Paulette Goddard in “The Crystal Ball.”

This prediction is unfortunately borne out of an extremely tragic event. Two lesbians, both in the US Coast Guard, were shot in their home—one killed, the other critically injured—by a male Coast Guard (former) colleague. A police officer attending the scene was also wounded.

The killer, Adrian Loya, 31, of Chesapeake, Virginia, became obsessed with the woman he murdered, Lisa Trubnikova, 31, when they were stationed in Alaska. Ms Trubnikova also met her future partner, Anna, 30, who was severely wounded, when stationed at Alaska with the Coast Guard.

Relatives told the Boston Globe that Loya had been pursuing Lisa Trubnikova for years, beginning when all three were stationed in Alaska. “He became obsessed,” one family member told the paper. “He was fixated on her.”

He tracked them down (no doubt illegally accessing the Coast Guard computer system), and ambushed them at their Cape Cod, Mass. home.

After the couple moved to Cape Cod, Loya continued to pursue her romantically, although she showed no interest, relatives said.

Loya, of Coast Guard Base Portsmouth, Virginia, is believed to have driven to Massachusetts earlier in the week and rented a motel room near the couple’s condo complex.
Berlanga said his sister was stationed in Alaska when she began dating Anna Trubnikova, whom she first met at a recruitment office in New Orleans. They were a perfect match, he said.

“You couldn’t imagine two people who were better for each other,” he said. “They were so close. When they walked into a room, it lit up.”

They married in New York a couple of years ago, he said, and moved to Bourne together. Lisa Trubnikova was stationed at Joint Base Cape Cod in Bourne, and Anna Trubnikova was stationed at Woods Hole.

Rear Admiral Linda Fagan offered her thoughts and prayers for the families, friends and loved ones of those affected by the shooting.

“We extend our heartfelt thanks to those in the community and the Coast Guard family who stand alongside us as we mourn the tragic loss of Petty Officer (2nd Class Lisa Trubnikova) and wish the speedy recovery of Petty Officer 3rd Class Anna Trubnikova and Officer Jared MacDonald,” she said.

A Go Fund Me social media page was set up for Officer MacDonald. It has raised more than $21,000 at time of publication.

For the record, of course she showed no interest, she was a Lesbian. And why has no one set up a fundraiser for Anna, who has also been severely injured, and lost her partner to male violence?

The reason I suspect Loya misused the Coast Guard computer system is:

Police and witnesses believe 31-year-old Adrian Loya, a Coast Guard IT expert from Chesapeake, Virginia was behind it. […]

Loya was arraigned today in Falmouth District Court, where he pled not guilty to murder, home invasion, assault and battery on a police officer, and five other charges. He was ordered held without bail, and he’ll undergo a competency test in order to stand trial.

And now for the ‘prediction’; in the years to come, this femicidal dude, Loya, with his impending life sentence, is extremely likely to come down with a case of the Prison LaydeeFeels.

  • Heterosexual dude, obsessed with a lesbian (or lesbians)
  • Male sexual entitlement
  • Misogynist/femicidal
  • IT dude, combined with a macho workfield (Coast Guard), more often seen in the military, but the IT component sways it
  • Won’t take female rejection, does not respect female boundaries
  • Long/life sentence in prison

This dude’s future LaydeeFeels will be about as convincing as me thinking I am a catepillar. He will join the long and growing list of dudes with long/life sentences that come down with the Prison LaydeeFeels. And the more they hate women, the more likely it becomes. Femicidal/misogynist dudes such as Robert “Michelle” Kosilek, or Luis “Cynthia China Blast” Morales, and many others, some even evading prison despite their sexual violence against women. And I am sure Laverne Cox and the SRLP will be championing Loya’s future Prison LaydeeFeels most enthusiastically. ‘Bros before Hos’ after all. Being born male trumps all other loyalties, even race (Cox).

Lesbians, like other women, are most in danger of male violence, rape, murder, from heterosexual males. Rejecting males’ sexual/’romantic’ advances, whether lesbian or not, can result in male violence—as the cases of three or four US women (and bystanders) in the few months, gunned/stabbed/murdered by RandomDude after he was ‘rejected’. (If anyone has a few links, please let me know, thanks.)

My thoughts go out to both Lisa and Anna’s families, and wishing Anna a speedy recovery. A speedy recovery to the injured officer as well.


