Being a Good Twanz Ally™—Part Deux—TwanzdashianGate


Jill Soloway: “I couldn’t not. Someone sent it to me. Tell me it’s wrong and I’ll take it down.”

Doh! Of course someoneontheinternutz told her it’s wrong! And take it down she did, followed by this bit of grovelling to appease her Twanz Overlordslaydees.


Not enough! Recite three Hail Lorettas and assume the position!


Of course, many of my loyal reader (singular), are scratching their head with a mixture of both confusion and not giving a damn. Don’t worry, me too!

Background on Soloway, the creater and director of a TV series called ‘Transparent’. The title is a play on words, as it seems that Soloway’s father, in later life, came out with a case of the LaydeeFeels. Even with this firsthand experience, Soloway slurps at the JendahQueerdom Fountain with some gusto (follow the Dikipedia link).

And even though the lead character is non-twanzlaydee

As part of the making of the show, Soloway enacted a “transfirmative action program,” “favoring the hiring of transgender candidates over nontransgender ones.” This meant that “20 trans people had been hired in the cast and crew, and more than 60 had been employed as extras.” She also hired “two full-time transgender consultants to steer her away from any pitfalls.” All the bathrooms on set are gender-neutral. In research for the show: “Our work has been influenced by our consultants, well-known transgender cultural producers Jennifer Finney Boylan, Rhys Ernst, and Zackary Drucker. On our coffee table at work we have the Trans zine Original Plumbing, as well as every book ever written about being trans. My favorite is Whipping Girl by Julia Serano.”

Dear dawg, she must have hired just about every M2T in California from the film/tv biz. And copies of ‘Original Plumbing‘ on set, really?

But that didn’t stop a bunch of twanz and twanz allies from chastising Soloway (dead link to this below), until Soloway began her grovelling—don’t worry, that won’t be the end of the grovelling Soloway will be expected to do, now and forever more. I believe the minimum penance is three Hail Lorettas and Assume the Position on an hourly basis, and perhaps even some self-flagellation as well?

You can understand some of Soloway’s confusion, in a comparethemeercats kind of way, behold:


Acting the LaydeeFeels


Serious LaydeeFeels

Spot the difference? Yup.

I really did not know much about Jenner before the flood of articles about his LaydeeFeels in the last few weeks, and even as early as December (dunno why the chastising post is being so coy about Jenner’s LaydeeFeels, seems like old news to me). Articles about Jenner’s LaydeeFeels are almost as abundant as Kardashians in the meeja. I did say almost. Given Jenner is Kim Kardashian’s step-father.

Of course, Jenner’s LaydeeFeels didn’t get in the way of fathering six children by three different women. Tutts, another Laydee doin’ Laydee wrong.

Somewhere between appearing on the Wheaties box, fathering six childrenz, and being dumped by wifey #3, Jenner’s inner laydee began to emerge (we can only speculate that the ‘irreconcilable differences’ cited in the divorce proceedings were ~nothing~ at all to do with inner-Laydee). Nosiree.

Speaking of the Wheaties box, which we must declare as Truly Twanzphobic back in 1977—well some kind soul (not me btw) fixed it.




~NOT twanzphobic~

Cool. One bit less twanzphobia in the world.

All that is left now, is for Jenner to pick his LaydeeFeels name. How about “Jenny Jenner”, mmm, catchy! Doesn’t quite qualify for a Lazy Tranny Name, but still, it has a certain ring to it.


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[Link]: outward/2015/01/30/transparent_s_jill_soloway_apologizes_for_bruce_jenner_transdashian_post.html

37 thoughts on “Being a Good Twanz Ally™—Part Deux—TwanzdashianGate

  1. Hecuba

    Men again enacting their male pseudo sex right to control women and yes this includes that oh so special special group of men who claim they can magically morph into females! Women remember to always always and I repeat again always ask a man to check your writing/verbal responses because men mustn’t be subjected to twanzphobia or misandry!!

    In fact women don’t write anything or say anything unless you are reflecting men at twice their natural size and inflating their overblown male egos!

    One last piece of advice – men can magically morph into females even when said men such as Jenner fathered six children (yes men who claim they are really females firstly enjoyed heterosexual male sex right to women) because whatever men claim it is always the definitive male truth and the ultimate truth is men who play at being women are the real women – not us biologically born females.

    PS All those special M2Ts hired so as to ensure propaganda programme correctly portrayed biological men who claim they are really females. I hope the M2Ts were paid their special M2T’s fees which are of course far higher than biological women’s pay. If those M2Ts weren’t paid that special rate then they are once again being subjected to twanzphobia!

