Jeffreys on the ‘degendering’ of women’s spaces


Professor Sheila Jeffreys has penned a most comprehensive article for the Women’s Studies International Forum on the ‘degendering’ of women’s spaces. A PDF of the article is available from Professor Jeffreys’ website.

For far too long, women’s and feminists’ concerns about the erosion of women’s spaces—political, public toilets and changing rooms, shelters, to become either “trans inclusive”; open to all; or ‘gender neutral’—have been dismissed as trivial, irrelevant or selfish. Which is nothing new under patriarchy, except that now the accusations come from transactivists (usually claiming to be women), and the female supporters of trans/queer.

Jeffreys covers the feminist arguments to retain sex-segregated spaces and debunks the trans and queer arguments calling for the dismantling of sex-segregated spaces for females.

In ‘gender’ (identity) trumping biological sex:

The way in which queer and transgender activists use the term ‘gender’ is problematic because it obscures the existence of persons, women, who are biologically female, and their particular interests. It disappears male domination (Thompson, 2001) too, which is airbrushed out of the way in literature on degendering the toilet.

I would argue that trans particularly (with its adjunct queer theory) are the final elements to the backlash against Second Wave Feminism. ‘Woman’ becomes a meaningless category for protections when anyone who ‘feels like a woman’ can ‘be’ one. Ditto with female, given that official recognition of ‘gender reassignment’ amends the paperwork male to female. (Jeffreys covers some of this briefly).

Jeffreys goes on to illustrate how feminists’ concerns for female safety is dismissed, but transactivists’ concerns for ‘transwomen’s’ (only!) safety is deemed paramount in the quest to access women’s toilets and changing rooms.

Transgender activists argue that people who transgender are unsafe in men’s toilets and likely to be attacked, and that this undermines their rights to take part in public life, ‘Without safe access to public bathrooms, transgender people are denied full participation in public life.’ […]
It is puzzling as to why, when it is ‘sexist’ to say that men are violent towards women, it is not sexist for this male-bodied transgender to say that men are violent towards transgenders. Transgender toilet activists, it seems, can see the fears of men who transgender as well-grounded, whereas women’s concerns about the egregious violence visited upon them are spurious.

The dismissal of the concerns of feminists and women on these issues has been the main tactic of the trans lobby. Given we still live in a strong patriarchy, it works like a charm to dismiss dissenting women’s voices. Some of us persist, regardless.

Allowing male transgenders into the female toilets, argues Jeffreys, increases the risk of rape for females, as most ‘transwomen’ still retain their penises:

In a survey it conducted, the Transgender Law Centre in California found that only 15% of transgenders intended to have surgery to mutilate their genitals (Transgender Law Centre, 2005).

Yes, that means, more likely than not, the ‘transwoman’ you see in the Ladies room, is packing a peen. Which is why transactivists started gaslighting women, telling them “a penis is a female organ, if on a transwoman”. Biology departments around the world are now ‘transphobic’ for disagreeing!

Jeffreys covers the genderqueer call for ‘gender neutral’ facilities, the objections of trans to this (“passing” don’t cha know!), and the implications for gay men (their habit of cottaging in the men’s rooms). As well as some of the other nasty things that go on in men’s rooms, like smearing the walls with faeces. I would add that men’s rooms are frequently pungent with the odour of man-piss, no doubt they also spray the walls as well. I know from personal experience, that ‘gender neutral’ individual toilet stalls also end up smelling this way, needless to say, I ended up never using the new Council installed ‘gender neutral’ toilets. Just, ewww.

Jeffreys then goes on to highlight just why First Wave Feminists fought for female sex-segregated public toilets:

The absence of adequate toilets for women has impeded their entry into the public world. The idea that women have a right to toilets of their own was won fairly recently in the West, and is still being campaigned for in many parts of the world, such as the Indian subcontinent

I hope you all had the aha! moment there, with mention that lack of access to (safe) public toilets also impacts participation in public life. Yes, that is correct, transactivists just outright stole yet another piece of feminism and used it for their own ends. That is in part, why at least some of trans politics sounds credible—because they stole the exact points from feminists, to use against feminists! This is why I believe that transgenderism is the Final Phase in the backlash, they take the last of our political protections and points.

