cis-wabbits are bigots


I have always felt like a bunny inside.

I had to get ear affirming surgery to correct a birth defect.

I present no danger to cis-wabbits now that I have been rabbitised. No I don’t have to declare my fang-status.

Snake-wabbits are wabbits because snake-wabbits are wabbits.

Forked tongues ARE wabbit tongues, you bigot.

Scales are wabbit parts, you twanzwabbitphobe.

My desire to enter wabbit holes trumps your fear of snakes.

I call myself a wabbit, so I am a wabbit.

Having fur and hopping about is cis-wabbit privilege.

Being made into stew is cis-wabbit privilege.

How dare you talk about my early snakehood and snakehood privilege, I am fully wabbit now, just like all other wabbits.

I am far more oppressed than cis-wabbits, because I said I am. But I am also exactly the same as cis-wabbits(!)

Dressing up as wabbit in no way mocks wabbits, you should be honoured you cis-wabbit scum.

I look far more wabbit than those cis-bigot rad-wabbits. They just jealous.

I have piece of paper that says “R” for wabbit. Thank you Twanz-wabbit Recognition Panel. Now stfu cis-wabbits.

If you don’t sleep with me, you are a twanz-wabbit bigot. See Cottontail Ceiling for how we are going to make you sleep with twanz-wabbits.

Being mis-specied is the worstest thing ever. I am going to sue.

I spontaneously turned into wabbit after a bee-sting.

I am going to teach Wabbit Studies at the university. I know far more about being a wabbit than those snotty cis-wabbits.

I champion the rights of all snakes locked up in prison for murdering wabbits, because they are all genuine twanz-wabbits for sure. And they should be moved to wabbit jails. I don’t care if they still have their fangs, they pose no danger to cis-wabbits.

I am going to write a book, Wedefining Wealness. Or Whipping Wabbit. No of course nothing to do with my own self absorption and narcissism. But the book will be about meeeeeee.

I don’t care that most twanz-wabbits want to keep their fangs, fangs are a wabbit body part, bigot.

DIAF you cis-wabbit scum.

12 thoughts on “cis-wabbits are bigots

  1. Hecuba

    Wah this is promoting hatred towards real rabbits! How dare such a serious subject as ‘cis privilege’ be reduced to satire even when said satire proves the lie that ‘cis privilege’ can be anything men claim it is because men say so. Just as men magically transforming themselves into females is true because men say it is so!

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  2. morag99

    “I am going to write a book, Wedefining Wealness.”

    Snort. An excerpt:

    “When I was little, before I understood that I was a twanz-wabbit, snakes did terrible things to me. Snakes abused me sexually, physically and emotionally. Because, you see, these abusive snakes could see that I was NOT another snake; they could see that I was really a wabbit. Being grossly mistreated by cis-snakes was an affirmation of my weal wabbitness. Violation, in fact, validated the wabbit-child inside of me.”

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    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Oh dear! That last sentence truly disturbing and more proof of actual snakeness than wabbitness – sorry dude, but wabbits were not put on this earth to be turned into stew by snakes. A truly warped view of wabbitness is all about.


      1. morag99

        Oh, yes. Janet Mock just KNOWS that being sexually assaulted, as well as bought and sold on the street, is objective proof of inner womanliness. Mock is a fount of essential gender wisdom. We wabbits should just jump into the stew! ‘Tis our sacred destiny.


      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Gosh, now those of us cis-wabbits not willing to jump in the stew… zmog, what are we, snakes?

        Reads like a whole lot of MOCKtacular bsdm bottoms and tops crap to me.

        Some of us wabbits refuse to be stew. And try to help other wabbits avoid the stew. But the snakes would hunt us to extinction to avoid that happening. Such is life under the Snakeriarchy.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      I know, this one has always made me LOLSOB – well the sobbing is because the libfems seem to uncritically accept such an impossibility/stupidity.

      ETA: Also, the ‘exactly the same’ is ridiculous from another point of view, given that more than half of twanzwomen are packing peen under their ladyskirts.


  3. redhester

    omg. thissssssssssss. yasssssss! (STANDING OVATION)

    satire is so powerful. snakes hate it when the lowly wabbits LAUGH AT THEM.

    when women laugh, the earth shakes.

    i love it! MOAR! you have a gift for satire. so precise!

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  4. Miep

    I temporarily deactivated my FB account the other day because FB has been getting in the way of my life, not because anybody scared or pissed me off. And today I suddenly get a comment on my reblog of your post, a reblog yes from last April, practically the only real comment I’ve gotten from anyone since I let my blog go mostly dead last spring. A comment complaining about how men have nipples and we are all one happy family and what is my problem?

    “Tori,” I’m like trying to get some plumbing fixed and the tropical rain forest mowed after ten inches of monsoonal rain and I have other shit I’m dealing with as well, okay? This isn’t about you ❤


  5. Miep

    Oh, I forgot, Davina. I posted a note on my WP blog saying I was taking a break from FB. In case my friends thought I blocked them. Maybe that triggered this.

    I used to delete this kind of comment but now I’ve gotten it down to twenty-five words or less responses. And this in only two years.

    “What I Did On My Facebook Vacation: Colored something to copypaste at everyone who tries to tell me penis may be female.” Yeah, I should do that. I could draw a dick on the wall and an equals sign and a male symbol. I could do that.



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