Monthly Archives: August 2014

Jeffreys on the ‘degendering’ of women’s spaces


Professor Sheila Jeffreys has penned a most comprehensive article for the Women’s Studies International Forum on the ‘degendering’ of women’s spaces. A PDF of the article is available from Professor Jeffreys’ website.

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Let’s be Frank: Womanface is man-flu


This week’s Tootsie, Frank “Kellie” phoney-baloney Maloney, is at it again. Picked along with a bunch of non-celebrity celebrities, for the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother—yup, the only thing in the world more boring than Big Brother, is Celebrity Big Brother. Even just typing the programme title bores me to bits. I digress.

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BBC Woman’s Hour


A ten minute segment from the BBC’s Woman’s Hour on “The Politics of Transgenderism”. Listen while you can, the BBC like to embed timebombs for their programmes (probably watching too much Mission Impossible?). This one expires in about a year’s time. If anyone could do a transcript, that would be fantastic.

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