Stwategy! Appropriation!


Yes, such a great meme, I could not resist using it again! You might say that I appropriated it from an earlier post!

A comment earlier today from my friend “C”, has inspired me to do this post.

We need to start pretending to be trans women, infiltrate women’s spaces and organisations. Then we cause a sh*t bomb demanding that we are more important than born-women. Obtain funding reserved for women, and then cause lots of drama to contribute to real-women’s misery.. Oh wait! That’s male privilege, isn’t it?! DUUUURRRRR

Well yes, almost right! Let me amend it a little:

We need to start pretending to be twanzwomen, infiltrate twanzwomen’s spaces and organisations. Then we cause a sh*t bomb demanding that we are more important than twanzwomen. Obtain funding reserved for twanzwomen

Yes that is right, we should all now start pretending to be twanzwomen! I call it my Appropriator-becomes-Appropriatee Stwategy. After all, it is no biggie (apparently) that twanzwomen swan in and appropriate womanhood… let’s turn the tables, and appropriate twanzwomanhood!

We are told by twanzjacktivists that going through girlhood is not important to womanhood—therefore, being born male and ‘twanzitioning’ is obviously not important to twanzwomanhood! Yeah, gotcha!

We can be protected by speshul snowflake Jendah Recognition Act, and become super-protected! No moar sharing the Equality Act with the riff raff, oh noes, we iz now speshul !

Don’t worry about the surgery thing, most of them don’t bother these days. Look at this dude twanzwoman, who had to “get out of bed at 5am and put on clothes!!!


Ain’t he gorgeous? Personally I prefer this shot of him, nice wanker hand action, so natural.


So no, don’t even bother looking like a Real Twanzwoman™, just roll up as you are! You ARE what you identify as—dems da rulez according to TwanzWorld.

As twanz have laid the groundwork that they are “the mostest oppressedest type of woman”, we can surely capitalise on that—suddenly we are propelled into the Mostest Oppressedest type of woman category—neato! Of course, future plans are to build on that established ‘fact’, and declare ourselves as the Mostest Oppressedest type of twanzwoman. We can piss and moan about how we had to miss out on loads of expensive surgeries, not dilating our natural vaginas, and anything else we care to make up at the time.

This will also mean moar jobs! Particularly if you happen to be in the IT field. For far too long, the equality monitoring stats have shown a sudden rise in the number of ‘women’ in fields like IT, of course these were just the same dudes that held the jobs before, but now with laydeechange. So in we can come, as the Even Moar Oppressedest Twanzwomanz, and rank even higher in ‘equality monitoring’!

We can capitalise in obtaining funding for twanz, after all, we now identify as twanz, and spend it on whatever we want. Doesn’t matter that twanz lose out, it never worried them that the women’s sector has had to lose funding.

But the next part is the best part! Slowly but surely, we infiltrate Twanzflemminism, and hijack the twanz agenda! We make twanzflemminism all about womanybits like uteruses and childbirth. If they complain about that, then we just play our Mostest Oppressedest card. Not a problem.

No more of this, Uncle Sarah and co can stfu:


The twanz-twanzphobic bigot ! None of that with our new agenda!

The pesky problem of FAB-only meetings are resolved, with twanz being able to meet up separately without hassle. Of course, as we will rank way better in the Oppression Olympics, we can now have meetings without those pesky MAB-type twanzwomen! We might even no-platform them for their twanz-twanzwoman bigotry. It’s christmas women!

This all seems a little familiar though, a woman playing a man playing a woman? circa 1982.


Not twanzphobic like a man playing a man playing a woman, oh noes. This is serious shit, if we say we feelz like a twanzwoman, then dammit, you MUST respect our identitah!

20 thoughts on “Stwategy! Appropriation!

  1. Hecuba

    Bingo!! Dave you’ve solved that pesky problem of men ‘infiltrating Feminism and perpetuating their anti-women lies by claiming they are women!’ All that is required is for us female born females to publicly declare ‘I/we are really trans women’ (see I even wrote the correct spelling so the boys won’t claim that is transphobic!) and hey presto we take over the world!!

    Move out of the way you boys who pretend you’re really female because we female born females are the experts – we’ll use your women-hating laws to take back women’s fundamental rights and if you dare to challenge us – we’ll call you out and say you’re all transphobic bigots!!

    The ‘mostest oppressed’ card is gold dust because this will ensure FAB only meetings are resolved since only FAB women who identify as twanz women will be allowed to participate. If you boys who pretend to be females argue then we’ll call you twanz bigots because you must respect us FAB trans women (sic) because we say this is our identity!

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  2. luckynkl

    There’s only one little problem. No female is allowed any voice, say-so, or autonomy under the trans movement – including M2ts. Trans gag the M2ts as well. IOWs, it’s a one-way street. Only male trans are allowed voice, say-so, and autonomy. Which is the dead giveaway that trans recognize sex just fine and discriminate on the basis of sex, not gender – just like any other woman-hating, male supremacist.


    1. FabFro

      Last night, just before I went to bed, the word “manazi” popped into my head. I decided to make a meme off it. I think this meme is very fitting to what you’re saying.

      And if he acts up and calls you a feminazi, I got a meme to use on his ignorant, misogynistic butt:

      Sisters, please do use without a care.

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      1. FabFro

        Dave, I hate to be a bother, but the pictures aren’t showing up that I posted. Could you fix that, please. Much appreciated if you could.
        It seems every time [well, the few times] I try and add pictures I get a photo-phail. >_<


      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        FabFro, I know WP is very iffy with pictures in the comments – however, there is no URL in your comment. Just paste it in a comment as-is, and I will see what I can do.


      3. FabFro

        Now that is just straight up interesting! Huh…
        I just knew you had to approve the links and that’s why they weren’t showing up. Well, thanks for letting me know.
        Wordpress is acting up in another way as well. Keeps making me unlike this wonderful post you made.
        Maybe there’s an angry tranny working at WP and maybe he’s not having a good day [He missed Victoria Secret’s semiannual sale )=] and decided to delete my pictures and make me unlike your post, let’s chalk it up to that and leave it alone.

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    2. DaveSquirrel Post author

      awww Lucky, you usually get my hairbrained schemes! I am La Squirrel after all.
      I gather you meant F2Ts above. Nope, we are NOT being F2Ts at all—we are flat out impersonating the M2Ts (or at least claiming we are). The end result, if the M2Ts want to retain their ‘speshul type of woman’ status (based on being male born), is that they will have to start calling themselves ‘male transwomen’, in order to get that male-born speshul treatment. It’s a classic double bluff.

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  3. FabFro

    I saw this over at Stop Trans Chauvinism and I can’t help myself!!
    So as a newly founded circumgendered-transwoman, I’ve been having a hard time adjusting my life to being a woman…again…
    So, before I wake up and do my laydee stuff, I listen to this to help assure myself that I’m a woman, because indeed, this is now apart of womanhood; coaching yourself that you’ve always been a woman…Surely our man-made society doesn’t tell this to you everyday, nope, you need a video to do so!

    P.S I can’t believe there’s so many hypnosis videos for transwomen on feeling like a “woman”!! The actual heck…


  4. transfouryearold

    My internal gender indentity as a transwoman is sacrosanct. I hope no bigoted CIS transgenders try and misgender me. They should check their cis privilege, apologise for their bigotry and otherwise STFU.



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