Jeffreys finishes the main body reiterating on female safety in toilets and changing rooms, citing a number of examples. The examples are of course, but a few of many, even though transactivists deny that such things happen, or in No-True-Scotsman fashion, deny that the perpetrator was a bonafide transwoman—except transactivists are more than happy to include all these other perverts under the ‘trans umbrella‘ when it suits them.

Jeffrey’s article is a fantastic resource, and I recommend you save a copy to your hard drive.



18 thoughts on “Jeffreys on the ‘degendering’ of women’s spaces

  1. Hecuba

    As always issue is about men and their supposed innate rights because we biologically born females don’t exist according to mens’ (il)logical claims.

    Sheila Jeffreys’ analysis on degendering womens’ spaces is succinct and concise. Concur with Dave Squirrel – save a copy to your hard drive and use extracts as evidence whenever men and their transgender activists claim ‘wah male transgenders need access to women’s toilets because male transgenders are disproportionately subjected to violence.’ Violence from whom one asks? Why violence from those nasty Radical Feminists who have so much structural and political power they have successfully managed to create a utopia – or so men claim and we know men always tell the truth and always provide real factual evidence in support of their lies (oops truths).

    Yes – most successful backlash from the men and their transgender allies is mens’ centuries old claim that women collectively and individually don’t exist as a sex caste, but men exist. This is why when biological males decided they want to play at being a ‘fake female’ suddenly biological sex differences (meaning real biological sex differences such as men have penises not women and only women can give birth not men) between the sexes became ‘transphobic!’

    Worth repeating – First Wave Feminists recognised that absence of womens’ toilets in the public sphere ensured women were denied their right of entry into what men still believe is ‘male only public spaces.’ This does not mean ‘men who play at being females’ have innate right to access women only toilets. But the bigger picture is this latest clever ploy by men to maintain their fiction that male interests and male rights are the only ‘real and important rights’ because we real women (not the fake ones) don’t exist. Male myopia reigns supreme!

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      “Concur with Dave Squirrel” – made me laugh out loud!

      Following on from what you said Hecuba, and to add what I said in the post—that the ‘degendering’ of women’s spaces, our erasure as a legitimate category—it strikes me, because of the constant dismissal of our concerns, that this frontier is the most important of all, for women, for feminists. It confirms to me that this is the final, most lethal, part of the backlash.

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      1. Hecuba

        Yes Dave which is precisely why biologically born males who hold political power have eagerly passed legislation in so many different countries and why these laws all claim that biological males can if they choose, magically morph into women. Men have always dehumanised women and this enables them to claim ‘womens’ concerns and rights are unimportant because they aren’t men!’

        In just a few years men who claim to magically morph into females have had their ‘pseudo male rights’ passed in law and biologically born women’s innate right to be accorded autonomy and ownership of their bodies is still a dream. For centuries countless women have demanded men accept women are autonomous human beings not mens’ chattels and this female right continues to just be a dream.

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      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Oh yes, the relative speed with which many of the transgender laws have been passed in most places.
        It took women over 70 years, marching in the streets, speeches, getting arrested, to get suffrage.
        It took M2Ts just a few years, no marching in the streets (and prancing in pride does not count!), no getting arrested (for protests, they are good at getting arrested for other stuff like femicide), to get most of their legislations.

        The difference? Women are from the female sex caste, men are in charge. M2Ts are from the male sex caste, men in charge. For women, it was a gaining of rights, for M2Ts, a mere ‘expansion’ of rights.

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  2. Survivorthriver (@dzongsar)

    De-gendered toilet politics, harrumph. I did save this PDF, thank you thank you.

    I second the Dave Squirrel comments!

    And, I second a Squirrely synopsis of these transjacktivists as predators, perverts and proselytizers.

    Jeffreys, on the other hand, is crystal clear – clean and not cloudy – about these preternaturally preposterous prick propositions.

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  3. FabFro

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m downloading that PDF! And I’m going to use this post as a reference to anyone who uses trans logic as to why men need to be in women’s restrooms/spaces. I think this post just spells it out super clear and since it uses Jeffreys’ analysis and statistics, it makes it all the more clear!
    Again, thank you Dave!

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  4. pantypopo

    Reblogged this on OUT of My Panties, Now!!! and commented:
    Female-only spaces are integral to the physical, emotional and political protection of women. It is a violation of women’s human rights to be told we do not exist as a separate, historically oppressed class of people, distinct from our oppressors. It erases us. It hides our oppression. It will eventually eliminate us. Completely.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      I am the only twanzsquirrel, whatsmore, a twanzbillionaire twanzsquirrel. And therefore claim the title of Most Oppressedest Group Ever; even if my group only consists of one!


