Why TERFs are good, and should NOT DIAF


Just another day at the office. Of course, transgenderists and their supporters *insist* TERF is not used as a slur! The above screenshot from Terf is a slur on tumblr.

What about these other ‘TERFs’, should they also ‘DIAF’?

Like the Canadian organisation New Directions in Manitoba, for about 30 years, has been helping exited women (primarily Aboriginal/Metis) and youth with their TERF programme:

TERF (Transition, Education & Resources for Females)

Cree name: Ta Ka Ke Pimatisichik Iskwewak “Letting in the Light for Women”

TERF is a transition and healing program for children, youth, adults and transgender individuals who have been exploited through the sex trade (prostitution).

TERF assists to stabilize living situations, promote healthy lifestyles and build confidence and self-esteem.

Yes, that’s right, this TERF actually assists transgendered persons as well. Just how many is in their report (thanks to JSR for finding the table in the huge PDF):

Even the so-called ‘sex-positive feminists’ cannot disapprove of services aimed at those who want to exit prostitution.

*** *** *** *** ***

What about this non-profit research organisation, “TERF” or Toxic Elements Research Foundation. This organisation has also been around for about 30 years.

Toxic Elements Research Foundation (TERF), a non profit research foundation, announces it series of health dental related health care reports under the title of ‘Elements of Disease.’

Toxicity, or the inadvertent poisoning of our population, is the focal point of the Toxic Element Research Foundation.  For the past thirty years, TERF has funded a wide variety of research to discover the connection between dental materials and health. Its primary focus was its research on Mercury containing dental amalgam (silver) fillings and the dangers associated with it. The FDA has finally admitted many of these dangers. TERF has turned its attention to other dental materials and procedures, and is now releasing the results of this highly controversial research to the news media and general public.

This first series of reports identifies various factions of blood tests that demonstrate extremely unhealthy aspects of not only common silver mercury fillings, but introduces the role of bacterial toxins from root canals, dental implants and cavitations. A surprising expose is presented on ‘cavitations’, or defects in the bone where wisdom teeth were removed. Through the use of sophisticated DNA technology, identification of the especially damaging anaerobic bacteria (those who live in the absence of oxygen) that are found in root canals and cavitations has shed new light on the potential cause and advanced treatment for diseases thought to be incurable. This research confirms data discovered and presented to the American Dental Association over ninety years ago.

They too, sound to be a worthy organisation, and should not “DIAF”.

*** *** *** *** ***

Or what about these US organisations (SIFT & TERF), encouraging high school students to go into the environmental sciences?

Originated in 2008 through a grant from the National Science Foundation, SIFT (Shaw Institute for Field Training) and TERF (Tyson Environmental Research Fellowships) are a collaboration between WUSTL’s Tyson Research Center and the Shaw Nature Reserve to give high school students experience in environmental research.

“This program gives pre-college students authentic engagement in the environmental sciences,” says Susan K. Flowers, assistant director of the Institute for School Partnership, who has overseen the program since its inception. “They work alongside our scientists, doing actual fieldwork and research. These students are doing exactly what our undergraduates are doing.”

Sounds good, and they should not “DIAF” either.

*** *** *** *** ***

This TERF is a small US non-profit, working on the local community level, helping the disadvantaged in the community:

A Mount Sterling non-profit is providing bags of hope to members of its community.

‘The TERF Project’–also known as the Terri E. Rice Foundation–helps underprivileged students and their families.

“We have three focuses: the ‘Wow Pal Program’, ‘Baskets of Hope’, and ‘Food for Change’,” said the project’s director, Tonia Witt.

The ‘Wow Pal Program’ sets up underprivileged students with an anonymous donor, who then provides basic necessities to the student once a month. Those necessities can include deodorant, soap, or clothes–though the occasional bag of candy makes its way through. Donors also include a letter to the student, encouraging them to keep their heads up.

