention how many men have raped wombyn in public toilets) So you are absolutely right that shit like this makes it so that wombyn cannot participate in public life!

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Hi Selkie, welcome to the blog.
      So really sad to hear about the rape—according to twanzjacktivists, this *never* happens (M2Ts raping FABs). We do know different of course. They are still male, a dress makes no difference. There have been many more instances than the two examples I used, I just could not be bothered finding more (an entire blog could be devoted to it, *hint*).

      My estimate of rapist males in the general population is about 20-30% of them. As M2Ts are still male, probably around the same rate pose a danger to females in female-only spaces. In Alberta, and many other locations, they have the green light to keep the laydeewang, and barge into our sex-segregated spaces (sex segregated for a reason!). It is Schroedinger’s Rapist, because we don’t know which are Nice Twanz™, and which ones are rapists, until they rape.

      The heterosexual males, the ‘transgender’ M2Ts, really have no business being in the LGB. What were once relatively safe events and venues, now have heterosexual males in dresses. It was bad enough years ago at Pride with the damned dragqueens and transsexuals ‘preening’ in the ladies room (and boy, what a contrast to dykes!). It is more than overdue to cull most of the letters in the alphabet.

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      1. freefromsexpozzies

        There aren’t any “nice tranz” as far as locker room/bathroom/shelter access is concerned. Any actual caring twang “women” would know how terrifying and invasive this is, and simply would not do it. If I see one in a female only space I will see them as a dangerous, and RUDE, threat.

        Besides, these men don’t even have to be trans! Any man can do this with no effort. All those men that have fetishes for women’s toilets, putting cameras in and such? Does anyone think they won’t take advantage of this immediately? They were given a green light to do whatever the fuck they want; unless a woman can prove they are up to no good, there is no way to get them out of our space! And we all know how easy it is to prove anything with a sex offending MAN…
        And lemme guess, they don’t even check sex offender status, and allow perverts and felons to name change without any public records. Talk about making (sex) crime invisible. How very terrifying for a victim of DV that is trying to hide! These small things should be the LEAST they can do if they are going to give men this privilege. But that might make the men have a case of the sadz.

        I sure hope the godbags in the USA don’t allow this. Sad to say they are the only ones with the power, and willingness, to stop this kind of crap. At this point I don’t even care if they are only doing it to uphold patriarchy- its gotten to where the lefts version of patriarchy is just as dangerous. I never thought I would be hoping for a right wing intervention 😦

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      2. Kesh Meshi

        You’re right about sex offender status. Not only do they not check, but LGBT organizations overtly fight for the “right” of convicted sex offenders to use the women’s facilities. Lambda Legal went to bat for convicted sex offender “Paula” Witherspoon, with the explanation that his using the men’s facilities would be too “disruptive”. Never mind that he looks like a dude in a wig and a dress, which (along with the sex offender tracking device on his ankle) is why a woman freaked out when she saw him in the women’s restroom.

        Asking that, at the very least, convicted sex offenders not be able to legally transition or not have the legal right to invade women’s spaces is the bare minimum the trans cult could do to compromise with women. But they won’t do it. They will never compromise unless they’re forced to, because they could not care less about women.

        As I like to say, they may identify as us, but they don’t remotely identify *with* us.

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      3. DaveSquirrel Post author

        The fact that so many sex-offenders and woman-killers come down with Laydee Prison Feels, is no surprise. Boundary violation is their gig. Plus, *bonus* for being housed with your captive victim pool.

        The transsexuals (the gay ones) sure, are not the threat, but their demand to be granted access to women’s spaces is due to their own selfish wants, and most of them certainly don’t seem to care about who follows after them—which are the heterosexual, late-twanzitioning M2Ts, most with creepy fetishes. These late-twanzitioners generally do look like obvious dudes in a wig, and they don’t care about that, it signals to women that they are male, and “look at my boundary violations!”.