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  2. freefromsexpozzies

    Hey- hiring trans over others, why that’s discrimInation against your “CIS-ters”!!! Oh right, “CIS-ters” only matter long enough to be chastised, or to use the word to chastise others. Got it!
    Can you even imagine the outrage if a woman, making a show about women, bragged about hiring women over others? OMG. That brave soul would be attacked from *every angle*, it would be a feeding frenzy, eating her alive.
    Then- If that woman happened to be Latina or AA? Cheers of “reverse racism”, all over the web, gleefully proving how “RR” weawwy, weawwy, exists and is ruining civilization!!!!!(I wish)

    But noooooo, MTT (because you know FTT are just invisible, or tokens at best) can so anything they want! And we better brook no complaints! MTT get away with shit even masculine men cannot. They are the epitome of a patriarch.

    I cannot believe a woman made that show. Ugh. I would say “think of all the women that she could help” with another show, but had she made one about women, well, she would not be making any tv right now. But kissing MTT ass is never a good way to go. She prob trauma bonded to her dad, and that’s why she’s such a twanz worshipper.

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  3. Black Metal Valkyrie

    Seriously this groveling is dehumanizing and every time I read that screencap it reads in my head: “please accept my biology”.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Gaming geek, so womanface is just another RPG.
      Not sure how reliable much of the info is, the ED crowd really have it in for him, which leads me to speculate he is not as bad as they say. However, doing womanface tends to piss me off, a lot.


  4. Black Metal Valkyrie

    It is amazing to me that most communists in the 1st world will not acknowledge how current gender roles are inherently capitalist. There is a reason all these men “need” makeup, cosmetic treatments, hair extensions, a new wardrobe, accessories etc. Crapitalism full stop. I am friends with the most popular communist on Youtube named Jason Unruhe on Facebutt and he lost a friend from a communist group called RAIM for being critical of transgenderism and he was attacked so much for putting up a video saying he was going to comment on the transgender issue with Marxist materialist analysis and he got so much hate he ended up not being able to make the video. <<lol4ever this page

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    1. morag99

      Hi Black Metal Valkyrie. It’s terrible that your friend, Jason, is being attacked and silenced by the trans. He’s correct to name them right-wing and dangerous. But, I wonder, does he understand that it is still much, much worse for women who analyze and criticize transgenderism, and that there is more at stake for us — and that he still, just by virtue of being male, has an advantage?

      I don’t mean to minimize the threats against him. That’s always something to seriously from crazy men. But I’d like to know if he, Jason, knows that women’s reasoned, rational voices are not even heard (I mean, our literal words become like ether because our crime IS speaking, per se, in a non-compliant way about virtually ANYTHING) before we are silenced, no-platformed, threatened, etc. Has he read any of the work of women’s liberationists on transgenderism? How about even blogs and articles on the internet — like the latest interview with Julie Bindel?

      Bindel (colourfully!) discusses how trans/queer university students are actually staunchly anti-intellectual, and that’s why they feel threatened and become violent in the face of criticism and debate. It’s a very good read:

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      1. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Thanks for the link Morag, I saw it in my newsfeed the other day, but had not yet gotten around to reading it.

        Yes I agree with Bindel. Whatsmore, a segment of anti-porn libfems don’t seem to see what they have been supporting (pro-trans, and calling radfems ‘twanzphobes’ etc)—the beginning of the end is happening now, most of the censorship of feminists of late has been on the grounds of so-called ‘whorephobia’. So AP libfems, supporting twanz shouting down radfems all these years, will now find themselves ‘on the wrong side’ (in their view) and be blacklisted, censored, for any criticism of prostitution or pornography.

        Smurthwaite is NOT twanz-critical (to my knowledge), but that still has not saved her. Which is the entire point of this post/series—it does not matter how much you capitulate to twanz, they will always want more, and greater penance for your ‘sins’ (being female!). We also saw it with Penny Red, who also “slipped up” (wrt to T) some time ago. So women, who think of yourselves as ‘twanz allies’—are you ready for the lifelong commitment of walking on eggshells, apologies for even existing, the grovelling? Because that is what you signed up for. An abuser-sub dynamic.

        Or you could get a clue, and fight for women’s (female) liberation from male domination and control. Tough choice, go to the corner and think about it.

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      2. morag99

        “So AP libfems, supporting twanz shouting down radfems all these years, will now find themselves ‘on the wrong side’ (in their view) and be blacklisted, censored, for any criticism of prostitution or pornography.”

