Some not-so-random misogyny


…from an M2T, why are we not surprised?

Male socialisation trains males to believe that they do everything better than females – even vagina-having apparently. The moron that typed the Tumblr also reverses “real woman”, considering himself to be a “real woman”, and we ‘random vagina havers’ as ‘not real women’. More layers of misogyny than the average onion.

Never mind that in well over 99%* of actual females, a vagina is connected to a cervix and uterus, and forms part of a complex female reproductive system. It is NOT merely a fuckhole to be penetrated, the only purpose for one of those surgically constructed manginas, an inverted penis. Nor do we have to maintain our naturally occuring vaginas by dilation. [*excludes less than 1% of females with physical reproductive birth defects]

Of course, this is not the first time we have heard twanzwomen dismiss actual female reproductive biology, Serano is such an arrogant prick, he described female reproductive issues as ‘boring’ and that these issues should be dismissed in favour of prioritising the issues of twanzwomen.

Except, what is that large grey mammal with big floppy ears, tusks, and a trunk in the living room?

The root of misogyny and female subjugation – our female biology. It is not the ‘assigned female gender role of woman’ that continues to target us for sexism from birth, it is our future, potential, reproductive functions as female, the female gender role is merely the method of enacting sexism and misogyny upon us.

The root cause of misogyny, worldwide, across time and space, is to control female reproductive function. The only way males can have any control upon reproduction is to control us.

This is true across race, class, and time (with some slight exception in matriarchal cultures).

And a surgically created fuckhole does not qualify.

Females are more than fuckholes for male use.

And no, you will never know what it is like to fear forced or unwanted impregnation via your surgically created fuckhole that leads to nowhere.

Female erasure and the erasure of the reality of being female is the goal of twanzfleminism. The ‘more claim on womanhood’ is just more fucking ridiculous misogynist nonsense coming from the twanz.

And thanks to your ‘brilliant frankensurgeons’, the phrase “go fuck yourself” now takes on a somewhat literal meaning*.
[*thanks Luckynkl, I paraphrased your observations!]

19 thoughts on “Some not-so-random misogyny

  1. Miep

    This post discriminates against wobot twanspeople, who are just so much more superior and generally awesome than those lousy meat ones!


  2. sharonredwood

    A vagina is an actual organ that is part of the female reproductive system. Babies emerge from the vagina to greet the outside world. A “neovagina” on a biological male is essentially an artificially created cavity that basically sits there. What does it do? It’s function is to act as a recepticle for penetration. Similar to any gaping wound, a “neovagina” has to be dilated basically for the life time of the patient or it will constrict like any other wound in the body. Skin from the penis is usually used to line the “neovagina”. Sometimes a section of the colon is used. If skin from the penis is used, it isn’t going to lubricate naturally like a vagina does. If a section of the colon is used, it often lubricates too much and can have an odor. Skin from the scrotum is often used to fashion “labia”. It’s not like the penis and scrotum completely disappear. It’s just rearranged in a different way.

    To compare a part of the female reproductive system with a “neovagina” really shows how ignorant and misogynistic they are.

    Vaginas are perfectly crafted by nature.

    “Of course, this is not the first time we have heard twanzwomen dismiss actual female reproductive biology.”

    I completely agree with this statement. They don’t just dismiss female reproductive systems, by the way they talk, they find it utterly repulsive.

    Even if they get a “neovagina”, the prostate is still left intact after sex reassignment surgery. If surgeons removed the prostate, these men could be incontinent. The prostate is close to the bladder. So, their “neovagina” has to be constantly dilated with a plastic or metal rod and their prostate still needs to be checked out whether or not they get their testicles cut off. After SRS, fistulas and other complications can occur. Some biological females who “transition” have to undergo a second or third surgery to correct what the first surgeon did.

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    1. Sorakeyblademaster37

      “I completely agree with this statement. They don’t just dismiss female reproductive systems, by the way they talk, they find it utterly repulsive.”

      That’s exactly the way they seem. Considering that the type of twanny who literally gets their knickers in a twist over their delusions is actually a gay male with a disturbing fetish rather than a straight male with a disturbing fetish, this isn’t surprising. Being a bisexual man, I’ve seen a lot of gay men that, from the way they talk, implies a disgustingly rabid hatred of female sexual organs, if they don’t just outright say so. Indeed, some of them are just outright misogynists, despite their highly effeminate behavior. Of course, they seem to hate the vast majority of people in general.

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  3. morag99

    Male trans and men in general prefer symbolic femaleness to real female bodies. In their paintings, films, poems and literature, female is an idea. The vagina-as-a-hole is just another idea of theirs, while real vaginas–which birth, bleed and secrete and which age along with the rest of the female body–is disgusting to them because real vaginas spoil their fantasies.

    It’s no surprise that this particular misogynist thinks that even a stinking flesh wound is better than a woman’s natural genitals. Because the stinking flesh wound owes its existence to an idea formed in a man’s mind. They think they are gods–they really do! Trans “women” function as windows into the male soul. They’re like the picture of Dorian Gray.

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  4. nefariousvulva

    That’s really insulting >:-( My vagina is awesome, it has birthed two babies! Sometimes it’s annoying (menstruating is not fun, yeast infections is not fun). But it’s mine and I like it, and saying it is inferior to a stupid fuckhole is really dumb.

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  5. FabFro

    Great post! And these comments are really informative!

