Jendah – explained in one brilliant graphic

Yes. That is what it is, and that is why jendah (or more correctly, jendah roles) were created. It was never about individual expression, quite the opposite, class or caste conformity, and to exploit one group of people (female). As an aside, I wish I knew who did the graphic, I would credit you! Found via Wipeout Misogyny.

The graphic was created as a ‘retaliation graphic’ (LOL) to the idiot piece of jendahqueer propaganda, lets take a look:

Yup, jendah is (supposedly) every colour of the rainbow, everyone is a speshul snowflake with their unique jendah identitahs. Facebook be on notice! A mere 50 speshul snowflake jendah identitahs just won’t cut it, there are an infinite number of jendah identitahs now, over seven billion and counting! Don’t you dare leave out the two-spirit demi-sexual jendah non-conformist otherkin!

With all these speshul snowflake jendah identitahs, class analysis, discrimination and oppression are a thing of the past! *magic*

Because you can only have the concepts of class-based discrimination and oppression (sexism, racism, classism) IF there are clear GROUPS of people, all belonging to one particular group, discriminating against another group or groups. A ‘bunch of induhviduals’ oppressing another ‘bunch of induhviduals’ just is not going to cut it for any kind of social justice platform/analysis. Sure, you can try that as a ‘theory’, but you will look like an idiot.

According to both the jendahqueers and twanz, all jendah identitahs are sacred and must be acknowledged. Well, that is, all identities except for one or two: jendah-role-rejecting female, or FAB female. Somehow or other, these particular ‘jendah identitahs’ instead of being acknowledged, end up at the bottom of the heap and invalidated. Hypocritical much?

In the words of Sheila Jeffreys (from Gender Hurts):

“The success of the destabilising campaigns against feminism and the women-only principle depends upon confusion about what ‘gender’ means.”

14 thoughts on “Jendah – explained in one brilliant graphic

  1. Jim Heckel

    This. Nailed. It.

    Just acknowledge the two sexes (or three, if you want to count intersex as being a separate thing) and let people be themselves. Acknowledge your sex for when it matters (it matters very little, except for medical care and choice of sexual partners) then be yourself.

    Transgender stinks. We need postgender, not transgender.

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  2. Hecuba

    Wah you’ve missed me out!! What about my jendah – I’m none of those thousands of special snowflakes ‘cos I am the most most special snowflake on this planet! Despite fact I am only person who has this special special oh so special jendah/identity I demand my group of one not be oppressed by all you other groups.

    Oh but wait – my gender – oops sex I mean is female and hence because my gender – oops sex is female I am not a special snowflake. Bingo – the menz can claim I don’t exist because issue is all about men maintaining their Male Supremacist System by constantly creating new myths (oops lies I mean)!

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  3. FabFro

    B-but, I was hoping to be one of the purple jendahs in the picture, since purple is my favorite color [more specifically, that purple one with the pink head]. But if you’re telling me that I can’t, then how will I ever go on living my life? For without jendah roles controlling my life and telling me what to do, wear, how to speak and were I can and cannot work, my life would be nothing.Thinking on my own is too dangerous! )=

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  4. Daisy Boyard

    Is it me or is the second graphic heavily biased towards male representation? Of the 33 figures only 6 are in the shape of a “woman” whatever that is supposed to mean in the context of the “jendah rainbow” graphic.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Hi Daisy, welcome. Yeah, seems only the six (but obvs, can’t tell with some at the back). I am surprised they did not use that silly half manz-half womanz one in the mix. Or stick a peen hanging down from the dress, coz yanno, ‘penis is female’ according to twanzjacktivists.

      Maybe, the GQs were accidentally twanzphobic, not showing a ‘woman’ with a peen? Will twanzjacktivists be calling for GQs to DIAF???

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    2. FabFro

      @Dave-You can tell the laydees from the doodz because of the shoulders. The “women’s” shoulders are more sad and slumpy, while the “men’s” shoulders are all blocky and boxy. I know cause it turns out the one I wanted to be is actually a dood figure. >_<

      @Daisy-Hi! Welcome and nice catch! You're right there is more "doodz" than there is da "wimmiz!" . Guess it just goes to show us that jendah roles really do benefit the menz!

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      1. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Hah hah! You are so right, there is a difference in the shoulders! Nice catch. A second looky at the ones at the back, think they may all be doodz.

        As you say, it is very weird that there are more dudes in the graphic – very twanzphobic, given the number of twanzlaydees about – oh those GQs, they are just soooo twanzphobic! And just where are all those laydees with peens???

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      2. FabFro

        “oh those GQs, they are just soooo twanzphobic! And just where are all those laydees with peens???”

        Good question. Do you think they put on the speshule laydee panties to hide their dood junk while wearing the laydee dress within the graphic?
        Cause seriously thinking about how long that dood’s junk would have to be to be showing from his dress…No, that’s just wrong on too many different levels. Hey, that’d be one enlarged super clit!
        LOL, but yea, I think I know what graphic figures you’re talking about, but I just ate and I don’t want to Google that mess.


  5. Me

    I tell people I don’t have a “gender identity; that I have a sex and a PERSONALITY.

    Been lurking here for awhile — great blog. I love to come here, especially after being exposed to the Orwellian magical thinking that transfolk love to engage in.

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  6. FabFro

    Daaaavvve! I keep forgetting to [tease] congratulate you on being the first open and most popular circumgender on the net!
    You went from being a woman, to a male squirrel named Dave to Davina!
    This means you were circumgender even before it became popular! I think you should really embrace it and make yourself the spokesperson for the circumgender movement.
    I’m sure this would make the trans very happy. (=

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