        Yes, and just as “TERF” has become an all-purpose insult for women (not just for radical feminists, i.e, women’s liberationists), so will the equally-stupid “SWERF” become an all-purpose insult. These insults were created as a warning, as a deterrent, to keep certain women (liberal “allies”) locked into the relationship — a relationship that is marked, as you noted, by an abusive dynamic.

        The thing is, ALL women are — and are always — “on the wrong side” of the trans. Right? The other women just don’t know it yet. Or, the girl or the woman was “on the wrong side” of the man before he even “transitioned.”

        I think we are seeing a definite pattern emerge, now, of sexual assault, rape, pedophilia and domestic violence in the histories of (mostly) white, heterosexual “transwomen.” Not all of them will have criminal records, naturally. But — and this is SO transphobic for me to say! — I believe that most of them have very dark pasts. Really, I do. I think they are motivated to transition not only by their fetishes, but as a way to bury their crimes against women/children, and continue practicing paraphilia and abuse under the cover of womanhood.

        I’ll bet Bruce Jenner is no different. Perhaps more will come out. And, if it comes from the Kardashian women, they will be discredited for being Kardashians. And, of course, for being women.

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      3. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Absolutely Morag, SWERF will become the ‘insult du jour’ for anti-porn libfems. It is very much an abuser-sub dynamic, the ‘sub’ (libfems) must continually prove their ‘loyalty’ to the dom (trans, males) over and over, with the figurative bar lifted higher each time. It’s the typical dynamic for domestic abuse situations. The bottom line, it never matters how much (a female) tries to please an abuser, it will never be enough.

        And the slurs are a method of emposing the virgin/whore dichotomy, it is “if you want to prove your loyalty, don’t be like those bad women over there” – the implied threat is if you don’t appease, you too will be cast into the ‘bad woman’ pile. And we females all know how men treat the females cast into the ‘bad woman’ pile. Never be fooled women, no woman can ever live up to the ‘virgin’ (good girl) model, we are, or will be at any point, ‘the whore’ (the bad girl).

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  5. Black Metal Valkyrie

    Both trannies I have been friends with in my life I have known before they twanzitioned and both were misogynist, PORNSICK nerdy DUDES!

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  6. morag99

    “You can understand some of Soloway’s confusion, in a comparethemeercats kind of way, behold … ”

    Ha! What a great visual, DaveSquirrel. Just picture a bunch of identical meerkats huddled under a trans umbrella. Which little guy is the fetishistic cross-dresser? Which one is in drag for a show, for Halloween, or for the purposes of committing a crime? Which one is the male actor pretending to be a man who is pretending to be a woman, and which one (most important) is the for-real transwoman who isn’t pretending to pretend?

    It’s so hard! How will we ever, ever, be able to get it right unless we come to understand how each, individual, very special (but otherwise identical) creature FEELS deep down inside his tender little raging heart? Soloway should know this by now. But, since it’s a lose-lose game, it’s probably easier for her to just offer herself up for perpetual punishment and shame.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Thank goodness someone picked up on my pop-culture reference! 😀

      Reading up on Soloway, she is supposedly ‘a feminist’. Must be a liberal kind (of pretend feminist), given for her own show, goes out of her way to hire loads of male-born cast and crew. Methinks she skipped the basics on feminism, yanno, that pesky part about fighting the descrimination that females face from birth, including in the TV/film industry.

      Soloway, as a self-proclaimed feminist, should maybe ask herself, how hiring a load of males pretending to be females, has helped to address the discrimination that ACTUAL females face in her industry. Because the numbers are pathetic.

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  7. DaveSquirrel Post author

    A few hours ago, Jenner’s vehicle was involved (actually caused) a four car collision, in which one woman died, and eight others injured. Jenner, in an SUV towing a recreational vehicle on a trailor, rear-ended the white Lexus (the deceased woman’s vehicle) as she was stopping for the lights. The impact pushed her vehicle into the one in front, and her car was then spun into oncoming traffic, and hit by a humvee.

    Two reports here (thanks LM):

    The early report said Jenner was ‘not speeding’ (if not, then why could he not stop in time??? he certainly was not driving safely for conditions, and with a trailor). Nor any indication that Jenner was under the influence. Jenner’s ‘explanation’ for the accident, that he was ‘being chased by paparazzi’.

    That was all The Advoscam needed, and prefaced a link to their (brief, not worth bothering to read or give them hits) story, with “Echoes of Diana”. Yes, I shit you not. We are currently taking bets to see if T have finally jumped that laydeeshark. There is certainly a fair bit of outrage, and little sympathy on that FB thread (most probably, it will get deleted, read it while you can)

    (and I got a screenshot of this charming intro, in case of Advoscam deleting it)

    ETA: The article link (as WP has automatically put up a picture link) is TheAdvocate/posts/10152895937898855 – just put that on the end of

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Update for the crash.

