More from the TJMSU Department! (twanzbaybees)


For those not in the know, TJMSU is Twanz Just Making Shit Up (Department).

Baybees, dear gawd, won’t anyone think of the twanz baybees, coercively assigned a jendah at birth? (CAJAB) First, go read the article…. it’s ok, I’ll wait….

Ah good, you’re back. And you have recovered from viewing the photo of the doctor counting fingers, and telling you to still count the figures, but dear dawg, don’t let the doctor do THIS to your baybee….

In reality, this treatment is performed almost universally without even asking for the parents’ consent, making this practice all the more insidious. It’s called infant gender assignment: When the doctor holds your child up to the harsh light of the delivery room, looks between its legs, and declares his opinion: It’s a boy or a girl, based on nothing more than a cursory assessment of your offspring’s genitals.

Fucking doofus. Conflating sex with jendah. Not the same thing. Reproductive sex – a defineable thing, except for less than 1% of intersex cases due to developmental abnormalities. Jendah – a societal set of rules/roles based on the sex caste, particularly those who are female. Nope, they don’t now, nor ever did “infant jendah assignment”, but they always did “sex determination”.

But knock it off with the expression “looks between its legs”. It’s pretty fucking easy to tell, without the creepy ‘between the legs’ thing – peen are pretty much in front of the pelvic bone, so yanno, a case of “I see a peen” or “I don’t see a peen”, and even little children can tell. No surprises that the author is an M2T (a web developer, and probably has a Lazy Tranny Name) and explains the creeptastic ‘between the legs’ expression and obsession:


So no need to ‘look between the legs’ unless you are checking for assholes, and maybe, in the case of M2Ts, that check may be warranted.

We tell our children, “You can be anything you want to be.” We say, “A girl can be a doctor, a boy can be a nurse,” but why in the first place must this person be a boy and that person be a girl? Your infant is an infant. Your baby knows nothing of dresses and ties, of makeup and aftershave, of the contemporary social implications of pink and blue. As a newborn, your child’s potential is limitless. The world is full of possibilities that every person deserves to be able to explore freely, receiving equal respect and human dignity while maximizing happiness through individual expression.

You are talking again about jendah roles, doofus. And we actually agree, jendah roles are bad, mkay? We want to abolish jendah roles.

With infant gender assignment, in a single moment your baby’s life is instantly and brutally reduced from such infinite potentials down to one concrete set of expectations and stereotypes, and any behavioral deviation from that will be severely punished—both intentionally through bigotry, and unintentionally through ignorance. That doctor (and the power structure behind him) plays a pivotal role in imposing those limits on helpless infants, without their consent, and without your informed consent as a parent. This issue deserves serious consideration by every parent, because no matter what gender identity your child ultimately adopts, infant gender assignment has effects that will last through their whole life.

The stereotypes, again are jendah roles. Nice attempt at perverting feminist power analysis, but as I said, even little kids can tell who has a willy and who doesn’t. The ‘informed consent’ is also another appropriation of feminist language, knock it off dude. And jendah role imposition usually affects females for their whole lives, but for dudes like you, a member of the upper caste, you are not imprisoned into just the one role, it is the privilege of oppressor to appropriate the place (role) of the oppressed class, and of course then claim you are even moar oppressed within that class or caste, even though you have been laydee for all of five minutes. F2Ts are just a few tokens you let play along.

And believe it or not, this laydee works for a healthcare company, and has trouble understanding the difference between reproductive sex from jendah roles. Obviously they have a low-bar in hiring, or were just ticking the ‘diversity’ boxes.

Our laydee finishes with:

Is it better to play the odds, or play it safe? Think carefully. Infant gender assignment might just be Russian roulette with your baby’s life.

Tosser. But hey, we are very helpful here at TSF. So we suggest a practical solution to determining a baybee’s internal jendah!

At birth, don’t look down at the diaper region! Oh no! We have designed a fail-safe way of determining that internal, sacred, innate jendah!

One grotty blue card, with pictures of transformers and mechano; and one very sparkly pink card. Hold both cards in front of baybee. Whichever card baybee looks at will determine their inner sacred jendah! (Test note: if baybee is sleepy, just wake that little sucker up, THIS IS THE MOSTEST IMPORTANT MOMENT OF THE BAYBEE’S LIFE, so wake the fuck up baybee).

We are in development of intrauterine testing, after all, there will be twanzbaybeegirlygirls who will be imprisoned within the hostile environment of the womb, unable to express their inner sacred jendah identitah. Dear dawg, we can totally understand the unresolved issues of neglect for not having a pinky sparkly womb environment. Damn that selfish incubator mother, with her ‘spoils of motherhood‘, this is about the most oppressed of the oppressed foetuses if they don’t get a pink sparkly uterine environment.