        Many places have guidelines for official name changes—you can change your name to anything you want, as long as it is not for criminal purposes. Sex offenders and murderers found the loophole, Laydeefeels, so the criminal purposes (or past) is neatly overlooked. You are right freefromsexpozzies (and Kesh), that concession is the LEAST twanzjacktivists could do for women, to show any kind of solidarity, but instead it becomes yet another “fuck you women” situation.

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      4. Joe Halstead

        This just happened in my backyard, up here in Michigan:

        Planet Fitness kicked a woman out of their gym for complaining about a MTF being in the women’s locker room…..

        It’s tending hard right now, just Google it.

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      5. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Joe, GenderTrender has already blogged it (by “ScoopMag” as I affectionately call her!)

        However, I may have a ‘related’ post, if I can find the time to blog it.

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    2. Kesh Meshi

      I’ve wondered about how the LGBTWTFBBQ has been handling obvious predators in their midst, and what happened to you only confirms my worst fears. Of course the alphabet soup wouldn’t question a late-transitioning middle-aged man in the midst of a bunch of teenagers. Trans is magic! His gender identity means he’s as much of a threat to kids as an actual woman is! Yeah right.

      There have to be people (dare I say, the majority) who know these guys are dangerous but are too terrified of being cast out to say anything.

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      1. Kesh Meshi

        I mean, just that a middle-aged man wants to hang out with kids 30 years his junior is in itself a red flag. A non-predatory man would stay the hell away just on the basis of not wanting to look like a creep.

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      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        The WTFBBQ will handle it like every other male dominated group, like the socialist and lefty SJ groups—first deny that it happened, or could happened, when the evidence becomes overwhelming, cover it up!

        Dudebros have been using this formula for years.

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  2. morag99

    “Laydeestance: Lean forward, so your laydee bulge doesn’t show!”

    Haha! Yeah, hiding the laydee bulge and also, I think, tickled by the idea that a woman is thing with tits thrust forward and ass thrust opposite. A grotesque parody.

    I love your posts, DaveSquirrel, because you often write to give us a good laugh at the absurdity this new reality. But, I confess that I still despair. These men are comedy-horrors, with more emphasis on the horror. Oh please, I do not want to run into them in the ladies’ washroom or locker room. I do not want young girls, young women or elderly women to run into them in our private spaces. How will any of us know which of these obvious men in drag is there to (as they always claim) just use the facilities, or to perv on girls and women, or something even worse? How will we know?

    We won’t know. As with all strange men, and also often with the men we know, we will have to rely on our gut instincts, and always make note of any and all escape routes. At least with men not in drag, we know something is very wrong if he’s in the women’s toilet. So, the last thing any of us need added to our plates is the anxiety that our own instincts for self-preservation will be labelled “bigotry” and invite censure against us.

    What violent pigs these heterosexual men are to do this to us. They fetishize not only our clothes and cultural accoutrements, but our fear. They love our anxiety and uncertainty, they love that we are frightened for our daughters and ourselves, and that we have one more worry to consider, one more accommodation to make.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      We females live in a world of Schroedinger’s Rapist. So even with instincts, it is never known for sure until he rapes. I am pretty damned sure that our distress at all this is what really gets off the heterosexual M2Ts, it is a boundary violation, and they know it.

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  3. Kesh Meshi

    Even just that they get their birth certificates changes is so disgusting. Why can’t the state give them an addendum to their birth certificates? Add something new to the original document instead of rewriting history?

    “what, Canada again? what the hell are they putting in the water??”

    As bad as Canada is, it seems like the UK and Australia are even worse. What’s going on in the Commonwealth? The UK has been putting intact males in the women’s prisons for years and then wondering at how violent “women” in prison are suddenly getting.

