Tootsie of the Week: No-change “Vikki”


We have been a little lax of late, neglecting our Tootsies! Most of our readers will have noticed the massive differences in the photos above; 2009 baseball cap and wearing black to 2014 flower in hair and pastel pattern. Oh, some lippy! Apart from that, nosomuch.

Why we bein’ so meanie? Well, the recent tear-jerk article (and have plenty of kleenex at the ready, link to the crap below at GenderTrender):

On March 21, Vikki (she requested we use only her first name) proudly tweeted a pair of photos of herself for #BeforeAfterFriday. On the left, dated 2009, was a ruddy-cheeked, button-nosed dude sporting a newsboy cap, black T-shirt, and five o’clock shadow. On the right was present-day Vikki, resplendent in orchid eye shadow, blush, and lip gloss, her celadon eyes peering up from under an asymmetrical bob.

Compliments came pouring in. “I can only hope to achieve something similar,” one follower tweeted back.

The tone changed a few weeks later, when the same photos were posted to the Facebook page of the website Gender Identity Watch, run by radical lesbian feminists vehemently opposed to very concept of “transgender.” Almost immediately, Vikki’s Twitter timeline turned into a stream of haters attacking her appearance and repeatedly referring to her as a man.

Upon seeing the photos on Facebook, Vikki’s girlfriend frantically dialed and redialed her number, but Vikki wasn’t answering. “She actually thought that I’d tried to kill myself,” Vikki says.

Her girlfriend had reason to assume the worst: The suicide rate among transgender people hovers around 41 percent, according to a 2010 study. That’s nearly nine times the national average. The study specifically cites harassment as a major contributing factor.

The next few weeks were rough, to say the least. Vikki found herself unable to perform even the simplest tasks, like applying her makeup before going to work. “I found myself crying at my reflection,” she tells the Voice. “Every time I looked in the mirror, it amplified my dysphoria.” (“Gender dysphoria” is the clinical term for the conflict between a person’s birth gender and the gender with which he or she identifies.)

Harassment of the sort Vikki endured isn’t new or uncommon. For decades, certain radical feminists have viewed trans women as men demanding the spoils of womanhood without enduring the female experience, or worse, as fifth columnists intent on subverting the women’s movement.

Kudos for “spoils of womanhood”, in a note-to-self moment, I gotta get me some of that! The fact that these dudes sound more like plundering vikings doing raids on villages is neither here nor there! “Spoils of womanhood”!!! Get some now before it’s all gone!

And hey, we didn’t mention the five o’clock shadow, even though both pictures!!

All us women, enjoying the “spoils of womanhood” invest in cheap tacky flowers to wear in our hair, yay for us, we selfish FABs, keeping cheap tacky flowers as the “spoils of womanhood” all to ourselves! Shame, shame on us! Dudes want in! Forget the bathroom issue, there is the Tacky Hair Flower battleground to fight over!

Are the rape and beating threats all part of those “spoils of womanhood” they keep talking about? Here is some laydee chatter:



Of course, it was not hard to find the picture that set off the whole twagic tale of “Vikki”. Took like, ten seconds. Go to Twitter, search for hashtag #BeforeAfterFriday, and search through all three posts! (mwahah ETA, “Vikki” finally got around to deleting the tweet! LOL) The fact that “Vikki” decided to appropriate a hashtag created for home renovations, is neither here nor there. Maybe it was a case of getting himself some of that “spoils of home reno” (sorry dude, you misread that, was not ‘homo reno’).

And you might wanna look into some stage pancake make-up to cover that five o’clock shadow, the tacky hair flower ain’t cuttin’ it as a distraction. Just sayin’.

30 thoughts on “Tootsie of the Week: No-change “Vikki”

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Check out his first blog post, before he discovered threatening lesbians on Twitter!

    Coming Soon to Your Computer —-
    A glimpse inside the mind of one seriously disturbed individual. Thoughts about the present, glimpses into my past and coming to grips with the fact that I never really was a male, regardless of what was between my legs.

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  2. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I am still looking for the “On the right was present-day Vikki, resplendent in orchid eye shadow” btw. Looks like accidental blush misplacement to me. But wadda I know, I fail at laydee.

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  3. Sugarpuss

    Oh goddess, where to begin?

    First off, I must say makeup makes almost everyone look like crap, male or female. This is a prime example. In the before picture, I see a moderately attractive male. However, the after photo is a revolting clownface staring back at me. And yes, that plastic flower is atrocious, as are most of the trappings of patriarchy-designed “femininity”. Thats not an improvement; that’s a downgrade. BIG TIME.

    […] spoils of womanhood […]

    Her girlfriend had reason to assume the worst

    Ah, so he’s another one of those pretendbians. Yep, nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Same quacky shit as always. It only gets worse from this point forward (eg. evil radfems stole his trans-thunder… or something).

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Given that the ‘girlfriend’ only has the cartoony avatar, we can only assume the ‘girlfriend’ is another butt-ugly M2T. So, superdooper pretend-pretendbians.


