Let’s be Frank: Womanface is man-flu


This week’s Tootsie, Frank “Kellie” phoney-baloney Maloney, is at it again. Picked along with a bunch of non-celebrity celebrities, for the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother—yup, the only thing in the world more boring than Big Brother, is Celebrity Big Brother. Even just typing the programme title bores me to bits. I digress.

The CBB story in the Daily Star (yeah, top quality rag, suitable for lining the bird cage only), says that our Tootsie Frank ‘confessed’ to one of the other CBB contestants that he was struggling to cope with life in womanface. Awww diddums, and here is a picture of Frank’s interpretation of womanface (which looks a lot like self-centred manz tears):


I wish I had a dollar for every one of these dudes so-called proving how legitimately they are ‘women trapped in menz bodies™’ by bursting into tears. I would not be writing a blog, I would be on some nice quiet tropical island well away from all this jendah-identitah unsanity. Alas! No one is paying me these dollars, yet I am a legitimate Twanzbillionaire.

Our Tootsie Frank, apparently had a “meltdown” just before the programme:

The former boxing promoter, who is in the process of transitioning from a man into a woman, claimed she “cracked” with just an hour to go before the show’s launch.

Kellie, who was formerly known as Frank, told fellow housemate White Dee: “I wanted to transition very privately. I’m a very private person.

“Tonight, an hour before I came in here, I was ‘I can’t do this’ I cracked, I was crying,” she said.

Yeah ok, I obviously missed the article that reported someone held a gun to his head and FORCED him to, not only appear on CBB, but yanno, give interviews to the papers. That’s right, didn’t happen. So all the ‘private person’ stuff is just pure spin about ‘his suffering™’, and looks a lot like milking sympathy from anyone and everyone, because:man flu. Look, see, crying!! Genuine Laydee stuff!


Yeah I know, same pic. But manz-tears!

Apparently, womanface can also lead to feelings of explosion!

A show insider said: “She is being carefully monitored. She is upset and we are being very sensitive about her feelings.” Kellie’s meltdown, which appeared to have been building up, finally happened in the early hours yesterday.

She suddenly broke down sobbing and had a heart to heart with her concerned housemate White Dee, 43.

Kellie told the Benefits Street star: “I’m a wreck. I’m tired. I’m lost. I’m weak and vulnerable. I feel lost at the moment. I feel like I’m about to explode.”

Good grief, I am sure that spontaneous detonation was not in the Autogyne Monthly brochure!

Kellie then came out with the bombshell admission: “Then I would like to change back.”

She and Dee then talked about her becoming Frank again with Dee urging her to carefully consider such a dramatic move.

The straight-talking Brummie [Dee] told: “Now you’d make such a s*** Frank Maloney.

“He was a f***ing arse. You’re not Frank now. Be Kellie. You’ve hidden her for so many years.”

Phoney-baloney seems a tad fickle at this point, in betweenz those manz-tears, I mean womanface tears, whatever. Tootsie no longer want to do womanface no more, sob sob. I see White Dee has been slurpin’ at the Twanz KoolAid. What’s with the “hidden her” bizzo, is this some kind of demonic possession or something?

We suspect that the following footage is the moment where “Kellie” is no longer trapped in a manz body!


Moar laydee tears. Maybe coz the pink sofa has blue cushions, and it is soooo confusing?

Womanface is soooo very very hard! Just look at all the crying one has to do to pull it off! And the pwetty frocks…

This post is brilliant! https://radicallesbianfeminists.wordpress.com/2014/08/31/frank-has-come-out-to-play/

As is Cherryblossomlife’s: http://cherryblossomlifeblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/of-interest-to-radfems-audley-harrisson-accused-of-offensive-language-for-not-wanting-to-share-a-bath-with-kellie/

17 thoughts on “Let’s be Frank: Womanface is man-flu

  1. Hecuba

    Phoney Baloney/Maloney is engaging in a ‘fit of hysterics’ because he believes this is how women should behave and where did Phoney Baloney/Maloney learn this? Why from his bros. of course because men have always claimed women are ‘hysterical and hence have to be constantly subjected to male control.’ In reality of course ‘hysterics’ is a male misogynistic lie which men commonly use to maintain their male pseudo sex right to oppress women. Men have always claimed they are the rational ones because they have ‘male brains!’

    But back to that oh so pressing issue of Phoney Baloney/Maloney’s constant self publicity because isn’t it interesting (not) that he claims this: ‘I wanted to transition very privately. I’m a very private person.’ In that case Phoney Baloney/Maloney go away and stop publicising your male lies that you can magically morph into womanhood. You’re not fooling me and you’re certainly not fooling innumerable real biologically born women, but Phoney Baloney/Maloney knows like all men, that he has to constantly feign ‘hysterics’ and crocodile tears because men know repeating the same old misogynistic lies swiftly become mens’ truths!

    As usual men have right to play the ;’victim card’ because men are human whereas when women dare to express their pain and anger at men who have subjected them to male violence, the men immediately hysterically cry ‘she is playing the victim card!’ See it is always about the men and their rights etc. etc.

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  2. Sugarpuss

    She is upset and we are being very sensitive about her feelings.

    Penis/tranny privilege. Female-bodied people are basically told to “stop being so sensitive” and nobody gives a flying fuck about our feelings. This is just one of many examples (I have found that fitness & weight loss communities are one of the best sources of misogyny & handmaiden co-towing, so I lurk often and take screenshots, save links, etc, for my records). Break out your BINGO cards for this lynch party, It’s all there; gas-lighting, concern trolling, gender stereotypes, silencing tactics, shaming language, ye olde “but an innocent man is being accused by some inferior female and we all know women are liars by nature”, and other nauseating/enraging bullshit.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Oh absolutely it is penis/tranny privilege at work! If a female contestant had cried prior to or on the programme, the DailyStar would be all over the misogyny with gusto “see, women are just way too emotional to be in charge of anything!”

