Glass Ceiling? Not a problem for ‘Working Mother of the Year 2014’!


Can you pick which one is “Working Mother of the Year”? Clue: None of the short ones.

Glass Ceiling, what Glass Ceiling?

The blurb for Grand Marshal of Pride 2009:

As if manning the helm of “global strategic marketing” for a $7 billion tech company isn’t stressful enough, transitioning after having been in the field for 25 years and bringing your company’s culture of LGBT support along with you is another impressive matter entirely. But that is exactly what Meghan Stabler did. Not only is she still currently an executive at the same company, BMC Software, she also serves on the board for many LGBT health and workplace advocacy issues, as well as lobbies on behalf LGBT issues.

OK, stop laughing at “manning the helm” long enough to read the rest of it! Yep, dude rises high through the ranks of large IT company, and keeps same job after ‘transitioning’ (so much for the ‘but twanz lose their jobs upon twanzitioning!!’) Not only that, dude gets prominent voice in LGBT movement—not bad for a heterosexual white guy!

Fairly rich, prominent, heterosexual white guy (in IT) most graciously accepts the 2014 “Working Mother of the Year” award. He skirts over (pardon the pun) the fact that he has a wife taking the primary care:

Meghan Stabler describes herself as “just like any other mom, be she single, partnered or married.” She says, “I’m planning meals, balancing budgets, figuring out how to encourage my child to enjoy reading, and juggling my schedule to accommodate taking my daughter to the doctor when she’s sick.”

Just like any other mom? Yeah, right.

Back in 2011, GenderTrender reported his marriage to unnamed woman (who btw, remains totally unnamed in the articles I found!)

A man in Texas, once divorced, the father of a 17 year old girl, takes a new wife. Rumor has it he has impregnated her and they are starting a new family. Several news stories have been published about the marriage, but none of them identify the wife by name. But they do mention the husband, a successful IT software executive that markets technology to the defense industry. His name is Meghan Stabler, and he is the only transgender board member of the allegedly largest LGBT organization in the U.S. : The Human Rights Campaign.

Yep, still a board member. And still the actual wife remains voiceless and unnamed, with all the focus going on the “great man woman *cough*”. We can now confirm that the unnamed woman was indeed impregnated at some point, giving birth to a baby girl about two or so years ago. Who did the impregnating? Well none other than our hulking great “WMotY”, presumably with his laydeepeen™. You can see his two daughters pictured above, along with unnamed mother of youngest child (step-mother to older daughter). If you are wondering why picture is so blurry, probably because put it in this size:


Yeah, they’d have to make it smaller than that to play ‘hide the tranny’. Yet another ‘delicate’ six-footer IT dude turned laydee. The second Mrs Stabler is potentially the younger replacement wife, after dude obtains some wealth and tires of the original.

The Glass Ceiling is never a problem for those born male. No longer can females complain about the Glass Ceiling particularly in STEM, just look at all the high-powered ‘women’ who have ‘broken through’ (or rather, just kept their old man-jobs after slapping on a dress and some lippy (and keeping their laydeepeens™). Meanwhile, actual females get shut out and hounded out of IT and other tech fields.

But hey, Stabler is a woman now! So is well acquainted with discrimination against women

Writing Wednesday in HuffPo, Stabler both eloquently normalizes her experience as a working parent while pointing out the gender inequity problems in the workforce. “I started my career as a male, and as long as I presented as such, I found that my views and opinions were widely respected,” she says. “But since transitioning to my true, authentic self, I’ve come to recognize the gender-stereotypical male dominance in meetings and work in general, something I never thought about until I was on the receiving end of it. In the modern workplace it’s the male alpha dog vs. the bossy female.”

(My bold). Second wave feminism happened over 40 years ago. There is no excuse for any male under 50 not to know about workplace discrimination against females. Stabler just proves his self-centred maleness by ‘never thinking about it’, because it never affected him (and quite likely, was a perpetrator of it). And way-to-go with the sexist stereotypes as well; “bossy woman” — are you fucking shitting me? Does this dude know nothing other than the white heterosexual male perspective?

Nor does it stop him with the raging self-promotion (as if all the other articles were not enough). He wrote for HuffPo some longwinded bullshit, with a title in the third person. It includes this gem:

The transition to working mother has been a difficult one too, but seeking a mentor helped me and other colleagues make the shift from woman to married woman to working mother. Whether finding another working mother or other females in your company or industry whom you can connect with, seeing what others have achieved can be a key motivating force to help you get through tough times; it certainly has been for me. It’s also been rewarding to serve as a mentor to others; for me, learning has worked both ways.