‘Baskets of Hope’ has the same general concept, except there are no anonymous donors–laundry baskets are filled with household necessities and distributed throughout the year.

‘Food for Change’ is an in-school program that provides snack money to children who need it.

Witt said one in ten middle school children is helped by The TERF Project.

Fantastic community spirit, and no, they should not “DIAF” either.

*** *** *** *** ***

What about the Tejendraprasadji Education And Research Foundation in Naranpura, Ahmedabad? Yes, a “TERF” school.


Looks pretty, should not “DIAF” either.

*** *** *** *** ***

Nor should you threaten radical feminists with “DIAF”. We  effectively function as a non-profit, doing all our work for females on a voluntary basis. We are not under obligation to expand our work to include other groups, other than our own historically oppressed group, which is based on our reproductive capacity and our shared experience of girlhood under patriarchy.

6 thoughts on “Why TERFs are good, and should NOT DIAF

  1. James Heckel

    Let’s face it, the radfems are the only ones with any degree of common sense. Sex isn’t dependent on how you feel; it’s dependent on one’s genetics – Y chromosome means male, period. Women’s spaces are for women only, not men who think they’re women. We guys have been treating women like scum for so long, I can’t say I blame them for wanting to meet without us. I mean, you never see women invading Masonic lodges or Knights of Columbus meeting halls, right? Let’s return that respect when it comes to Michfest or the women’s student union or wherever. Anyway, what we need to do is to tear down artificial gender roles – why can’t feminine men or tomboy women be accepted as they are without any bulldust about how they can’t be themselves because of gender stereotypes? That way, gender nonconforming people – yes, self included – can express ourselves as we wish without pressure to either ‘man up’ or become trans ‘women’. So yeah, I’m totally backing up the radfems on this gender bit – smash gender, demolish it forever. Just as the fall of the Berlin Wall began the sequence of events which caused the USSR to fall, so too will the fall of the Gender Roles Wall begin the sequence of events which bring down the patriarchy. Women – and us gender nonconforming men – will be equal and safe. See you at the victory party when we win – I’ll be the guy in the ponytail, pink tee, stonewashed jeans and white tennies.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hecuba

    Horrible!! So that male created insult being constantly directed at real Radical Feminists who in mens’ minds have the audacity to challenge male lies also refers to those non-profit organisations. Well done men for demonstrating your vile hatred of real biological women includes your promoting hatred of non-profit organisations.

    Don’t even attempt to make the non-claim ‘we don’t mean those non-profit organisations’ because the public will only see and recognise TERF is a male created insult and this insulting term is being directed at non-profit organisations as well as at those non-human creatures collectively termed real females.’
    ‘DIAF’ is another male created vile insult telling real women and those non-profit organisations to ‘die in a fire.’ Rational thinking? In your dreams boys and don’t even begin to claim ‘how dare you challenge my laydeez brain because if I say sky is pink it is pink and if I say TERFS is not vile propaganda dehumanising women (just as the Nazis dehumanised Jewish women and men) then it is not.’ Always believe the lies of the male dominators never the lived experiences of real biologically born females.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sugarpuss

    It’s funny how the trans camp is almost exclusively focused on the alleged hardships of “transwomen”. A dude in a dress is the face of transgenderism. The female-bodied “transmen” are shoved into the background, practically an afterthought. If that isn’t a valid example of how this trans thing is just patriarchy repackaged as “diversity”, I don’t know what is. Most of these trannies are white heterosexual males, ffs! This bullshit “transition” is for show only. They know gullible LibFems will eat it up like candy, and enable their misogynistic FAB hate. Just a few moments ago, I saw saw some idiot talking about how she “calls out TERFs” and how they “get Feminism wrong”…. and this was said in the comment section of an article regarding the AVFM conference debacle. She was trashing them for their misogyny, but embracing the hateful TERF acronym because she’s such a Good Feminist™.

    Fuck that shit.

    Liked by 2 people


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