    So it seems that at this rate these doodz would be happy if they got cancer in their neovag.. They’d be like “Guess what ladies? I got lady cancer!! Looks like I gotta go to my gynecologist! Wish me luck!”
    And you’ll be thinking “DOOD! YOU HAVE CAN CER! CANCER!“. It’s like who gets freakin proud to get cancer? These doodz! Cause it means they’re ‘passing’ and apparently that’s all that matters…

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Some of them are already lining up at women’s health centres to get pap smears.
      Last time I looked, sewn up end of dick did not equal a cervix.

      That is another fucked up thing, every female I know hates going to the gynecologist – but these dudes think it is fun, and proof of their (bought) ‘womanhood’. Proving once again, these dudes have no idea what “feels like a woman” actually means.

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  6. Motherhood

    Ah the hand crafted external penis and scrotum skin turned into a blind pouch. Purty, looks and feels just like a shoe, scar tissue, bone dry, hair follicles. What sad fools–The surgery is so fraudulent you can almost feel bad for them. And that thing needs more maintenance than a colosomy bag. These men have to dilate it several times a day forever so it does not close up. It needs buckets of lube to even approximate anything. Most men say they really can feel the difference because it is penis tissue and does not respond in anyway like a vagina–that erectile bit, dead give away–dry, erect equals a dick. If they think it is like a real one, fine great. If they are wondering why they are constantly dumped because most men want women once they played the fetish out they should perhaps research how vaginas respond–pro tip–they ain’t made from erectile tissues and stubble riddled scrotums. We do not have clumps of impacted hairs in ours—-holy fuck are these men deluded. Can you imagine when the doc takes a look down their–hahahahah. I would pay money to see the expression of their face–excuse me sir but your fuck hole looks a tad bit short and dry sir, how much did you say this cost you.

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      oh dear dawg, my eyes, my eyes!
      I had the misfortune to look at the photos, No.3 – Candace Suzanne, aka “Miss Suzi”
      Yup, grown-assed man, dressed up like a five year old girl, not creepy in the slightest! nosiree

      There could well be enough material in that article for a post. I checked out the author’s (Tammy Reed) bio, second sentence:
      “Being a pre-op transgender woman herself, Tammy has lived most of her adult life as both a woman and a professional writer.”

      Obviously Tammy is fond of his laydee peen, has no intention of getting rid of it, and uses his bio page as an defacto advertisement for ‘chick with dick’. Classy Tammy, classy!

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      1. FabFro

        There could well be enough material in that article for a post

        There was so much wrong and weird…and, and the comments!…oh my. It needs to be dismantled in the way that only Dave the Squirrel could do it.

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      2. parallelexistence

        There could well be enough material in that article for a post

        There’s probably enough there for a whole book. And as ever the really scary thing is that it’s not just one deluded perv, but a whole army of supporters telling him how wonderful and special he is without any glimmer of analytical thought in sight.

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  7. sharonredwood

    In a way, I feel sorry for males who mutialte their healthy genitals because they spend a lot of money for something that requires a lot of maintenance. If they don’t “dilate” their new fangled, fancy “neovagina” (hand crafted by incredibly skilled people we are told) it can constrict and close like any other wound in the human body. They use special plastic or metal rods. I wonder if they buy them at Wagreens. It sounds painful just thinking about it. I’m happy as heck that women don’t have to go through this torture.

    Our recommended dilation schedule is as follows:

    Week 1 – Week 3 4 times a day

    Week 4 – Week 6 3 times a day

    Week 7 – Week 9 2 times a day

    Week 10 – Week 12 1 times a day

    Week 13 forward – Dilation or intercourse a minimum of once or twice a week for the rest of your life

    Apparently, cats aren’t the only things that can get hairballs.

    “Hair removal from the scrotum prior to MTF is preferable. The scrotal skin is used to add to the length of penile skin to increase depth of the vagina. If hair is left on the scrotal skin, it can continue growing inside the vagina and it will be more difficult to keep the vagina clean. Normal skin shedding can accumulate on the hairs and bacteria can also accumulate eventually causing possible inflammation and infection. Also, with dilations and intercourse, some of the hairs can break off and wind up high up into the apex of the vagina, occasionally causing formation of a “hair ball” which can result in chronic irritation and infection. For this reason, it is always good to have at least one or two speculum vaginal examinations by your doctor, gynecologist, or surgeon each year to make sure the vagina is healthy and free of hair balls.”

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      I know, the manginas are nowhere near like an actual vagina – and any dude getting a mangina that should actually refrain from boasting how much better these manginas are, either that, or refrain from ticking the ‘sane’ box on forms.

      I think it also points to a fairly common phenomenon of what we call “Dudes Lie”.

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    2. morag99

      Mandatory intercourse at least one to two times per week!

      Such is the life of a man-made “woman.” Penetration by some guy’s dick or dick-facsimile every week for LIFE. I want to feel a little sorry for these guys, with their hair balls and high-maintenance, infection-prone body cavities, but I’ll bet they find it validating to their womanhood to be People Who Are Made to be Poked, Prodded and Penetrated. For Life.

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  8. rebel13

    “your surgically created fuckhole that leads to nowhere” OMG Dave, you just get more brilliant all the time. This sounds like it should be a rock song or a nihilist novel or something — “The Fake Fuckhole to Nowhere”


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  9. sellmaeth

    “Tammy has lived most of her adult life as both a woman and a professional writer.”

    Me too, me too. Trouble is, publishers frequently refuse to respect my identity as professional writer and send me rejection letters. It’s really writerphobic. 😦

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