Oh great. Dude declares himself ‘woman’, and starts mentoring actual women on being a working mother? And again, he neglects to mention the female he has at home being the actual mother—nope, this dude is the expert, and makes out like he is a single mother. Hey, remember this woman from the family picture?


So to recap. Stabler is going for a trifecta: womanface; motherface; lesbianface.

But still acts like an overly privileged heterosexual white dude. *shocker*

36 thoughts on “Glass Ceiling? Not a problem for ‘Working Mother of the Year 2014’!

  1. Miep

    But of course. He is both mother and father of his children, these breeder XX creatures are just incubators. You don’t really expect incubators to have names, do you?

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  2. Hecuba

    I don’t think I can take the shock of discovering a biological male can magically create children all by himself!! But then of course this is precisely what men have been attempting to do for centuries – make their misogynistic claim they alone are the reproducers of mankind (cos only males are human of course) and now men can magically create children all by themselves merely by proclaiming ‘look at me I am really a female despite my biological sex being and remaining male!!’ Note this male impregnated a woman whilst he pretended to be a female – well that is indeed magic being simultaneously a biological male and claiming to also be a biological female!!

    Hey fake female no surprise you were named ‘fake working mother of the year’ – oops I mean working mother of year – cos you are a male and your male rights means you never had to overcome the male instigated glass ceiling. After all the male glass ceiling was created by men to maintain male oppression over women not men which is why this fake female never had to overcome the glass ceiling in the first place. Mens’ irrational and illogical lies – oops claims knows no limits. I eagerly await men claiming moon is made of pink cheese!

    Oh and by the way this fake female is another male who hates women as evidenced by his claim ‘the male alpha dog vs. the bossy female.’ Wrong terminology you women hating male – it is arrogant male dominating female.

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    1. Miep

      But of course. Because men, they have the sacred seed, we are just dirt to plant in. Never mind that eggs = seed and what dudes have is more like pollen. Details, details!

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      1. Sugarpuss

        Pollen? No, no, no. Remember, it’s called “fertilizing the egg”. And what is fertilizer made of? SHIT.


  3. pandoracurioser

    can we call Stockholm Syndrome on the second wife? she’s very young too..
    Another dude bravely smashing the glass ceiling in his head.
    BTW I always hated the term “working mother”: mother is already a job!

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    1. FabFro

      Oh, yea. Good point!
      We don’t call men “working dads/fathers”, do we? They’re just fathers/dads and automatically assumed to be working. But mothers, well, since they seem to do nothing but lounge around the house all day watching soaps, the only time they could possibly earn the title of working is if they get a REAL job…like him.
      Nope, nothing misogynistic about that.

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  4. Joe Halstead

    I can’t decide whether to feel badly for the actual woman in that family, or not…she sort of put herself in that spot. But just the same, the tranny is a douche bag.

    I simply cannot understand why this type of man has to play pretend. He was doing just fine, functioning as nature designed him. Sheesh.


  5. BadDyke

    All the way back to Ancient greece, when, after Orestes had killed his mother (for killing his father), we have:
    “During the trial, Apollo convinces Athena that, in a marriage, the man is more important than the woman, by pointing out that Athena was born only of Zeus and without a mother.”

    The FATHER in this is the only TRUE parent, even when he then decides he wants to be the MOTHER as well. Whereas the poor soul who actually did the nine months and all the messy biological stuff is just made invisible and UNNAMED (and unmentioned). Because that is what these dudes are aiming at, from ancient greece to NOW, being Zeus, father of the gods, in charge of all, and able to ‘create life’ all by himself. And, as the ancient greeks had it, the WOMAN was just a vessel for his seed, not a true parent, and still is! (with latest twist where you can even buy yourselves a handy rented womb from some poor third-world woman to do the messy biology in another country entirely, and you just have to accept the offspring that pass quality checks, and discard the rest).

    Notice from the photos, that the REAL mother is always the one holding the baby, an unnamed and unmentioned minor character, in these pictures more au pair than mother or even wife. An accessory to the mighty male mother, who takes the dominant position behind and enclosing the group, or sitting on the arm of the chair, just as he did before his magical transformation.

    After all, with Zeus used to transforming himself into swans and bulls and showers of rain to ‘seduce’ women, this modern hormonal transformation is just par for the course.

