Bwahahah: Truth found in most unlikely places


Wikipedia has banned users from editing its pages if the IP address originates from the U.S. House of Representatives after a controversial edit from an anonymous user. Photo by Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Hattip to “New Reader” in a comment over at GenderTrender.

I have the feeling this article might just magically disappear one day, so I am archiving it here. Twanzjacktivists cannot handle anyone, anywhere, shedding light on the silly dress-ups, so this article likely to get ‘lost’ at some point in the future.

Further, proof that Dikipedia really is a dikipedia. I was right all along!

Citing ‘disruptive’ edits, Wikipedia bars anonymous entries from Congress-linked computers
BY Anya van Wagtendonk August 25, 2014 at 3:20 PM EDT

Wikipedia users logging on from the U.S. House of Representatives have been barred from editing that website anonymously for one month, following a controversial edit to the entry for a popular TV series.

An anonymous user operating from a House-linked IP address made edits to the Wikipedia page for the Netflix show “Orange is the New Black” on Wednesday that the site’s administrators deemed “disruptive,” triggering the ban.

According to Twitter account @congressedits, which tracks changes to Wikipedia made from congressional IP addresses, the user targeted a section devoted to Laverne Cox, a transgender actress and series regular.

A sentence originally describing Cox as “a real transgender woman” was changed to read “a real man pretending to be a woman.”

Wikipedia is an open-source encyclopedia, and most pages can be edited by anyone. Shortly after the page was changed, other users on the site began to track similar changes to other pages stemming from the same IP address.

In response, Wikipedia administrator Fran Rogers barred the associated IP address from editing anonymously for one month. “If you’d like to make good-faith edits, please create an account,” she wrote.

The ban is the third action taken against this Congressionally-linked IP address this summer. Administrators blocked the user twice in July, following complaints about other changes to pages on transgender issues.

Good for you Anono-bro!

10 thoughts on “Bwahahah: Truth found in most unlikely places

  1. Hecuba

    Anono male you merely changed entry to a factual one – namely Laverne Cox is a real biological male playing at being a fake female! Boys and girls at Dikipedia didn’t like this fact being made public so they have censored this anono bro. and denied him his male right of freedom of speech for a month!

    Way to go Dikipedia boys – continue censoring your bros. and denying them their male right of freedom of speech because myth males can become females is supposedly fact!

    By the way I am assuming anono is male because under our wonderful Male Supremacist System males believe that any report which does not name sex of individual(s) is automatically male whereas women are always named as women never ‘people’ or ‘person(s).’

    Twisted trans illogic claims that real biological males are ‘real women’ and real biological women don’t exist!

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  2. parallelexistence

    I read a comment recently pointing out that not only are most websites male controlled (which we knew already) but have a disproportionate trans influence. Can’t remember where it was, might even have been aa article, but it was a reminder as to just how much power these supposedly “oppressed” men have to spread their propoganda and to silence genuine dissent.

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    1. DaveSquirrel

      It is a matter of putting two plus two together PE. What are the two most common jobs of M2Ts? Ex-military and IT (and LOL at the sometimes both ones!). Of course they are still working in IT, everywhere.

      I am just trying to remember the one accused of raping his wife a few months ago. With his laydeepeen of course!


      1. Survivorthriver (@dzongsar)

        Parallele – Yes, Dana McCallum raped his wife and is facing five felony charges in San Francisco, but that crime was not publicly reported for several months. I saw a comment somewhere from a woman who had attended one of his “Women in IT” seminars and described McCallam’s attitude as condescending towards his female audience.

        Here’s the SF Examiner article about the Twitter Engineer and Women’s Rights Advocate (harrumph barf wretch):

        There is absolute silence about this case, but I browse for updates on a weekly basis. His wife went to hospital and has medical evidence of trauma and rape. They had better not give him the OJ “get out of rape jail free” treatment if convicted. I want to see that ladypeen in San Quentin.

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