Pomo Handmaiden tries her bestest at shaming gay dudes


Gandalf says: “Thou shalt not pass … into Captain Jack’s cotton jocks … give it up girl”

Twanz-unsanity is usually an M2T pastime, but hey, quaff a bit of T or strutt around long enough, and the twanz koolaid works its magic on the F2Ts as well!

This bit of twanz-unsanity comes from an F2T, but it is 100% the M2T propaganda, with a bit of ‘reverse for sex’ thrown in. Somehow, I don’t think the actual gay dudes will be trembling in their designer briefs at the pathetic threat of ‘jock ceiling’ nor the gay-shaming. Sure F2Ts, you can try, but you will be met with laughter, aggro dismissal, or a combo of both. Hot tip: It’s all to do with the SEX you were born.

First par:

Identity is always a tough gig. I’m a polysexual genderqueer transgender boi – which is a bit of a mouthful, and tricky to explain, especially to the alarmingly large number of folks who are adamant they’ve never met an out trans person before me. So most of the time, I give them the short, imprecise but oh-well-it’ll-do version: I am a gay trans man.

So, a hetero-/bi-sexual female then. Unless the “poly-” part indicates she will sleep with lamp-posts or something? Whatever. Moving on:

So I could really use a role model.

That’s not to say there aren’t trans people I respect and admire: Janet Mock, Laverne Cox, Laura Jane Grace – their lives, voices, advocacy are beautiful, important, necessary.

The gushing over the male-born M2Ts is a bit pathetic really. Given, seeings she searches for twanz “role models”, and opts for 1) Mock, who calls females “fish”; and thinks child prostitution is “empowering”. 2) Laverne Cox, supporter of convicted child rapist/murderers; and ‘teaches’ females about ‘womanhood’. And 3) Laura Jane Grace, hideously unmusical misogynist songster dude.

These examples are ‘beautiful, important, necessary’? Perhaps for MRAs.

How about Chaz Bono? An F2T, rather than M2T, but one who is similarly inline with the author’s “lack of interest in testosterone, muscles, or so-called traditional masculinity makes sure of that. I actually like the whole baby-faced twink aesthetic I’ve got going on”? But nooooo, the author, Jude Orlando Enjolras, is such a self-hating female, that she cannot even identify with other F2Ts (females).

The author then goes on and on about how she “used to be” a big John Barrowman fan, but uh-oh, saw some clip from from a film set in which Barrowman uttered “Teh T Word™” (tranny). Barrowman is a well-known gay actor, who played Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and the spin-off Torchwood. The Gandalf whom I mentioned in the picture caption is another very out gay actor, Sir Ian McKellen, famous for his role in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film series. And you all thought I was way too old to know this shit! LOL, I started watching Dr Who in the 60s, in B&W. TMI?

Moar history lessons! The word tranny was used by transsexuals and drag queens, and the gay scene back in the 60s/70s, among themselves. The word was created internally, within the group (“scene”). Fast forward a few decades, with the transgender infiltration (takeover?) of the gay/lesbian movement, and the transgenders suddenly deemed it a slur. So much so, they are now chastising others from ‘the alphabet’ (LGBTWTFBBQ) for using it. The tranny word differs dramatically from the N-word (which I will not type/speak), because that word originated externally from the oppressor group, and it’s prime purpose was as a slur.

In part, because of the ‘alphabet’ takeover by the transgenders (majority M2T), and this stupity of TJMSU, making out that inter-affectionate terms are now slurs, the rest of the alphabet are waking-up to what the ‘L’ (Lesbians) have known for some time—this has been a primarily heterosexual male takeover of the movement. We have had to put up with the M2Ts’ crap like “cotton ceiling”, “penis is female” and the “lesbians are soooo twanzphobic if they won’t take ladystick”. Within the last year or so, the M2Ts, and sometimes the F2Ts, have tried similar shit on the gays, and the transsexuals. Here is the handy tip for the day—the TGs only got away with the first targets (Lesbians and Feminists) because we are female. It’s more than a little ‘cocky’ to expect those same tactics to work on the male-born.

Anyway, back to our pomo F2T, slurping up the gallons of twanny koolaid. The rest of it, well, it will bore the socks off you. A quick skim reveals the twanz party line, and some bullshit about “CAMAB”, which we like to translate as “coercively stapled jendah at birth“.