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    1. FabFro

      All of this! Yes, thank you!
      Because I was reviewing video games starring female protagonist in them last year to see how they were treated and such, and very few even had mothers, or if they did, their mothers weren’t even important enough to be mentioned. It was only the father who was important and who played a large roll in her life.
      He was always a honorable man, a good man, a smart man. a wise or even a stubborn man, and she inherited all those wonderful traits from him! Weeeeee!
      Oh, no. Never the mother, who again, wasn’t even mentioned.

      I remember reviewing the Last of Us and thinking “Where’s Joel’s wife? Who gave birth to Sarah? How does a woman carry a child for 9 months and not have an impact on your life enough to even mention her, or have pictures of her? The daughter never even asked about her? Is she even alive? Is he another one of those dads who gave birth to his kid all by himself?”

      That’s when I started thinking about all those books I’ve read, movies and even TV shows that have that same theme of mothers being useless. Like, once she gives birth, she can die off because she served her sole purpose and now the important parent, the father, can take over and raise the daughter/children. Because feminine energy isn’t needed.

      So, when you say that this still goes on today, I can so vouch for that.

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      1. pandoracurioser

        This pattern in video games: I noticed it too. If there is a female protagonist you can bet your ass her mentor is male, her parent figure is male, the people she is avenging are male etc. etc. (Think Tomb Raider, Mirror’s Edge)
        Basically it’s ok if you are a strong woman as long as you work for men, and show your loyalty to men over and over again.


      2. FabFro

        YES! Oh my gosh. Okay, I need to calm down when posting, because I get so excited I start making really strange spelling errors.

        So first, it started off with me just reviewing only 5 games. But I realized that I needed something to measure the misogyny, if you will. So I created a chart, along with a questionnaire asking 33 questions about this female protagonist. Each question came with points of either minus or plus. The points range from the lowest being 5 and the highest being 20. [One of the questions goes into asking about the protagonist’s mother; the treatment and status of her as a character.]

        What went from reviewing 5 games jumped all the way up to 20 games starring female protagonists. Many of these games broke my chart as I only went from -100 [Shun and run] to +100 [Feminist/Female Friendly]. I went about rating these games by taking notes of everything I was looking at; from big to small, to characters from the environments. I then went over my notes rating her as a character based on the questions I was asking. Tomb Raider Reborn was clocked at -350 just on page 1 of my notes…I only made 19 notes on that first page.
        I haven’t finished rating all of the games. I stop at 19 out of 20 [I started reviewing Heavenly Sword, but I can tell you right now that that game ain’t gonna pass; it’s another chart breaker] .
        But out of that 20, so far 15 of those games busted into the minus zone and broke my chart. I’ve only got 3 games that are clocked at being “Promising Potential”, and none as “Feminist/Female Friendly” [Which is the highest score].
        On that list, yes, Mirror’s Edge was also on it, but was one of the games, while ignoring the mother, that actually scored a +35 [“Promising Potential”].

        Okay, and I just have to mention this one game: Still Life, because that was probably one of the worst games in it’s treatment of women/mothers I’ve seen [You played a female detective hunting down a serial rapist/murder…You’ll never guess which sex he was targeting!]. Anyway, it’s a point and click mystery game, and it takes place around Christmas time. Also the entire game from start to finish happens all in one day. So, the game has you to go back to your childhood house to visit your father, who asks you if you can make grandma’s famous cookies. I kid you not, you actually play a mini game to make your dad some cookies…During all the mass killings.
        Now, while exploring around the house and clicking around to get her input on things, I noticed [and I was looking for this] that there were NO pictures of her mother. There was NO mention of the mother by her or her father. Somehow the writers thought that men can have a one night stand with a woman and just magically have a child from that without the woman carrying that kid up to 9 months and then giving birth to it…I just don’t even. That type of storyline can only work for females, males can’t have such a storyline. It’s like, if you’re not going to bring up the mother, could you at least explain how the child came about; adopted? Grown in a tube? Something! Anything! But this game gives us nothing. No mother. None. So then how was she born?!?!?! Goodness, the misogyny!

        By the time I got done reviewing the games, I realized that I wanted this questionnaire to go across the board and not just be used for video games, but all sources of entertainment. Because I think it really does tie into what Dave and Bad Dyke are saying, which is:
        1. This has being going on for years.
        2. Thus, women have been complaining about it for just as long.

        So when “after slapping on a dress and some lippy”, or having a daughter, he’s now like “Oh ma gosh! Where is all this sexism/misogyny coming from?!” and it’s like “Um…you, sir…0_0″.

