Breaking News: BBC declared TERFy!


Quick! Get down! It’s an overly-active imagination!!!

Oh those wacky twanzjacktivists, now they have to invent shit to complain about!

So the TV programme BBC Newsnight wanted to do a segment on former boxing trainer and now Tootsified Frank “Kellie” Maloney and the twanz thing in general. Apparently the BBC wanted to question whether there was such thing as bwain sex (zmog, how dare they, how fucking twanzphobic!!). Frank is a great Tootsie, he will get his own post, watch this space.

According to Sarah Ditum, Newsnight rang her, and a number of other twanz-critical women, to appear on the programme—but took up the offer, mostly likely due to the volume of past death/rape/sacking threats that twanzjacktivists issue on a somewhat daily basis to anyone remotely critical of their dress-ups.

So Newsnight ended up with a line-up of three—all twanz—guests for the programme: Paris Lees (M2T), Fred McConnell (F2T), and Miranda Yardley (M2T). The latter, Yardley, is a somewhat moderate twanz, and critical of how twanzjacktivists treat actual jendah-critical females. So for the rabid rah-rah-jendah side, two “anti-TERFs”, against one moderate rah-rah-jendah. What could go wrong???

LOL, Paris Lees was what could wrong! Apparently Lees walked into the studio, and did not like what he saw—in the words of McConnell “a TERF-filled trap”! You would think Lees had been confronted by a panel of Mary Daly, Sheila Jeffreys and Janice Raymond! But no, a panel of 100% twanz and a “cis-host” (you know, someone born as a tv host, and is happy with his assigned jendah as a tv host). Talk about a storm-in-a-B-cup!


Of course, radfems are used to this bullshit from twanzjacktivists, but the wider world, notsomuch, so it came as a bit of a shock to the producers of the programme that the situation was misrepresented and twisted around to make them look like “hate-filled bigots™”.




The twanzhorde kinda forgot that the wider world are not a small bunch of powerless females (radfems) that they usually push around. That shit doesn’t fly when you deal with teh menz! And Lees may have single-handedly poisoned the well with the malestream meeja on future tv appearances. Good job Lees! We suspected that you lot and your cwaziness would be your own undoing.

My favourite tweet is really Homer-lookylikey “keltik”, who thinks 100% twanz representation for the panel just isn’t enough! Twanz demand moar than 100% representation! Click here to go to the thread, it’s worthwhile to read the whole twisted mess.

The GayStarNews makes a half-hearted attempt at looking neutral, but fails to 1) point out the 100% twanz panel and 2) infer and collude that it was some kind of TERFy trap, by mentioning that the BBC radio’s Woman’s Hour dared to have a woman on the programme the other day—teh horror! And unlike Newsnight’s proposed 100% twanz line-up, Woman’s Hour had a 50-50 mix of one FAB and one M2T with silly lispy voice, plus of course, one FAB-cis-host. You just can’t trust (FAB) women, can ya fellas?

19 thoughts on “Breaking News: BBC declared TERFy!

  1. Hecuba

    Stop press!! ‘Men in frocks are having another (boring) fit of hysterics!!!’ Yes FabFro – these men are such ‘drama kings’ getting their big knickers in a twist because they claim a white malestream male dominated media programme is transphobic!!

    What do these biological boys want??? They don’t know and stupidly believe constantly issuing contradictory lies (oops mens’ truths) will fool us women (meaning real biological women not ‘males claiming they are really females).

    If the ‘men in frocks’ are so are so oppressed is it not strange they constantly manage to always be ‘in the limelight.’ Women’s lived experiences are constantly derided/dismissed by men whereas the ‘boys in frocks’ are idolised and adored. This isn’t oppression this is adulation.

    Well done boys you’ve successfully alienated the male media icon which is the BBC. The men in charge at the BBC will not forget your arrogant petulance and you can forget being invited to discuss that oh so important and special issue – ‘men in frocks’ are they real or a figment of men’s sexual fantasies?

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Yep, quite possibly they have shot themselves in the clownsized-pump-wearing foot over this one.
      This technique of misrepresentation is the one they use on us all the time. Won’t work on the BBC boys, who cannot be silenced as easily. In the words of Nelson: “Ha ha”.

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      1. screamingxbanshee

        Ohh, that’s because that’s the link for the page. Here’s the actual link for the image ->

        ^ embedding that should work. I’ll post it in a fresh comment so it should work. Ty!


      1. FabFro

        Lowest ratings due to poor quality [I’m picturing lots of dramas and comedies..cause that pretty much sums up their behavior and logic]. But that won’t stop the trans train and their friends from tooting that this network station is soooo progressive and soooo moving us forward, blah-di-blah. Somehow they’d all win for best “Actress” on any award show, casuse if not: Transphobic! And of course, all news outlets will have to praise the oh-so-vain laydees on how stunning and beautiful they look! Cause you know how dem big ol’ hulkin doodz who got a butt-load of surgery, O.Ded on pills and put a tub load of make-up on [cover da beardz!] just look waaay hotter and far moar sexxxayer than all those “natural born wimmiz” who just can’t compete! Amirite?

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      “What kind of woman is not female at birth? None. FAB is a useless term.”

      Terms like FAB were developed for clarity particularly in ‘mixed’ discussions (hardly any these days, I think we all decided it was a waste of time). Certainly your sentence makes perfect sense to radical feminists, but not the libfems/trans supporters/undecideds who are trying to make sense of the mess.

      Similar debates have been going on for decades, and since the internet became more widely available.

      It is a bit pointless to ‘huff’ and say that “it does not matter [about the undecideds or others]” but that is untrue. The majority of our writing is about waking up other women, so they can see through the bullshit. ‘We’ already know this stuff, not writing for ourselves, that would be pointless.

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