    But what really takes the cake was that male rapist in Australia who claimed to have genderfeels, was moved to the women’s prison, and proceeded to rape the women there. The Australian government, not being quite as stupid as the UK yet, named the problem and moved him back to the men’s prison, so he successfully sued them for $25,000 for violating his “rights”. He reportedly used that money to fund his “surgery”; I can only hope he at least got the ol’ snip snip. Not that that will stop the most determined rapists, but at least it robs him of the opportunity of forcibly impregnating his victims.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      I totally agree about the addendum to the birth certificates. But you know patriarchy, the lurves the re-writing of history, so this fits right in. The bigger insult is that birth certificates are done by SEX (female/male), and the twannies are, with current propaganda, shitting all over sex, saying jendah trumps sex (feels!) and sex is not a binary or some outrageous crap (I seriously cannot keep up with all the propaganda). So why is it that they, who deny biological sex as a reality, get their paperwork stamped “female”, a SEX classification??? Answers on a postcard.

      Women’s prisons, oh yes. Bad bad news there. Remember the post over at GenderTrender, about the ‘ultra violent teen girl’, who turned out to be a hulking great male? He eventually got shipped off back to a men’s prison too. It does actually take women (prisoners, guards, or even general public) to be harmed, assaulted or raped, before the authorities go ‘uh oh, maybe not such a great idea to go with the jendah-feels then’. I will bet that the women who were attacked by the asshole rapist were not compensated, only him, the fucking attacker! (yes world gone mad, perps get compo, victims get jackshit). I had not heard about the aussie one, so if you have links, please do drop them here. Even if that dude gets his dick chopped off, he will still be a sexual predator and assault them. Duh!

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      1. Hecuba

        Reason men pretending to be women have their birth certificates faked – yes faked so that said biological male can claim ‘wah look I am really a woman now – look at my shinny new birth certificate’ – is because males create so-called (il)logic to suit their male supremacist political agenda.

        Therefore moon is made of green cheese if men say so , irrespective of factual evidence moon isn’t made of green cheese. Likewise men holding positions of immense political power always collude with their fellow bros. demands when said male demands benefit men and maintain male oppression over all women and girls.

        This is why issue of biological males claiming they are really women has been accepted by mens’ political establishment – because it benefits men collectively and ensures male domination over all women and girls. So whilst men allow women to exist (provided women serve men’s interests and needs 24/7) this doesn’t mean women have any fundamental human rights. These ‘female rights’ are reserved for the men who claim ‘wah we have magically morphed into females and now we are the real women not those fake biological ones over there!’

        So so true Davina – I’ve been saying this for a while – ‘So we have come full circle. It was never enough that the backlash against feminism of the 80s and 90s were hell-bent on reversing the gains of the Second Wave—now we have the reversal of First Wave gains as well, where women will no longer feel safe in public places or facilities (like the Y), and will once again be excluded from public life and full participation in society, for fear of having some pervert’s laydeewang waggled at them in the changing rooms. It is already happening now, and incidents such as these will only increase as the ‘requirements’ for ‘jendah reassignment’ become so lax, they’ll probably be able to get a laydee jendah certificate at the local post office.’

        Welcome to the new male world order – oops forgot ‘the new male world order’ was never totally eradicated because men swiftly enacted their revenge against First Wave and Second Wave Real Feminists. Will women rise again for the third wave – well it hasn’t happened yet but perhaps it will given men now are the real women – not us biologically born females!’

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      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        “…but he was in prison for murdering a woman.”

        Most of the incarcerated dudes that come down with a case of the laydee feels, have murdered women. I am sure that most of those dudes have raped women too (being all part of male entitlement), because 99% of rapists never get convicted.

        The majority of the crims with laydee feels that the SRLP and Laverne Cox support are murderers of women and girls, and it is clearly loyalty to their sex, and not to the ‘acquired jendah’ that they claim. Recall the kerfuffle when Cox drummed up support for Luis Morales, aka ‘Cynthia China Blast’, who raped and murdered 13yo Ebony Nicole Williams? Did Cox, supposedly with the acquired jendah of female, and who is black, identify with the little black girl brutally murdered and raped? Not a fucking chance. Cox was aligned with the male murderer of a different race. It is always the ‘bros before hos’ for males, always.

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      3. freefromsexpozzies

        The reality is not like Laverne Cox in ORTNB. I am sure this is what people picture, thanks to that shows glowing illustration of how great twanz are, so safe and girly, how fun!

