Being a Good Twanz Ally™—just how far should you bend over?


This much?

Well, that is fine for Everyday Jendah Worshipping, but certainly not enough to become a Good Twanz Ally™.


Maybe this much?

Better, sure. But not showing true dedication to what laydees in dresses are telling you to do.

THIS! Is the dedication level required:


Ah, so THIS is the position:


Minimum twanzjendah worship position

That’s right! No matter how far you worship your new Gawds in Frocks, they will continue to demand more… until you disappear up your own asshole.

Females are trained from birth not to take up space, to defer to males, to put everyone else’s needs (or wants!) before their own. This is more of the same. Not even taking up the space of your names; female; woman; girl—no, hand them over, because some 200lb 6foot6 dude in a frock told you to! You don’t even deserve a name any more.

Pretty much the opposite of Feminism aka Women’s Liberation (from males).

To be fair, this is probably one of the Tumblr Twelveties, but sadly, an indication of level of subservience and subjugation of the next generation of female-kind. Perhaps though, when they do finally wake up to the con, they may become ManzHaters™ like the world has yet to see. I live in hope.

Tumblr screenshot from here.

Tumblr also has some antidote to this madness; see this:

15 thoughts on “Being a Good Twanz Ally™—just how far should you bend over?

  1. luckynkl

    Prior to the 1800’s, censuses only used checkmarks for women. No names, no identities, nothing. Just a checkmark. Men long for these good old days when women were nothing but checkmarks.

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    1. Amananta

      Yup. Trying to do genealogy research is heartbreaking. Who are you male ancestors? Oh why that’s Manfather, son of Manfatherson, son of Manfather, son of manfather. Oh and he had some wife person who came from somewhere, that insignificant cow. She gave him two sons! Her names was Mrs. Manfatherson.
      If you find her parents this starts all over again.

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  2. parallelexistence

    It’s a race to the bottom for sure.

    Which would be funny if it wasn’t so sad, the way that women and girls try so hard to be one of the “good ones” (as defined by violent abusive men, of course).

    But it is almost impossible to maintain “good woman” status forever, as at some point there’ll be a slip up. There’s one on twitter at the moment. She failed – for one teeny tiny moment, in one teeny tiny way – to be 100% on board with the kill-all-terfs, lie about radfems, pretend biology doesn’t exist, force dick onto lesbians, and sabotage women’s work and spaces party line and suddenly the poor thing is cast adrift, her special trans-ally cookies taken away. They used to be her “friends” and now they’re calling her a transphobe !

    Yeah, well guess what people. Feminism isn’t about being freinds with violent abusive men. It’s not about being the right sort of ally to the latest queer bullshit identity tossers. It’s female liberation from male supremacy, and pandering to men – however they name themselves and us – is just not going to cut it.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Laurie Penny (aka Penny Red) did the same thing a few years ago, some minor assertion of feminism, and got piled upon like a ton of bricks. Her solution… bend over even further!

      This shit should really be a wake-up call to them. Sometimes it is. But most times they just acquiesce into nothingness land.

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      1. parallelexistence

        This shit should really be a wake-up call to them.

        It should, but the need to be one of the cool-kids or be seen as a good ally seems to override basic sense most of the time. Even the libfems who sort of get it spend more time trying to make friends and “build bridges” with men and women who support men rather than with radfems or lesbians or seperatists.

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  3. Hecuba

    What to say about this endless male worship by so-called ‘Feminists?’ Such endless male misogynistic lies proves yet again male propaganda continues to be accepted as ‘definitive human (oops male defined) truths’ and women don’t exist in their own right. Womens’ only reason for existing is to be 24/7 slaves to men.

    It appears critical analysis and thinking has been ‘erased’ because now the most effective weapon men have is the claim ‘this is hot or this is the latest fashion statement’ and women en masse don’t want to be the ‘odd one out’ who dares to challenge male lies since adhering to what is currently ‘fashionable/hot’ is supposedly empowering. To whom I ask myself – answer is obvious – it is men, men and men.

    Men want the ultimate which is women en masse engaging in 24/7 worship of men because they are gods and women never speaking or writing because female silence presents no threat to men and their Male Supremacist Political System. And this is happening right now.

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  4. FabFro

    I’m not sure where else to put this, but guize…Buzzfeed is being twanzphobic! They’re not being a good twanz ally and here’s the proof:

    Just read those tear sobbing comments screaming twanzphobic! And be sure to look at those 234 up votes for nonsense…


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