      1. FabFro

        I too was wondering was it an actual woman or dood. *shugs* In the trans [bowel] movement, one can never tell what a “girlfriend” means or is.


  4. Hecuba

    I never realised ‘the spoils of womanhood’ include having to endure daily pandemic male threats of sexual violence being committed against women and girls their sex is female not male!

    Silly me – I should listen more closely to men’s lies – oops I mean mens’ truths because only men are able to define fact from mens’ lies. If men say they can magically transform themselves (with the aid of some lipstick and a plastic flower) into a woman and thereby enjoy ‘the spoils of womanhood’ who am I to question men??

    Get the violins out – this male is playing the ‘victim game’ and doesn’t he know there are no ‘victims’ because men decades ago declared ‘people have agency and choice’ and ‘people have limitless options!’ Of course the men who made these claims were/are only referring to men which is why they name men as ‘people!’ But wait – males are the ‘real victims’ because males say so whereas women and girls nah they can’t be victimised by men because women and girls have ‘the spoils of womanhood!’

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  5. FabFro

    LOL! Oh my gosh, this is so hilarious. I might stop over at his blog for another good laugh, because that picture you posted! I mean, I use similar pictures to represent myself as a lady all the time! Nice and sexxxay ya’ll!!

    “Vikki found herself unable to perform even the simplest tasks, like applying her makeup before going to work.”

    This almost made me snort snot out my nose. I just don’t even. I thought nothing could top it, till:

    “For decades, certain radical feminists have viewed trans women as men demanding the spoils of womanhood without enduring the female experience,”

    Oooooh! So is this “spoils of womanhood” like some sort of a golden goddess [and of course, sexxxay] statue that sits in a forbidden temple, and we roughhousing-radical pirates of feminism stole it and kept it for our selfish selves! We no share with the poor, poor menz! They wanna hold and rub the sexxxay golden goddess statue too!

    Spoils of womanhood…*chuckles and shakes head*

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  6. FabFro

    Okay, I has to leave his blog now. It’s impossible to read it and not snap your head back while your eyes roll deep into the back of your head…I read this fecal fluid of a post which caused me to do so

    Here, have some:

    “As a trans woman, I’m more than a little pissed about the ‘T’ being last in ‘LGBT’. It’s like trans people are an afterthought in the current struggle for Equal Civil Rights.”


    “…I have a disconnect between the gender stapled to me at birth and the woman I am in mind, heart, and soul. I’m pansexual, and have had sex with people across the gender spectrum, but I AM A WOMAN who was incorrectly labeled as a boy at birth, all because I had descended ovaries and a distended clitoris.

    Hm, he’s got some very speshule sounding genitalia. ಠ_ಠ
    Oh, and Weeeee! Jendar spectrum kinda sounds like a fun rainbow ride! I wonder if you can ride unicorns on it…
    And we can’t forget dem bathroom issues! Always about dem restrooms!:

    “Trans people lack protections afforded to cis people, and in many States trans people cannot even go to the bathroom which correlates with their gender.”

    Mmm’kay. I is done.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      “I’m more than a little pissed about the ‘T’ being last in ‘LGBT’. It’s like trans people are an afterthought”
      Except that in reality, 95% of the focus is on twanny issues. Dear gawd, they want the other 5% too! Hey dude, (and not that you could ever be one), but try being an L in that alphabet, and see how much focus you get. Like, 0.0001%. These days I write the alphabet at (l)gbTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! and some Qs. Here is a clue, all you Ts and Qs, start your own fucking org. And take the Bs with you.

      “the gender stapled to me at birth”
      Not aware of any common practise of stapling things to babies – they do put plastic wrist/leg bands on them, not exactly ‘stapling’ though. Watch this space, new post coming. I may need a rewrite, to include ‘gender stapling’, LOL

      “all because I had descended ovaries and a distended clitoris”
      Or, as the rest of the (sane) people say, testicles and penis. And dude, you do realise that if you use your dumbass twannyspeak in front of actual doctors and medical people, they will rightfully declare you to be unsane….

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      1. FabFro

        “Or, as the rest of the (sane) people say, testicles and penis. And dude, you do realise that if you use your dumbass twannyspeak in front of actual doctors and medical people, they will rightfully declare you to be unsane….”

        NNNOOOOOOooooo! You just misjendared him and-and now he’s probably crying in a corner, or worse, you just made it even MOAR difficult for him to apply the laydee face before going to work. )=
        And gosh darnnit, do you know nothing of the ‘distended clitoris’ that can shoot out ‘laydee lurv’ that is used for getting their pretendbian partner pregnant! *Sigh*
        So much teaching must be done on the ‘distended clitoris’, for it is truly a speshule and wonderful thing. Even moar speshule than that cis clit…

        [No, I did not type that out with a straight face…]

        “Upon further thought, that entire “dear dawg, whadddabout the twaaaaaannnnnzzzz” post is worthy of a reciprocal post.”