        In the USA, women prisoners are viewed by 95% of the entire population as trash, worthless degenerates, and fully deserving of anything they get. People gleefully talk about how criminals get raped in male jails, why wouldn’t they feel the same- and worse- about women? Even if they don’t openly brag about it, I am sure this is the case. Men get off on their powerlessness, and some women like to see other women punished.

        Putting rapist males in with vulnerable women? Why not? I am sure this gets some of the guards and administrators off- they are also men, after all, and we all know how many men get their filthy “o” from torture of women. I can see how having a violent MAN in the general population of a women’s jail would increase the rape/assault rate overall, because I can see crooked guards using them as leverage: “be a good girl and **** me, or I will bunk you with him.” And women’s prisons are not like mens ones, they aren’t as private and have much more common space, and more hours are spent in them. Its a disaster in so many ways.

        I am sure the only reason they even move the criminal men out of there after they rape a few times is because they fear a lawsuit if it keeps happening. But to keep them out, and avoid this in the first place? NOPE@! Too much fun to be had jerking off to prisoners being raped by a MAN in ladeeface. SO SICK AND SO ENRAGING.

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    2. morag99

      Incredible, Kesh Meshi. So a rapist insists, in a court of law, that his penis (which he uses to rape women) is really female. He not only wins the argument, but is REWARDED with $25,000. And the women he raped, and may rape again? Zero.

      Rapist: 25000
      Raped Women: 0

      That about sums it up. As Hecuba wrote below: “males create so-called (il)logic to suit their male supremacist political agenda.” Yes, so it makes perfect “sense” that the rapist won his case.

      Well, Australia is the country that grants bail to a man who has killed a woman and sexually terrorized 40+ other women. Then, when this same man commits acts of terror and murder on persons (i.e., on the “public” = includes men) it’s a big shock: gosh, how were they to know he was actually dangerous?

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    3. petuniacat00

      Biological fun fact: men who have have their testicles removed can still get erections. Have orgasms. And oh yeah rape. They can’t impregnate, but they can spread STDs. What fun. I didn’t know this until I read about ‘castrate rape’ on I forget which blog. It might’ve been Neafearty’s. But that’s the long and the short of it. :: snickers:: Sorry.


  4. Hecuba

    The penis defines men which is why innumerable men who claim they have magically morphed into females retain their ‘little dicks!’ But biologically born males claim they can magically morph into females and still clutch their penises because this organ has magically become a female sex organ!! Load of male hogwash!

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  5. Bailey Summers

    The Colleen Francis item was debunked by the college itself and she was the one that was being spied on. Also the old lady Toronto item was also debunked and she was proven to be a liar and The Sun had to print a retraction. And the original part of cotton ceiling wasn’t Ms. Devereaux but instead it was an planned parenthood workshop that got turned into something villified by the Brennanites.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Summers, stop trying to re-write HIStory. Cite reliable sources for your assertions, or stfu and stay away. And I believe it was even stated on some twanz blog (advocate maybe?) that Devereaux was the dude that came up with cotton ceiling. The fact that the venue was a PP venue, does not mean they came up with the idea.

      Now go away.

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      1. Rosa Roberts

        Being a shameless liar must be part of the kink. Here’s Drew DeVeaux stating bluntly what his Cotton Ceiling conference was all about, namely getting laydeewangs wet:

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      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Thanks Rosa! yeah, it was so well known the DD was the ‘brain’ behind Cotton Ceiling—and I have just screenshotted that, in case they try re-writing history again.

        Can you believe the shit they come out with? Like:
        “The Colleen Francis item was debunked by the college itself and she was the one that was being spied on.”

        Total fantasy and reversal. Women do not oggle males in the same way males oggle females. These people have no clue about females, they project their male-brains of what they think we are.

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  6. Me

    Instead of having graphics of a generic man and a generic woman in a dress on the doors of public restrooms, perhaps there needs to be a picture of a penis on one door and a vulva on the other, so they get the freakin’ point. If you’ve got a penis, go in this room – we don’t give a rat’s ass how you “identify” or “feel” about being one sex or the other – just go into the penis room. Ditto for the vulva room.