  5. Renee Martin

    Why, it’s almost like trans people don’t already have their very own spaces, where women aren’t allowed! /snark

    Lemme get this straight, its totes cool when trans limit spaces due to what genitalia people have and what gender people are presenting, but when we want a space thats women only, we are haterz, discriminatorz, and overall bad people. I got it now!

    The bathroom issue is both ironic, and a bald power play. Ironic, because people with dicks want access to womens bathrooms to protect them from the very thing we seek protection from- people with dicks! It is suddenly a valid worry, and men are a valid threat, when they say it, but when a woman says it, well, we know what happens.

    It’s a bald power play, because public fighting over access to these spots is totally unnecessary. First, any true ally, which they all claim to be, would not take on this topic. They would respect our needs, and work for a solution that doesn’t violate ours. why does meeting their own needs necessitate destroying ours and erasing us (obviously rhetorical)?

    Second, they already have bathrooms to use, in most places. Here we have a family/oversized bathroom in most public spots. These are there for those that need to use the bathroom, but with someone of the other sex, like a mom with her son. Perfect place for a trans, as they are one room stalls. Most other places, like small businesses, have single room bathrooms for anyone. Schools and such have bathrooms they will designate for trans or others not comfortable in the main bathrooms. Yet they want to use ours, whether we want them or not!

    Third, if they just quietly used the bathroom, and didn’t make a political fuss, who would even say anything? Women aren’t like men, we aren’t going to beat them up, maybe just sigh or give dirty looks, at worst (why we don’t want them in our spots, but I digress…).
    But this isnt OK, they must make sure we invite them in, and pay them all the “respect” they feel they are due, instead of grudgingly ignoring their presence. This a male trait they still retain, even if the dick is gone. ***I am not saying this is a good idea, just that they did not have to make this into an enormous issue, like they do with everything they feel they deserve (like all men do).***

    Hecuba just posted something I have been thinking for awhile now- the speed at which gay men and M2T have gotten rights, and services, is soley due to their maleness! Here is an example: the state I live in is now allowing it’s Medicaid program to pay for all trans needs, including therapy, hormones, and even sex “change” surgery! All while women specific needs are under assault, the needs it took forever to even get covered (and are still denied in most places.) Medicaid still covers abortions here, but this is under continual assault.

    Just goes to show, men that want to cut their dicks off are still men, with all the power that it comes with. I am not denying the violence they face, but it sure doesn’t come from us women!

    BTW- Michelle Duggar has come out very strongly against M2T using womens bathrooms (and other spaces), with the expected, nasty, backlash. It’s a rare day when a quiverfull follower says something I agree with, but I guess a broken clock is still right twice a day

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Hi Renee, welcome. I agree pretty much with everything there, except:

      the speed at which gay men and M2T have gotten rights, and services, is soley due to their maleness!

      One correction, ONLY M2Ts. They are the only group, unlike all the others (black civil rights, gay & lesbian liberation, women’s liberation) that did not have to take to the streets in mass numbers to demand an end to their discrimination. Nope, M2Ts got theirs without breaking a nail. It is a point that the twanzphobic squirrel makes quite often actually.

      In order to hide that, twanz now re-write the history of gay & lesbian liberation, in particular, Stonewall re-written with the twanz narrative. See a couple of great comments over at GenderTrender by coelacanth.

      As a matter of coincidence, I happened to be reading up on Sylvia Rivera Law Project, particularly on the ‘who was’ page. Rivera never claimed to be ‘trans’, but a (bisexual?!) drag queen.

      This is primarily why gay men are kicking up a stink now (after all this time!), because their history and their stuggles are being stolen. We females have been kicking up a stink because of our erasure as a distinct category of people, and M2Ts imposing themselves in all our spaces. It’s about bloody time that gay dudes got with the programme, is all I can say.

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      1. Sugarpuss

        Pardon my hetero ignorance, but how on earth did the “T” get into LGBT, anyhow? How does the claim of being “born in the wrong body” have anything to do with sexual orientation? That has always seemed like a total hijack to me.

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      2. staceyjwsolar

        Thanks for the links, I cannot believe all of the thievery. Wow. So much history that I was totally ignorant of.

        (Argh, each computer is logged into a different account, which changes my screen name.)


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