TwanzKids !


It’s totally ossum that twanzjacktivists want to recognise the ‘sacred inner jendah identiah’ of children, and put them on a life-long course of drugs and treatments in order to recognise their inner jendah. (hey No.3 you loser, no one wants to BE Robin! get a fucking clue!)

Yep, here at the Twanzphobic Institute of Anti-Twanzphobia, we are committed to recognising the Sacred Internal Identiahs of Twanzjendahs, no matter what their ages.


Oh yeah, this one is definitely Pumpkin-jendah! We will start you on the veggie hormones STAT!


Yep yep yep, we have never seen a clear case of Inner Wonderwoman, ever. You dress it, you are it!


Little dude on the left, you are indeed the winner of Twanz Oppression Olympics, being both Twanz Superman AND Twanz Batman, zomg, I can just feeeeeeel the multiple oppressions from here.


Commitment! Must have the bedding! zmog, you are so very serious about your Sacred Jendah Identiah!


The lunchbox goes without saying! (whoops, sorry twanzwomen, did not mean to draw attention to your laydeepeens!)


Hey Spidey, we seriously need to build you a web to live in!


You go dudes, live the twanz dream!

So the proposed “therapy” for all the twanz kids, is to sugically sew on a cape and facemask, tattoo them with the appropriate insignia, and always refer to them as their Secret Superhero Identiah! Because we all know that kids never ever dress up as stuff as fun, it is always deadly serious jendah identiah stuff, and maybe there is a talkshow spot in it for the parents, eh?

Get fucking real you Gender Nazis (aka twanzjactivists). If boys want to wear dresses or play with tea sets, let them. If girls want to climb trees or collect frogs, let them. It does NOT mean they are the ‘opposite gender’ (or opposite sex) at all.

Gender roles are the most conservative, repressive, bullshit about. They are anti-feminist. This is what transgenderism is about.

ETA: Really good, related post from last year:

10 thoughts on “TwanzKids !

  1. James Heckel

    Whoever thought up this transkids garbage needs to go to gaol for child abuse. Gender roles suck; let the kids play any way they want. You say you want full equality between the sexes? Make our culture as unisex as possible; the only things classed as male only / female only will be based on biological necessity (eg. no pap smears for men or prostate checks for women). Then you’ll see patriarchy dissolve like sugar into coffee.


  2. Sugarpuss

    A little something to make you puke:

    The ruling prompted two justices to call for swift action by lawmakers to update their laws, since Thursday’s ruling means that in any public facility, men can assert a right to use women’s bathrooms and vice versa.

    Dissenting Justice Andrew M. Mead said that the way the majority construed the Maine Human Rights Act, it “prevents the denial of access to any public bathroom on the basis of a person’s sex.”

    The result is that the human rights law is now on “a collision course” with the well-established social practice that men and women use separate bathrooms, he wrote.

    Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley, who joined the majority, said in a separate concurring opinion that lawmakers should step in.

    “Put simply, it could now be argued that it would be illegal discrimination for a restaurant, for example, to prevent a man from using the woman’s communal bathroom, and vice versa,” Justice Saufley wrote in her concurrence.


  3. nefariousvulva

    When I was a kid, my mom made me an awesome Robin costume 😛 I guess I’m the only person who wanted to be Robin (actually I think she convinced me to be Robin because it was difficult to sew a Batman mask).

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    1. Sugarpuss

      And they are acting as if this is some majorly revolutionary thing!

      “You don’t act like a woman/man is supposed to act, based on socially/culturally constructed norms, therefore you are transgendered”. <<<< Translogic, in a nutshell.

      I can't believe how many people are falling for it, and see it as a positive thing. This isn't progress, this is conformity.

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    1. Hilda Sweck

      and don’t forget about the discrimination against hatchets! I mean, calling them ugly is lik, SOO offensive! And don’t forget that sometimes faces can identify as hatchets, and some hatchets can identify as faces, and it’s rude to point out when one looks like the other, or is the other, because we must all respect each other’s imaginary identities!



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