        So for me, it’s important to measure the misogyny and then trace it back as proof of what is wrong and most importantly, why is it wrong. This way when some dood argues that Lara Croft is a feminist, well, that noise won’t fly because we now know it’s not just her short-shorts or big boobs that’s the only problem, we’ve got a -350 on the first page worth of problems.

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      3. pandoracurioser

        FabFro if Mirror’s Edge ranked so favorably, I can’t imagine how bad must the other games be!!!
        It’s great that you are researching this so thoroughly, we definitely need a clearer picture of the issues beyond having female protagonists. Just the other day I was trying to make a similar survey of female villains in media because I see them declared as feminist gender-reversal characters all the time, but I actually think they are a very old archetype consisting of woman-blaming and twisting the truth.
        Anyway, maybe of of topic: have you seen the promo for State Of Affairs? ( ) Katherine Heigl playing the head of the CIA and working under authority of a BLACK FEMALE POTUS!! I think that is an absolute first in tv or film, but I am may be wrong.


      4. FabFro

        @pandoracurioser: “if Mirror’s Edge ranked so favorably, I can’t imagine how bad must the other games be!!!”

        Bad…so bad to the point of me questioning the meaning of life…

        “Just the other day I was trying to make a similar survey of female villains in media because I see them declared as feminist gender-reversal characters all the time, but I actually think they are a very old archetype consisting of woman-blaming and twisting the truth.”

        Yes, it seems he loves just going around screaming out that any female character that is female, frowns and hates males are automatically a feminist, which is just such a poor way to go about classifying female characters. Because another question on my test is asking if she is sexualized; butt shots, breast shots and so on. I also ask if she’s threaten with violence or sexualized after she has been threaten with violence. Shockingly, Mirror’s Edge had very few of those scenes that sexualized her as a character. And to be honest, I think the only thing that saved Mirror’s Edge was because the game didn’t have much back story or character development enough for her to really be rated. So it’s one of those things that she made it into the decent mark just because of what they didn’t add story wise, if that makes sense.

        “Anyway, maybe of of topic: have you seen the promo for State Of Affairs?”

        No, I haven’t. But thank you for the link. When watching it, a couple of shows popped into my head when I seen it. I think it was one of those Law and Order shows, and another cop show on CBS that has a black woman who was over them. So, this has me wondering if this is just a play on the “Black mammy” trope? So, while it’s cool to have a Black woman as the president, I think it’s more of how they treat her or write her out as a character. And from there, we should be able to conclude her as either a step forward or a step backward. Because for sure, Katherine Heigl’s character looks like a chart breaker being so emotionally unstable. She looks like the kind of character that would get on one’s nerves with her flip flopping all over the place simply because she’s a woman. Meaning, they’d NEVER write a male character as unstable; crying one minute because she’s feeling not cut out for the job. Happy the next cause: Boyfriend! Angry the next cause:Terrorist!.
        [all the while critics will be praising her as ‘tough’ and no doubt ‘feminist’. Ugh].

        [[Oh, I see you have a blog. Dave has been gracious enough to let us high jack this topic and stray off. So if you want to carry it on over to your blog, I’d be more than happy to continue talking about this. Also, the reason I haven’t released my chart/test out is because it’s still under some construction. Because I understand it, but I’m not sure if others will. So if you were going about rating these villain female characters, I was wonder if you’d be interested in using my chart to see what improvements it might need. I’d appreciate the feedback.]]


      5. BadDyke

        Great work on analysing the games there! I think the main problem is that we’re so immersed in all this nonsense, that sometimes you just can’t SEE it! Anything that is even a teeny little bit better than the norm then becomes some enormous feminist icon.

        Or if you CAN see it, all the time, every day, everywhere, then we all become a bit mad with rage! For self-protection, sometimes I just have to stop seeing it, or I would explode!

        This appropriation of the mother that is going on here (because as we know, M2T is ALWAYS better at being woman/female/mother than us) is just a standard male myth. From Zeus and Athena, then we have the judao-christian god as creator of everything (the ULTIMATE male mother there!), the ancient egyptian Atum myths where the god masturbated (the hand signifying the ‘female’ principle within him!)……….and so on. Yes, there ARE female elements in all these myths, from Eve to Athena, but what really matters is the link back to the sole parent, the father (even if father has decided to wear a dress for a bit!).