    Always a pleasure reading the posts here.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      “the penis room”; “the vulva room”
      Totally cracked me up! But also, so very true. Simplify it.

      Lest we call them twanzphobic for not having a twanz-zebra facility (zmog, these are just twanz-zebras that want to pee!!). A facility segregation system based only on ‘feels’ is stupid. What’s next, urinals in the women’s toilets??? < I am sure that will be a reality in the years to come.

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      1. morag99

        “What’s next, urinals in the women’s toilets???”

        It will happen eventually. Because some “women” pee standing up. The urinals will be next to the Kotex dispensers. No, wait: there won’t be any dispensers, because menstruation is essentialist, triggering, exclusionary, offensive.

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      2. morag99

        Wait another second, though. It’s possible that the Kotex machines may be moved to the men’s toilet. Because, some men have periods. Right? I mean, since some “men” get pregnant and need abortions, it only makes sense that some men bleed, too.

        Not that I think trans-activists give one shit about female transitioners! I mean, duh, they are after all female (that which may not be spoken). But, transwomen, like all other men, have to make a show of “equality” via visible accommodations. So they might insist, here and there and on record, that men’s rooms include tampons — as decor, at least.

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      3. DaveSquirrel Post author

        As for menstrual products dispensers in the men’s toilets, nah doubt it will happen. All this BS about “some men get pregnant” etc, is pure tokenism. No one, esp the male ‘transwomen’ ain’t gunna put any effort into putting tampons in the men’s room.

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    2. petuniacat00

      The Penis Room! The Vulva Room! The graphics for the latter would be fantastic. But a lot of men will think the penis room is the room they go into and someone for no money and with no desire does something to their penis. Of course they’ll figure out that was wrong once they get in there and smell the male urine on the floor. [Not that ‘male-urine’ smells different. It’s just that there’s so much more is it available to smell.😣]


  7. chemmentha

    I’ve was raped when I was 12 from a boy whom I trusted. He figured out that I didn’t identify as male and he raped me. I am a trans woman and I though I don’t think you will ever change your opinion but, I’m fighting to get estrogen (saving up every last penny). I may even get kicked out of the house by my father if he finds out that I am a woman. I don’t think after all the pain I went through that this group of people should label me as a man or rapist. I most likely won’t get a decent reponse from anyone. However, I ask that you should try to consider trans women as women. Thank you for reading.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Hello Chem. As this was a sincere comment, you deserve a sincere reply.
      I am sincerely sorry that you were raped.

      Males, ie both men and boys, rape. Mostly they rape females, women and girls, but less often, they rape other males, usually younger males. The stats for Child Sexual Assault (CSA) are that female victims outnumber male victims 2:1 (ie two thirds), and the approximate figures are about 20% of girls, 10% of boys are sexually assaulted. I will take a guess and say that most of the female commenters on this blog have been raped or sexually assaulted, many in their teens or younger, and most victims are raped by males they know (at any age). This would be one of the reasons we have feminism, dire need.

      Rape is never the victim’s fault, all onus is on the perpetrator. It is actually more about the perpetrators than the victims, which is why it is unlikely that the rapist made the decision to rape you because he perceived you to be ‘non-male’. As mentioned above, around 10% of juvenile/teen males are raped. The root cause is a thing we feminists call ‘compulsory heterosexuality’.

      Compulsory heterosexuality is aimed at girls from pre-school, in the form of brainwashing, via cartoons, stories (ie ‘your mission is to find Prince Charming’) and motherhood (ie baby dolls and domestic crap). As girls get older, the focus then switches to appearance-based compliance, to ‘attract a Prince Charming’. CSA for girls is the ‘luck’ of the draw, the prime factor being in the path of a male sexual predator, either home or school, usually the same with boy victims too, proximity to a predator.