Take this seriously, lest you end up with THIS:


Miep channels twanzgirlybaybee oppression


From the last thread, FabFro alerted me to this week’s Tootsie’s view on the CAJAB thing!

I have a disconnect between the gender stapled to me at birth and the woman I am in mind, heart, and soul.

I have but one question…. did they use THIS?


Stapling Jendah to baybees since forever

Man, that’s gotta hurt! Particularly stapling the laydeewang into the tuck position!

24 thoughts on “More from the TJMSU Department! (twanzbaybees)

  1. FabFro

    “At birth, don’t look down at the diaper region! Oh no! We have designed a fail-safe way of determining that internal, sacred, innate jendah!

    One grotty blue card, with pictures of transformers and mechano; and one very sparkly pink card. Hold both cards in front of baybee. Whichever card baybee looks at will determine their inner sacred jendah! (Test note: if baybee is sleepy, just wake that little sucker up, THIS IS THE MOSTEST IMPORTANT MOMENT OF THE BAYBEE’S LIFE, so wake the fuck up baybee).”
    LOL! Careful now, that sounds like some high-tech stuff new-gen folk won’t be able to handle!

    Also, I had to stop reading that article as it went on too long and kept repeating itself. But I figured it was a MtT who wrote that as the way he kept going on about the horrors of ‘gender assignment’. I just kept thinking “What doctor acts like this? Why did he not take off his mask when talking to the mom? What doctor says this? WHO ACTS THIS WAY?!”, and then you confirmed my wonderings that indeed, a dood who has the deep, deep longings to be a female wrote that crap.

    I like CAJAB. It works well when saying “He got CAJAB’ed right in the crotch!”. And for no reason at all, I feel like saying: Abra-CAJABRA [the RA stands for Right Away <_<]! Oh, maybe that's what those evvvvvvaaaall doctors say when they assign the poor, poor babies a jendah [not sex, because that's not important] at birth. I can just picture it now as the doctor, still wearing his mask, cause you, evaaaall, snatches the screaming baby away from the arms of the loving mother, who is helpless to stop him. The baby screams in terror as it knows what the doctor is about to do to it. Thus, no one can save the helpless baby as it's placed on a cold [ritual], steel table upon which the doctor casts the eval spell on the baby [ABRA-CAJABRA! I now pronounce you a boy!]. The nurses just stand by smirking smuggly and applauds the doctor on another job well done with misjendahering a baby.

    But don't worry folks, this story has a happy ending. Yes, you see that's what the trans community is for; they correct the wrong and set so many free from that curse.

    [I should quit playing like that lest some big, hulking laydee dood actually take me serious, while exclaiming "Yes, finally, someone gets it!".]

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      I have an ever better proposal, so that no twanzbaybees have to go through the twauma (and crime!) of being misjendah’d throughout their lives! When we see the willy (is that girlywang?) at birth, we chop them off. All of them, so that no there is no chance of any twanzbaybee having the burden of that embarrassing ‘distended clit’. I am sure all other dudes will agree to this, so twanz don’t suffer! They can grow up to be twanzgirls, and onto twanzwomanhood. Of course, we will still provide them with speshul snowflake restrooms, to acknowledge how far more oppressed they are.

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  2. Motherhood

    This guy had the unfucking mitigated gall to tell parents anything. Moron we know the sex in most cases way before the birth. These men need to stay far away from mothers’ and their children. We do not need his input . Maybe they will keep pushing their layee dicks in and people will realize they are out of control narcissistic idiots slaves to a very tedious fetish of pink and dick, eyeliner, and dick, heals, and dick, and air kisses, and now pass him a Kleenex–quick.

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      1. Motherhood

        From what I can see the lib fems can’t fall over themselves fast enough to play handmaiden to all the new overlords on the block–gay men who want commercial surrogacy and have breeding pens for reproductive slaves and their uneasy fellows, the even less charming and more abusive Twanz, who want every female to role play in their sexual fantasy. I hope peak comes soon. I can’t figure out what is taking so long. I have no history with feminism–for real not, run of the mill straight lady and even I peaked in seconds. Today someone sent me a copy of the. NOW Strategy Summit in 2015–pro T up the ying yang, pro surrogacy, pro porn, pro prostitution. Really depressing for women–oh they mention WOC in academic jobs– feel uncomfortable even after tenure. And that is the level of their concerns about women. But the boys–need support and $$$$

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      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Yes, the ‘pro-pornstitution’ stuff that comes with supporting twanz – why couldn’t the anti-porn libfems see THAT conflict of interest?