Note: This blog does not condone violence (although cannot stop anyone thinking about some well-deserved ‘karma’ to befall murderous scum like Loya). There are days when this is a difficult self-imposed directive to follow. Today is one of those days.

12 thoughts on “Prediction

  1. Hecuba

    As usual focus is on the male police officer who was wounded by women-hating Adrian Loya and a fund raising campaign has been set up for him. What about Petty Officer 3rd Class Anna Trubnikova who was severely wounded by murderous male Loya? Doesn’t she count then? Obviously not because she is simultaneously a woman and a lesbian!

    I agree within a very short time women-hater Adrian Loya will claim ‘wah I am really a female in a male body and I demand my male right (sic) to be imprisoned with all those other female prisoners because then I can sexually prey on them with impunity!’

    Whilst I too don’t condone violence I am very angry that yet again a mundane male enacted his male pseudo sex right to murder two women because he believed their sole existence was to ‘sexually service males’ and the fact they were/are lesbians is of course irrelevant to this male because his male sex right to them supercedes their female right of autonomy.

    Men’s war on women continues unabated and I have no doubt the male mansplanners and their female allies will claim this was just another isolated incident or they will claim ‘wah Loya is really a woman in a male body so therefore he too is a victim!’

    A women-hating male cold bloodedly murders one woman and attempts to murder the other woman merely because this vile male enacted common male beliefs that women only exist for mens’ casual sexual usage/sexual exploitation. Woe betide any woman who dares to refuse to submit to male sexual demands.

    Meanwhile the men in political power continue to enact their three wise monkey stance, because ‘no human was harmed’ since issue is only about men committing lethal violence against women not men murdering other men because their sex is male.

    Two womens’ lives destroyed because of the actions of an arrogant male who enacted what Male Supremacist system constantly claims is mens’ definitive truths – women you aren’t human you are merely males’ disposable/interchangeable sexual service stations!

    One woman dead and the other woman has had her life destroyed – but no fundraising campaign for her because ‘she can get over it all by herself and she won’t have to worry about paying her medical bills!’

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Three ‘wise’ monkey stance indeed. Yeah, I am soooo angry about all of this, including no fundraising for Anna, but the cop only. It’s as if she magically won’t have any medical bills, even though it sounds like she was more seriously injured than the cop. Let alone, she lost her partner.

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  2. >:)

    That is shocking. the male obsession for ownership of women knows no bounds. Not even one gay resource to help the woman that lost her life’s partner? 😦

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  3. Nicky

    I suspect that it’s a love triangle or a jealous dude who couldn’t take NO for an answer. Not only is he facing civil criminal charges, he’a also facing the UCMJ for misuse of Govt Computers and violating a host of UCMJ rules. My guess is that the Feds would want a crack at him first before the State, but they may role it into one he may wind up doing time in a Military Brig such as Fort Leavenworth.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Nicky, you think like a dude. “Love triangle” is so fucking insulting. They were lesbians. Lesbians have no sexual or romantic interest in males. That is why the Cotton Ceiling is so rapey and offensive.

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      1. Nicky

        I understand that, but I think in the end he’s gona wind up doing some time in a state or federal prison. Then again that’s what the prosecutor’s office is gona be looking at when they do their investigation.


  4. freefromsexpozzies

    Maybe I will set up a page for Anna. Anyone can do it. Where are all the lgbtqwtf orgs right now? Why not step up to help? She deserves it, and if no one I’m her RL will do it maybe a sister can do it in solidarity. That the cop got a funding page and she didn’t disgusts me, but does not surprise me.

    Also, I DO condone violence when it’s an oppressed person directly aiming for their oppressor. I can think of many endings for him that would be both fair and satisfying. I’m sure he will have ladeefeels soon, if he didn’t already. If he has them now, we will know soon because he will use it as a defense. Scumbag that he is. Probably a porn addict too.

    So horribly tragic yet so damn typical. Fucking male entitlement knows NO bounds.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      You would probably have to get in touch with Anna’s family somehow, maybe tracking down Lisa’s brother who was quoted in the articles.

      So very true. The ‘alphabet’, rarely ever seen springing into action to defend lesbians.

      Him using laydeefeels as a defence certainly crossed my mind too.

      I had to put a disclaimer on this post. I was so beyond angry writing it, and sad too. My way of keeping myself in check, but a covert way of letting you know “my thoughts are not pure”

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