      Compulsory heterosexuality is generally different for boys. Mostly it is bullying by other boys but sometimes older males, for ALL boys to comply to masculinity and heterosexuality, and to take their place within patriarchy. Most of the boys that get targeted during childhood are GAY, and not adhering to the ‘male gender role of masculinity’. Usually they get teased/bullied as ‘being a girl’ (or a variety of misogynist name calling – because within masculinity, the ‘worst’ thing to be is female, or be perceived as ‘like a female’ – ie not complying to masculinity). This does NOT mean these boys are female, any more than calling me a squirrel makes me a squirrel, and most of these boys grow up and accept their homoSEXuality. For a few though, usually due to a strong homophobic upbringing (compulsory heterosexuality), they cannot reconcile their SEXual attraction to other males, because they have absorbed the homophobic message (called internalised homophobia). To resolve that internal conflict, many of these will go onto become ‘transsexual M2Ts’. Because the underlying thinking is ‘homosexuality wrong > I am attracted to males > only females are attracted to males > I must therefore be female, particularly because I hate boy things and find hanging out with girls way better’. The latter part there is the escape from the bullying of compulsory heterosexuality.

      You sound like you are still quite young. And possibly also, someone still struggling with sexual (not gender) identity. I would therefore recommend talking to a gay male mentor, one who is comfortable with his homosexuality, and one who also has a good understanding of gender roles and compulsory heterosexuality. If you give me your permission, I will pass your email address along to someone who may be able to counsel you, or will at least know someone else who could. I recommend that you do speak to someone like this, to at least hear the other side of what the ‘gender (role) pushers’ are telling you.

      Going down the path of hormones, and surgeries, not a good thing. You do not want your life to be tied to the (profit-driven) medical ‘industry’, and become reliant on them for the rest of your life. Taking estrogen for example, increases your risk of DVT and stroke, and no, you might not ‘die young and happy’ out of that, you might just end up in a vegetative state dependent on others for years. It is a risk, and the trans lobby mostly skip over or minimise such ‘downsides’.

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      1. chemmentha

        Thanks for responding to me nicely. I was an open homosexual before deciding I was transgender. Among my life I was discovered I was uncomfortable with my gender and I’ve never thought about harming any other person. I know that there will always be people in the world who will not accept me as female which is upsetting. However, I know can’t change these people’s minds. I’ve accepted that. However when I read other feminists blogs, they claimed something bizarre. They said that transgender women would rape them. I find a statement that is very bizarre and upsetting. I am a CSA victim and a rape victim. I’ve experienced many things and I am confident I am not a man. I doubt am homophobic as I had many partners and successful relationships. I don’t need to talk to any other homosexuals because I’ve was openly gay. Thanks for talking to
        me nicely, it really feels good to talk to someone who can address my concerns, even if the disagree with them.


      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        “Among my life I was discovered I was uncomfortable with my gender “

        What exactly do you mean by that? Unhappy with your biological sex (as a male), or unhappy about the gender roles assigned to biological males?

        ” I know that there will always be people in the world who will not accept me as female which is upsetting.”

        Female is a reproductive category, a reality, and the basis of our oppression. In that regard, you will never be female (you will never know the reality of the treatment of girlhood, nor all the reproductive crap we have to put up with). At best, if you throw a lot of money into surgeries, and at least some of the time, get mistaken for a female, your experience is still that of a transsexual ‘sort of’ experiencing womanhood, but not exactly the same as us, it never will be the same as us. There are all sorts of factors in that last bit.

        Plus, yanno, we do think you guys are a little nuts, ‘wanting into womanhood’, when womanhood is actually a super sucky deal in a woman-hating society. We know why the transgenders (het dudes) want in, them and their stupid pretendbian bullshit. But you know what, it is often hard for us to distinguish between the two groups, and you all have to be treated as Schroedinger’s Rapist when in women’s spaces. That is the bottom line, our safety, not anyone else’s feelings.

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      3. morag99

        “However, I know can’t change these people’s minds. I’ve accepted that. However when I read other feminists blogs, they claimed something bizarre. They said that transgender women would rape them. I find a statement that is very bizarre and upsetting.”

        Even men who have been sexually abused and raped by men, and who claim they are “not male,” have no identification with, or genuine compassion for, women and girls. Instead, they find real women — female people — “bizarre” and “upsetting.”