        Many regular women see through this very quickly. It is just the general population of women don’t know what is happening, and by the time they do, it will be too late. The ladies loo’s will eventually be full to the rafters with laydees playing with their laydeepeens™ and hogging the mirror as they adore themselves.

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  3. Motherhood

    Pro prostitution and Twanz seem like logical go together–pure commercial exploitation and misogyny, and the importance of the male sexual pleasure. The ladies loo–try being in hospital, out flat, dead of night. And they bring one in howling, cursing , and he of course has his “rep” with him because his rights are very important. And since he just stabbed someone he is handcuffed to the gurney. And all night he threatens that stupid bitch cunt because his rights are being discriminated against and she has a better pillow. I really hope people wake up. I do not think just women crying out will help–gay men need to call these guys out. Maybe when they get too expensive and do enough damage–

    they are equally offensive and terrifying. “oh that wasn’t rape that was the laydee peen” College campuses–those poor girls can’t come forward when it is a frat boy they will never come forward on this–they’ll be call twanzphobic.


  4. Hecuba

    Where to begin? Because biological male believes he can magically transform himself into a female he believes all new born babies have ‘gender’ forced on them by individual doctors!

    News flash women-hating male – you men were the ones who created gender in order to justify male domination over all women and girls. Gender is a male created social construction to justify male oppression of females. The term sex roles was once used to describe how men have always assigned women inferior roles by claiming women are ‘feminine whereas men are ‘masculine.’ Men have always defined masculinity as traits and characteristics which are positive and hence can only be applied to biological males. ‘Femininity’ are traits and characteristics which biological males believe are ‘inferior’ and hence are assigned to biological females. Being a biological female means being innately inferior to the default human who is always male. This is how men maintain their pseudo male sex right to dominate and oppress women and girls.

    However this biological male ‘wants to have his cake and eat it!’ He believes gender is sex and that it is ‘gender’ which those individual powerful (sex undefined of course) doctors are imposing on newborn babies.

    The biological fact that new born babies are predominantly either female or male would not matter were it not for the fact men centuries ago created their Male Supremacist System in order to justify and maintain male oppression over all females. Yes some babies are born ‘inter-sexed’ but they are not ‘transsexuals/transgendered.’

    So to resolve the issue I agree with Dave Squirrel – remove male babies’ penises immediately they are born and this will ensure biological male babies do not grow up as having been ‘misgendered!’

    There problem solved at one stroke! I too believe all biological men will immediately agree because there are so many biological males who have been ‘misgendered’ as male when in fact despite their biology they are – wait for it – transfemales. But, but, but this would disrupt mens’ lie that biological males are the definitive human species and how would men justify their male pseudo sex right to oppress women and keep their male power over all females? Possession of the penis is what supposedly defines the default human and removing that organ means taking away male power over all biological females.

    Mutilating a new born biological male is nonsensical but no more nonsensical than biological mens’ lies that they can magically transform themselves into biological females. But the lies these men utter proves what we Radical Feminists have been saying for eons and that is whatever lies/nonsense men utter it is always accepted as ‘the definitive truth’ and even when these lies are shown to be lies – men always have an excuse/justification for uttering said lies.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      “Yes some babies are born ‘inter-sexed’ but they are not transsexuals/transgendered.’ “

      Which confirms that libfems are indeed throwing the legitimately ‘disabled’ under the bus, in order to support this twanz nonsense. Shame on you, libems!

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  5. Hilda Sweck

    or hey, we could just stop being sexists and forcing women to do certain things while men do others, and simply allow people to do what they want! Yes, our sexes matter, since hey, medicine differs for women and men, and obviously there are biological differences, but you know what? If people were not so obsessed with sex stereotypes (gender) like that man is, then we wouldn’t have half as many issues, because no one would tell a little boy that he can’t wear a dress, anymore than I as a little girl was forced to wear one (I hated wearing dresses; guess what, that doesn’t make me any less of a girl!).

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    1. Jim Heckel

      Ms Sweck, you totally nailed it. I can relate, but from the perspective of a man who enjoys ‘girly’ things (I’m listening to an Amy Grant track right now). I get teased a lot, but at the end of the day, I really don’t care.