        Shoot, I’m still stuck on the distended clitoris that can ejaculate….Yes, that’s my favorite right now.
        Though I also have a feeling that if you close your eyes and randomly pick a post from his site, why, he’d give you endless blogging material!

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      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        “You just misjendared him and-and now he’s probably crying in a corner, or worse, you just made it even MOAR difficult for him to apply the laydee face before going to work.”

        Yeah, I’m a bastardly squirrel that has a habit of doing that. I worship not at the alter of made-up sparkly snowflake jendah, but merely recognise reproductive sex as fact. I think I recall one stupid post whereby he detailed how long each day he spent puttin’ on the clown face. I guess it is meant so that the libfems feel sorry for him, rather than seeing him for the self-involved narcissist that he really is. I am under no delusion that 100% of the world is in fact, totally uninterested that I just made my second cup of coffee for the day, nor how long it took me to make it.

        “the ‘distended clitoris’ that can shoot out ‘laydee lurv’”

        Oh dear dawg—I cannot now unsee that! *thanksabunch; sob sob*

        Personally I am still stuck on “resplendent in orchid eye shadow”. Dear dawg, how does anyone write *that* with a straight face?

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    2. Sugarpuss

      I have a disconnect between the gender stapled to me at birth […]

      Gender isn’t assigned at birth…that would be SEX…as in genital configuration. What a fucking moron.

      I had descended ovaries and a distended clitoris

      Technically, this is true. After all, female is the default sex. A male-sexed baby was once a female, during the first few weeks of conception. At a certain point, this fetus is exposed to high levels of testosterone (and some other things happen that I don’t recall), and so it begins to develop into what is known as “the male sex”. Problem is, most men don’t embrace their female core (thanks to the patriarchial notion that female-bodied people are inferiors). But embracing shouldn’t mean appropriating the life experiences of those who are fully female, and it sure as hell doesn’t mean dressing up in silly costumes & facepaint that was designed to impede the task at hand. And, of course, that task I’m referring to is our own liberation from the stronghold of men.

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      1. DaveSquirrel Post author

        The early stages of foetal development, yes technically true, because female is the default human (I have a ye olde post on that). However, the so-called ‘descended ovaries’ go onto produce male gametes, sperm, and not ova. Nor do we, the default humans, end up with our urinary tract running down the centre of our clitoris.

        Bottom line is, if you have a Y chromosome, that makes you a non-female. And no amount of wishful thinking, language bastardisation, or twannyspeak is gunna change that.

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      2. Sugarpuss

        Yeah, I know it all ends up functioning differently. And I’m quite aware of the Y chromosome. But, I never claimed to be a scientist. 🙂 Sometimes, I just think about how crazy it is that men hate something that is a part of them, but how their ways of, perhaps, acknowledging that are all fucked up too.


      3. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Sorry, I did not mean to imply that you did not know the rest – it was a clarification reply.

        Patriarchy is built on a lot of reversals, and once you understand that, feminist thought all falls into place. We are told by patriarchy that male is the default human, and no it is not, they just like to think of themselves that way. Female is the default human, that is why, on average, we outlive them. They are a subset of the species, not the primary. And the species does not need them in the numbers that currently exist, which may be why the Y chromosome is mutating itself out of existence. Of course, that might not happen quickly enough, before they destroy the entire planet.

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  8. Jim Heckel

    Note to Vikki – you got yourself a nice new look. You could stand to lose the flower and maybe part your hair to the right and put it in a ponytail, bro.

    Yeah, I said bro, because that is what you are. I wasn’t being sarcastic about your femme looks, either – they really are pretty nice! That said, you need to stop calling yourself a woman – you’re a gender nonconforming man. Be gender nonconforming, but do NOT be space-invasive.

    You’re not a lesbian, bro. Lesbians are women sexually / romantically attracted to women, either predominantly or exclusively. You’re not a woman, bro.

    Lastly, that blouse is totally not you. With your complexion, you should go with basic black. I see you looking pretty sweet in a black blazer, acid-washed jeans, black loafers, and white tee, k.d. lang style. Throw in some plain silver earrings and a subtle-yet-dramatic silver pendant on a red silk cord, and you’re styling to the max, bro.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      You are weirding me out dude, with your fashion tips to twannies!
      I am a fashion-abstainer. This language is foreign to me, I wasn’t even sure how to describe the leafy pattern on the dress.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Jim Heckel

        If I sounded like a creeper there, I surely do apologize. It’s just that I’ve always been a bit of a dandy in the fashion department. To each their own, of course. :o)


  9. Hilda Sweck

    what’s the difference? I mean, in one his tongue is stuck out and in the other he has flower, but otherwise they look the same; flushed drunk cheeks, smug facial expression, nose like a boulder, etc…

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      but but but… “resplendent in orchid eye shadow” (which looks like a nasty blusher accident)

      Not sure how much mileage I will get out of that ‘resplendent orchid eye shadow’ thing, but seems to be really good value! 🙂

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