        Men who find women’s boundaries and wariness “bizarre and upsetting” are men who cannot be trusted.

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    2. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Chem, just to expand about rape being about the rapist. One assumes that he was also a teenager. Now, the most likely scenario is unfortunately, some repressed homosexuality on his part, plus internalised homophobia and trying to live up to masculinity.

      He would not have raped you because he thought you were female. That is or was, secret at the time of this rape, as in, you were not mistaken for being female, and even ‘finding out’ would not make him think you were female. That is actually missing the point that males are raped (by other males) as well, in enforcing patriarchy and compulsory heterosexuality.

      No, ‘transwomen’ are NOT women. Most of them do not, and never will pass, and will never be mistaken for actual females, most will be read as males and treated differently. A small minority of very young transitioners that spent loads of money on surgeries, might be mistaken for females, but they are the minority, and not the rule.

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    3. whoiscis

      Hi Chemmentha,

      My name is Justin, I’m a gay guy. I have a few questions for you. You stated that you where an open homosexual before you decided you where transgender, yet that when you where raped it was due to the rapist knowing that you didn’t identify as a male at 12. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you and at what ages where you an open homosexual?
      Gay kids go through a lot in terms of how we are treated for not living up to societies expectations around what a male should be like, or what a female should be like. Most gay and lesbian people are gender non-conforming people. That bullying and stress can often make us feel like we aren’t good enough and even question if we are really suppose to be male or female. The truth is, we are male or we are female (unless you’re an intersex individual.) and our feelings about that reality mean very little. What is not true is that because of our sex we should be bound to the constraints of gender. Be as effeminate as you are, find peace with that as a male person. I invite you to read over a few post on my blog, specifically “The conservative reality of it all.”


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  8. roslynholcomb

    Why would the notion of trans women raping women be bizarre and upsetting when every time you turn around there’s another trans woman being convicted of rape? I wonder if Dana McCallum’s wife thought it was “bizarre and upsetting.” What about Allison Woolbert’s child victim or Luis Morales’s? What planet do these people live on that female actual lived reality is considered “bizarre and upsetting?”

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      I agree Roslyn, those that find the reality of being female “bizarre and upsetting”, really don’t have a clue what it is like to be female at all.

      Any thinking woman has surely connected the dots on the twanz agenda—the primary group of twanzwomen that twanzjacktivists agitate for are the (incarcerated) rapists and murderers of women—and not as maintained, the poorer (frequently but not exclusively POC) M2Ts that are prostituting themselves, just observe who twanzjacktivists put their time, money and effort into supporting.

      A tiny minority of M2Ts (mainly transsexuals) that object to this ‘twanzactivism’ (both the cases they support, and attacks on radical feminists) are far and few between. So it is up to M2Ts who have the commonsense not to support misogyny that need to be more vocal. Yes, that will mean you will get the same attacks levelled at you as are levelled at us, but come on M2Ts, do you stand for misogyny or not? You seriously need to adopt the “not in my name” stance, as well as supporting feminist concerns for female safety, that our safety is not compromised in the name of ‘twanz rights’, because all of it has been so far.

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  9. petuniacat00

    Glad to see you’re posting again Davesquirrel! And giving me all this really disgusting information about my own country 😮. I SWEAR the water in Canada taste perfectly normal! 😒☔️

    You’re right somebody should do a blog post of all the transwomen rapists. There’s already this which lists all of the different crimes. A sort of transwomen sex crime salad. 😖

    And the AllisonsLaw blog, named for Woolbert, that again has all the different crimes not just rape. It’s about banning transwomen criminals from changing the sex on their identification. It updates regularly. 😳 (Gender certificates at the post office, LOL! No wait, it will happen…😞)

    Since you Dare me 😉 to say something rilly rilly twanzphobic I’m putting a link to my newest cartoons. If that’s OK.

    Oh, and massive thank you!! 😽😽😽😻 to whoever made up the term Schrodinger’s Rapist! It’s absolutely perfect. 📦



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