  6. cherryblossomlife

    Before I gave birth I had read too much about doctor incompetence and negligence that I decided there would be no doctors, and certainly no men, at the birth. I birthed at a midwife’s house.
    I find the above photo really disturbing because men shouldn’t be allowed access to birthing women or newborns simply because they don’t give birth themselves therefore have no legitimacy and no business being involved in it. But the main point I want to make is the misogynistic mind set of transwomen who believe that a doctor is necessary at all at birth, when stats show they CAUSE more problems with meddling and interference.
    I’ve written a blog post called “Doctor Assigned Sex”

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  7. Jim Heckel

    You do realise that the pink / blue card thing wouldn’t have worked 100 years ago, right? Back then, pink was for boys and blue was for girls. No kidding; look it up. Lots of things we call manly to-day were girly in the 19th century; a lot of things we called girly then are manly to-day. Gender roles change; biological sex has been the same since the first proto-human gained sentience.

    My idea: Go ahead and check if the baby has a penis, but don’t get all Penn Statey about it. Just look and make a note. Then give the baby a good, unisex environment with unisex toys, making concessions to the child’s sex based only on biological necessity. Use gender-neutral terms for everything not directly related to biological sex (yes, the epicene ‘they’ is acceptable English, regardless of what the grammar trolls may tell you). Once the generation raised this way takes over, bye-bye patriarchy. Oh, the patriarchy may continue to rule in a ceremonial role, much like old European monarchies, but it will have very little actual power.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      You do realise that the pink / blue card thing wouldn’t have worked 100 years ago, right? Back then, pink was for boys and blue was for girls.

      Yes, I am already aware of that. Proving again, that the twanz claims of “liking the colour pink since childhood” is a load of bullshit. It’s just a fucking colour (albeit, a bit of a wishywashy colour), pink just happens to be currently assigned to the gender role ‘feminine’ (or to the caste of females). I think the change was somewhere around WWII, but I do not recall exactly when, and cannot be bothered looking it up.

      While the ‘gender-role-neutral’ is a good aim, it is impossible to control in the wider world (under patriarchy)—at school, other adults, will all try to undermine any gender-role neutrality. Patriarchy actually requires gender roles to function, which is why it is hard to be a parental conscientious objector of sorts. That is not to say ‘genderqueer’ is much solution, even though the draft version on paper may have sounded good, in practice it is a bunch of uni students being kewl and hip. Most of us will still be ‘read’ as our biological sex, fairly hard to cover.

      Which basically leaves the Radfem To Do List as:
      1) Get rid of patriarchy
      2) Have a nice glass of wine (or beer; I am equal ops on this)
      3) Think the first two will keep us busy, so will think of #3 later, when sober

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      1. Sugarpuss

        Just escaped a Cat 3 twanz pelting on twitter. Holy shit, the sheer depth of their delusions is just unbelievable. They were totally pushing that brain-sex pseudoscience crap. And of course, I’m not “educated” enough (according to one cretin) to recognize the, apparently, limitless number of genital configurations & brain-sex combos that exist.

        90% of their criticisms involved the accusation of TWANZPHOBIA!111! (default idiot mode, when nothing better comes to mind, I suppose) and very dramatic, over-reactions such as “you’re vile”, “you’re evil”, and “you’re sick” (except they used the the improper form “your”). Lot’s of vulgarity too. They can never seem to get through a single tweet without dropping an F-bomb or making some crude reference to female genitalia. Truly disgusting creatures.

        I spent a good deal of time muting & blocking the outpouring of sleaze. They keep crawling out of the woodwork, like cockroaches, making flippant remarks. Reply to one, and you might as well be replying to them all; telephone, telegram & tell-a-tranny. And there’s no actual intelligent debate to be had with most of them; any questioning of gender norms or acknowledgment of biological sex is automatically, as you already know, “transphobic”. LOL! Geez, what a hot mess.

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  8. judysdreamofhorses

    “And jendah role imposition usually affects females for their whole lives, but for dudes like you, a member of the upper caste, you are not imprisoned into just the one role, it is the privilege of oppressor to appropriate the place (role) of the oppressed class, and of course then claim you are even moar oppressed within that class or caste, even though you have been laydee for all of five minutes. F2Ts are just a few tokens you let play along.”

    That is a delightfully succinct summation of my peak trans moment, that moment the true “transwoman”/”ciswoman” oppression power dynamic was completely apparent to me for the anti-feminist reversal it is. Oppressor claims he is not an oppressor, but he is instead an equal member of the oppressed class. But!! On top of that, he is oppressed by the rest of that oppressed class because their oppressed status has been acknowledged and enforced since birth; he’s doubly oppressed for being born into the oppressor class. It’s fucking nonsense! And not very well hidden under all their meaningless and obfuscating jendah jargon. I’ve been trying to articulate it for myself for a while with no success, so thanks.

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