        Mothers don’t matter, in mythology, or in games! The same myths are being told over and over, just now the surgeons can tell them in flesh and blood too! But it’s still man making everything in his own image.

        Of course, I doubt if you’ll find anything like this out there, because transgenderism and religion just links to trying to persuade the religious that these special snowflakes deserve respect, rather than pointing out that the religions and transgenderism are all based on the same patriarchal myths.

        “Basically it’s ok if you are a strong woman as long as you work for men, and show your loyalty to men over and over again.” Yes, and why ‘transmen’ are NO threat, because what more sincere flattery could you have than wanting to become a male!

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    2. Hecuba

      Excellent analysis Bad Dyke and I hadn’t noticed that male pretending to be female demonstrating he is the one in charge of his property! Men have always claimed they alone are the ones who create children and when scientists discovered this was not the case men had to find another way of maintaining their lie that ‘man’ (sic) is the creator of humans hence myth of ‘sperm fighting other sperm to gain access to the passive egg!’ Emily Martin neatly debunked that male created lie but now we have situation wherein as you rightly say women in the developing world can be routinely exploited as surrogates so that homosexual males can have their own children (sic) and western women can also have a biological child without having to endure nine months of gestation. Purchasing women’s bodies in the developing world in order to use them as disposable carriers would not happen if men did not view this as a very profitable industry and/or benefits men.

      This is why abortion is such a contentious issue because men claim they alone are the ones who create ‘life’ whereas woman is just the carrier of what men have created!

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  6. FabFro

    “Second wave feminism happened over 40 years ago. There is no excuse for any male under 50 not to know about workplace discrimination against females. Stabler just proves his self-centred maleness by ‘never thinking about it’, because it never affected him (and quite likely, was a perpetrator of it).”

    This entire post was excellent, but this part really jumped out at me because it rings so true. It was everything I was thinking when reading your post! Gosh, reading here brings so much sanity.

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    1. BadDyke

      It’s odd in a way that they DIDN’T include a dude with baby on his knee picture in order to try and reinforce his claim to motherhood. Perhaps because he feels that his ‘official’ award does that more than well enough, in the same sort of way that trans are always pointing out how LEGALLY they are female so we should stop arguing!

      Woman being the carrier — from an old translation of the Orestiea (first performed in 458BC, and won first prize!):
      “Men say ” a mother’s child,” but she
      Is nurse, not mother, of the quickened germ.
      The male is parent ; she in alien wise
      Keeps safe the seedling life…….”
      The idea obviously goes back much further, as the myth of the birth of Athena from the head of Zeus shows.

      The SAME male attitude, persisting over thousands of years! NONE of this male posturing as mother is actually new or original. That sort of male entitlement isn’t even scratched by 40 years since second-wave feminism. Rather than the poor failures-at-masculinity trope that is sometimes used as an explanation, we here are seeing uber-male entitlement. So entitled that they want EVERYTHING.

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  7. Survivorthriver (@dzongsar)

    “Manning the helm” of the house, that is chokingly, glaringly obvious patriarchal lingo and a real faceslap to actual women. OMFGoddess, what a bloody joke. It’s bloody sad, actually, that a man is given a working woman of the year award….and also the new young wife with the man’s bigger income so typical of successful males dumping the original wife/mother. These frigging Jolly Green Giant fake-womenz are liars, liars, liars pants on fire.

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  8. freefromsexpozzies

    I am so angry and disgusted. And reading women, like the Salon writer worshipping him, makes me rage.
    As an actual woman, who lost her job in an all male field after giving birth, this is super offensive. Just like all my male collegues, this man was able to have a baby with no interruptions, no maternity leave needed. While I got a few partially paid weeks, a few more unpaid weeks, but couldn’t get back to work in this tiny amount of time. My health issues from pregnancy required more leave, but USA doesn’t have it. So I lost my job, while the men got to enjoy their baby (when they felt like it) and their career.

    And I had a stay at home man, to care for home and baby, but this can never be a true revesal. Men can’t be pregnant.

    I wonder if this man has done a single thing for working women other than impersonate them? He has he power to push for mat leVe and childcare, but i bet he gets off mentoring them instead. Ugh.

    I try not to say bad things about women, but any that made this travesty happen are collaborators. Women must quit thinking these trans are so oppressed just like them, it’s all BS.


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  10. FabFro

    Oh, and I just thought about something: We really need to come up with a word that describes a man having that Aha/epiphany moment in his life after being told by woman/women for years about it. Because I think mansplain and manpain is spot on in describing those areas of him whinnying and taking over, but we don’t have anything for when he realizes the very thing we as women have been telling him for years.