      I was reminded by my friend Lucky, that Jenner did a stint racing cars:

      Officials are refuting the paparazzi story of Jenner’s:

      “As of right now, there is no indication that Bruce Jenner was being chased by paparazzi at the time of the crash,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lt. John Lecrivain said.

      And a vehicular manslaughter investigation has opened:

      Photos posted online Saturday by celebrity gossip website TMZ showed Jenner holding something in his hands, reportedly immediately before the crash. The story headline asked if he had been texting during the incident.

      I was reminded by Lucky “money talks, bullshit walks”, so we are not holding our breaths that anything will happen to Jenner. In the pictures of Jenner walking around after the accident, he certainly didn’t look concerned, certainly unphased by being involved in a fatal collision….

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      1. DaveSquirrel Post author

        The texting has been discounted:

        It was unclear what, if anything, Bruce was holding in his left hand seconds before the crash. But the new photo shows Bruce clutching a cigarette, not a cell phone. The photo (above) is the first in a sequence shot by the agency, just before the Lexus comes into frame.
        Based on the evidence gathered so far, it seems Bruce will not face any sort of criminal prosecution. As we reported, he slammed on his brakes before impact and veered right to avoid the Lexus. And deputies believe a Prius in front of the Lexus may have made a sudden stop, triggering the collision.


      2. Hecuba

        Male Supremacist authorities swiftly set up a ‘vehicular incident’ after male Jenner caused a fatal collision and one woman died as a result. Still never mind – Jenner’s first reaction to collision was to check damage to his car! Yep – male money and male power always ensures male perps are rarely prosecuted.

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    2. DaveSquirrel Post author

      If you want to make yourself a little ill, I stumbled across ‘the official’ Bruce Jenner website today.

      Bruce Jenner
      ~The World’s Greatest Athelete~

      The Official Website of the World’s Greatest Athlete
      Website coming soon. For inquiries concerning appearances, speaking, spokesperson and/or public awareness campaigns please email

      Seriously? Now that’s an ego way bigger than Texas.

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  8. magicpoppy

    “Trans cultural producers,” LOL. What have a single one of these clowns produced beyond “But what about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??”

    Of course the pomoqueer Bible, Whipping Girl is there front and center. What I wouldn’t give for a copy of the Deconstructing Serano archive. What a great blog that was. Their merciless shredding of Serano’s bullshit was a thing of beauty. Is there any hope of those old posts ever coming back?

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  9. Kesh Meshi

    What’s funny to me about how much praise Transparent has been getting is that it seems to be right on the money in terms of how narcissistic and lazy heterosexual MTTs are.

    For example, Tambor apparently declares himself the “matriarch” of the family, never mind that the actual mother of the kids is still alive, and inserts himself into her private life with her husband. He also sits on his ass while his (female) kids do all the work for him.

    It really figures to me that straight MTTs assume that the life of a woman must be easy, that women have a free pass to be lazy (and thus conveniently MTTs never lift a finger around the house, same as it ever was), because, while men demand women do all the work, they never give us any credit or praise for it; everything we do is invisible. If people actually treated MTTs like women, we’d all be telling them to get off their lazy asses and make us sandwiches.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Oh definitely!
      M2Ts are in no way treated like actual females. Everybody knows they are male, so they get treated *as males*, esp by females. It’s a form of gaslighting women, wake up!!

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  10. sharonredwood

    Question: How many female decathalon athletes can people name, especially from the 1970s?

    I don’t think women’s Olympic decathalon even existed in 1976.

    Jenner is like 60 year old boxing promoter Frank Maloney. He used his white male privilege to his advantage before becoming a “woman”. Do they honestly think they would have gotten as far and made as much money if they were actually women? I’m tired of late “transitioning” men using their white male privilege to gain success and money, and then claiming that they are “women”.

    If Jenner really is a “woman”, he should give back his Olympic medal because women’s decathalon didn’t exist then. If he didn’t win the gold medal as a MAN, he wouldn’t have had all the success he enjoyed. So, Bruce, if you really are a “woman”, give back your gold medal.

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    1. roslynholcomb

      There’s no women’s decathlon. Women compete in the heptathlon which is seven events. And that sport was dominated by Jackie Joyner Kersee, the world’s greatest female athlete. And if Jenner knows what’s good for him he won’t try to encroach on that title. JJK is married to Bob Kersee who is one crazy mofo.



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