Stapling Jendah to baybees since forever

Of course, twanz ripped off the MAB/FAB from radical feminists, and added the ‘coercively assigned’ bullshit on the front. But it takes a special kind of stoopid to come up with ‘stapling jendah’—yep, they came up with that all on their own. Someone been slippin’ LSD into the TRANNY koolaid?

In conclusion, articles such as this one prove once again that the T (specifically TGs) have no place in the alphabet. Lesbian & Gays only need apply.

^ well ok, that last part was to ensure that “Jude” never becomes a fan! I think I have exceeded my goal. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Pomo Handmaiden tries her bestest at shaming gay dudes

  1. Miep

    Hai I’m a woman and I like dudes but I fail the performing femininity test so maybe I can convince gay dudes I’m a dude…STAAAAHP. Nope you’re stuck being in this horrible culture that hates women. Take it from there. Good luck with that, really. Even if you passed the performing femininity test they’d still hate you, there is some small comfort to be had there.

    Find people who hate the test. Beats eventually killing yourself.

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  2. Hecuba

    F2T you can write and write and demand and demand that homosexual males must accept biological females who magically morph into masculinity/maleness, but the fact is biological males irrespective of their sexual orientation view biological females as inferior/dehumanised beings who only exist to serve males 24/7!

    The homosexual boys’ won’t be ‘getting their knickers in a twist’ over your demands because they’ve already made huge gains from their heterosexual bros. and that all males are superior/human and females are non-human/disposable entities.

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  3. roslynholcomb

    Okay, so I’m not losing my mind. I wasn’t all that involved with trans folk back in the 80s, but I had a lot of gay friends and there were GNC folk on the periphery. (This was in Birmingham AL, so the gay community wasn’t large, but it had a strong presence.) And I remember them calling themselves “trannies.”

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Of course they did! They invented the word, internally, as an affectionate term.
      Fast forward 20-30 years, and the infiltrators (transgenders) reverse it, and call it a slur, as well as mainly chastising the group that created it as the main perps!

      Most surely, the groups infiltrated – gays, transsexuals/drag queens, women/feminists – are starting to wake up that the groups of people being ‘policed’ and ‘chastised’ are the groups that transgenders first infiltrated, then took over. Never do they (TG) call out male (usually het male) violence.

      I may well have a new post coming, whereby male TGs are now positioning females/feminists as “the most violent, the most oppressive” against “trans people”, yet these dickweeds are still trying to infiltrate female-only spaces. Talk about a logic disconnect!


      1. australopithecene

        The funny thing is, the place where this article was posted had all these comments from people saying, “Aw, leave him alone. Let him be a platypus if he wants to.” When did this extreme paradigm shift occur? I swear, if five years ago if you’d claimed to be a platypus, everybody would have been very confused.


    1. parallelexistence

      I swear, if five years ago if you’d claimed to be a platypus, everybody would have been very confused.

      To an extent there’s always been some tolerance of “harmless cranks”, and platypus guy probably falls into that category. The problem nowadays is the internet has allowed non-harmless, fetishistic, misogynist, violent males to drive a culture where every male delusion must be worshipped regardless of actual real impact on other people’s (ie mostly women’s) lives. And part of why they get away with it is playing on the very naive idea that “diversity” and “tolerance” and “free speech” are the absolutes to aspire to, rather than looking at the more fundamental rights regarding autonomy and social power structures.

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  4. roslynholcomb

    I think a lot of people also don’t realize what trans actually is. Until recently I put them in the “harmless crank” category as well. If some weird guy wanted to mince around in heels and makeup, so what? Unfortunately for them, when they sent the flying monkeys at me on Twitter they made a strategic mistake. They’re always beseeching folk to “educate themselves.” That’s really a bad idea because once you do, and realize that these are guys with a sexual fetish the game’s over. Platypus dude is probably offensive to no one but platypuses, trans is trying to get the whole world to participate in their sexual fetish.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      “They’re always beseeching folk to “educate themselves.” That’s really a bad idea because once you do, and realize that these are guys with a sexual fetish the game’s over.”

      So very true! It is precisely because we did “go educated ourselves”, that we say what we say, and expose them. The one cat they don’t like to let out of the bag, is how many of the TGs keep their beloved peens. Most female supporters are conned into thinking it is the other way around.

      Offensive to platypuses—yes! LOL. But luckily the actual platypuses don’t buy into some dude doing his interpretation of platypus.

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