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      1. FabFro

        Oooooh, that’s good and it got me thinking about the word phenomenon and it’s philosophical meaning:
        “the object of a person’s perception; what the senses or the mind notice.”
        So if we change it to only count if a man notices it, we get:

        -Manomenon: An act of which a woman can say something, but it has no credibility until a male says or experiences it.

        A perfect example of this just happen to me like a week ago when a guy that I know called me over to read some racist and sexist tweets being made about the Gamergate people. He’s like “No, you just gotta read this! Like, it’s just unbelievable what they’re saying!”.
        So I read it and almost went “Meh…”, because the “threats” were actually mild; no demented rape or death threats being made [You know, those threats that women and feminist bloggers get everyday just for being women and how it takes a toll on them mentally?…yea, those].
        So for him to get all excited and shocked by this was really baffling to me, because I had been telling him that this type of stuff had been going on for YEARS! But, hey, he just had a manomenon, so it must be speshule in what he just discovered…*heavy eyeroll*

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    1. parallelexistence

      Manomenon: An act of which a woman can say something, but it has no credibility until a male says or experiences it.

      Manomenon, there’s a song for that.

      Next time I run into one of these tossers I’ll be singing this (and not just in my head either)

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  11. freefromsexpozzies

    Lemme get this straight-
    The highest paid “female” CEO- is a MAN
    The working mother of the year- is a MAN
    The top women’s MMA fighter- is a MAN

    And all this since I discovered these sites! I cannot imagine how long this list is for those that have been on this topic for years.

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  12. parallelexistence

    I really don’t think I can cope with this madness anymore. A middle aged het male is not a mother in anyway at all, never mind one worthy of awards just for declaring himself to be a woman while all the billions of real mothers slave away with barely a mention. It’s getting worse as well, I sometimes wonder if even these men are suprised themselves how much nonsense they get away with.

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  13. luckynkl

    This article mentions the biological mother’s name: Erin Abernathy:

    Interesting. The article states Stabler is a transsexual which means… drum roll please.. Stabler has been castrated and has no dick or testicles which can produce sperm. So hmmm… where did that baby come from? I read on and sure enough, there was a sperm donor. Which means Mr. Mother of the Year is not only not a mother, he’s not a father either – and is in no way biologically related to the child.

    Stabler does actually have a daughter tho who is 17 or 18 and apparently went to live on another continent in order to escape from Mr. Mother of the Year, LOL, LOL, LOL.

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    1. luckynkl

      That said, Salon, the Huffington Post, and these other rags should hang their heads in shame with this lame tabloid nonsense. What’s next? Claiming Earth was invaded by the pod ppl and Abernathy was really impregnated by Martians who cloned Stabler’s body?

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    2. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Well, Stabler is transgender, not transsexual. I have a new theory (drumroll please), that the growing number of transsexuals (ie gay ones) now objecting to the transgenders, that TG have decided to appropriate that as well. Yes, why not just appropriate everything. On the plus side, if they keep doing that to all groups, maybe we can ALL gang up and chuck them out of the clubhouse, esp the alphabet one.

      I doubt there was anyone other than Stabler, using his laydeepeen™ to do the impregnating of Wifey #2, Gallus Mag’s earlier report a few years back had rumours that they were already expecting at the time of the marriage.

      Stabler is a pretendbian. And although not impossible, extremely unlikely he has had his primary motivation down below removed. The only one I know that did, was Serano.

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  14. DaveSquirrel Post author

    A few additional bits of info that I found on Stabler. He is 50, the new wife (who calls herself a lesbian!!!) Erin Abernathy, is 32. So yeah, much younger ‘replacement wife’. There is 18 years difference between them, and generally speaking, large age gaps (where the male is much older) are prone to be dv ones, because of the power imbalance. Not saying it is, just saying that it is more likely to be so.

    Stabler was born/raised in England (family still there) and so he is an export to the USA. I gather the first wife was English, hence the daughter being ‘overseas’ for most of that time. Obviously he didn’t give much of a brass razoo on the fatherhood thing, by moving countries, so why not claim the title of mother instead?

    This ‘working mother of the year’ is insidious, given there appears to be a stay-at-home mother already in place. And true, we NEVER do a ‘working father of the year’ award, because, men’s careers are NEVER affected by parenthood like women’s are.

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