      But Frankyboy plays the teary card, and manztears=serious!!! (because M2T twanztears ARE manztears) And we must assign special people to look out for phoney-baloney!

      Just another day under patriarchy – men’s needs and feelings given priority.

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      1. Sugarpuss

        I forgot to mention that I think Baloney Bopper is getting cold feet because, most likely, somebody didn’t recognize him, thought he was an actual woman (perhaps they were drunk?), and so they treated him like one. He found out that “being a woman” isn’t as fun as he thought it would be.

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      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        meh, they all do that, and mislabel it ‘twanzphobia’. The reality is, if they pass or sort of pass, they get ‘garden variety’ misogyny, or if they don’t pass, homophobia.

        But they do like to think of themselves as Moar Speshul™, so ‘twanzphobia’ or ‘twanzmisogyny’.

        You would think they would read the fine print on the Woman brochure before frollicking in? Nup.

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  3. Black Metal Valkyrie

    In Canada 3 political leaders apologized to the First Nations for the residential schools and they did the man tearz thing to seem more legitimate, to seem like they cared. But if a female political leader cried that would be used against her endlessly. Hypocrites.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      A former Australian PM, Bob Hawke, used to issue forth the flood of crocodile tears at the drop of a hat. No female politician would get away with that, she would be removed from office.

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      1. Sugarpuss

        It genuinely makes me sick to my stomach when I see men crying in public, considering the false claim that they aren’t allowed to because restrictive masculinity. Oh, and patriarchy hurts men too, dontcha know?!

        Except that it fucking doesn’t. Not even for a minute.

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      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Oh yeah, that “restrictive masculinity” crap!
        Menz created it, they are in power, they could get rid of it (if it really did ‘hurt menz too’). But it does not hurt them, the benefits for them far outweigh a few restrictions—but the restrictions are negliable, like the bs that “menz can’t cry”.

        It is not unusual for Australian prime ministers to cry, both in office and in leaving it. Malcolm Fraser shed tears on election night 1983 after being ousted by Bob Hawke. Hawke himself was a habitual weeper, crying on TV screens over his daughter’s drug addiction, his unfaithfulness to his wife and the massacre of Chinese students at Tiananmen Square.

        Mark Latham, that most emotional of Labor men, took issue with Rudd, during the launch of his memoirs, about whether Rudd had shed tears over his mother’s death in 2004. Rudd accused Latham of mocking him. Which is all getting a bit too personal, really.

        It seems we have finally come to accept such outbursts of emotion from our male political leaders as displays of genuine human feeling. And yet, for many women in business life, crying is still seen as a sign of weakness.


        And on Bob blubberboy Hawkie, who also cried when one of his (many it seems) affairs became public:

        An interesting article, on politicians that cry. Interesting that the dudes frequently shed tears when defeated, or their wrong doings uncovered (ie inward, concerning self) and the female politicians, generally break down about others’ tragedies (outward, concerning others):

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      3. Sugarpuss

        Well, women can’t win either way. It’s always a catch 22 for us. Public displays of emotion will feed the “women are overly emotional” stereotype, but a more somber showing will quickly earn one the “hard-nosed bitch” label. Hey, guess which category I fall into? 🙂

        Nobody particularly cares when a man practices gender neutrality because of something I like to call Flexible Masculinity™. These days, all that is required to be “one of the boys” is a profound hatred of women. This is why we see physically weak male specimens being granted the same (or even more, actually) respect than the traditionally ideal “manly-man” type. Flexible Masculinity™ ensures that even the most pathetic males aren’t left out in the cold (with us inferior females), so long as they contribute to the enormous, festering, sky-high pile of misogynistic garbage.

        But, when you think about it, males who present as less-than-burly have always been in vogue (so long as they identified as heterosexual, that is). Patriarchy didn’t hurt Shakespeare, for instance. Such men receive a societal medal for performing what is basically a non-job (by manly-man standards), while women in the same or similar professions are told that they aren’t doing “real work” (like all of those “poor men” sweating their asses off in coal mines or whatever). All of those fat nerdy dudes with their asses parked in a cushy office chair? Blood, sweat & tears, baby! Oh, and pass the Funyuns.

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  4. cherryblossomlife

    Urgh, Japanese men are constantly crying on TV at opportune moments. Usually they cry because their favourite team won some sporting event. That’s how deep man tears are.

    I hadn’t seen this post or I’d have mentioned it here instead, but when Audley Harrison said he felt uncomfortable having Kellie in the house I made a blog post on it. sorry to self-promote!


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  5. stephaniecleveland

    You made me laugh so hard with that! Truly an accomplishment, as my general response to all this trans insanity is anger and despair. “Womanface” is a perfect term for all this though. I can’t believe I’d never thought of it that way, but I hadn’t.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      We have used ‘womanface’ for a while now. It started out because in early online ‘debates’, we pointed out that M2T (and drag queens actually) are as offensive to ‘our people’ (ie females) as blackface is to POC.


  6. Black Metal Valkyrie

    I hope Mr. Baloney, Phallus Fox and Laverne Cocks fight to the death in a cage match. Or a cupcake eating contest, whatever these weirdos do for fun. Probably both.



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