A LOLSOB moment from the twanzqueer politics


Most Ironic Comment of this Century

Coming out of the daily barrage of insults hurled at radfems, comes this little gem – where one really does not know whether to laugh, cry, or maybe both at the same time.

‘TERF’ that is what they call us – Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (as if there was supposedly some ‘Trans Inclusionary’ ones ever! We call that a strawman dudes).

The background, just in case there was anyone on the planet living under a rock, is that radical feminists uphold that there is a difference between someone born, raised and socialised as a female, and someone born, raised and socialised as a male, particularly ‘late transitioners’ who have lived most of their lives as male. And that females raised as females, within a female-hating culture, as an oppressed group, have the right to meet with each other, without males present. But this is apparently the Crime of the Century in TwanzWorld, and females are then posited as oppressors when declaring the need or right for female-only spaces. We call this one a reversal, btw. As well as a false equivalency. We were not born nor socialised into the oppressor group (male). Only a racist would argue that POC-only spaces are discriminatory without a white present – POC being the oppressed group, whites being the oppressor group. Twanz regularly try and twist that analogy to make out that females are the oppressor group (white), which is again a reversal, because it is the male born and socialised that belong to the oppressor group, not females. If you cannot understand that concept, then really, step away from feminism NOW.

Radical feminists are not the only ones under attack for wanting female-only spaces. MichFest, an annual ‘womyn-born-womyn’ (WBW or FAB-only) music festival in Michigan, is under attack every year for wanting to have a WBW-only space for one week, on private property. If any of my readers have links handy for the past tranz harassment of MichFest, please feel free to supply links. The harassment of MichFest includes males exposing themselves to women and girls in toilets, firing of guns outside the camp grounds to intimate ‘festies’, and holding their own ‘Camp Trans’ nearby. They even have facebutt groups to organise their harassment of females who just want space to themselves.

So it comes as the greatest source of irony, when Twanz and their supporters come out with LOLSOB moments such as telling radfems (and by extension, MichFest) to “get their own planet”.

We have not even been asking for ‘own planet’ here! Just a week on private land, to have healing space. For women-only services that understand from a feminist point of view why rape and domestic violence are a ‘gendered’ (sex-based) offence against primarily females, and the perpetrators are primarily male.

We have the right, as an oppressed group, to organise and meet without any members of the oppressor class present.

So don’t tell us to get our own fucking planet, when you continually protest, harass, slur, intimidate us not to have some space on this planet reserved for females-only, without male-born and socialised ‘transwomen’ present. This is well beyond irony, and shows the lack of substance of trans politics, and their tactics. And gaslighting.

4 thoughts on “A LOLSOB moment from the twanzqueer politics

  1. Hecuba

    Sounds to me those bigots are becoming desperate because no matter what they claim a biologically born male cannot ‘magically’ transform himself into a female!! This is a fact – get over it boys!


  2. FabFro

    Wait, if they’re the ones who are like super uber oppressed and crap, why don’t THEY go to another planet? Maybe Pluto?….


  3. Joe Halstead

    Good read. That’s my home state, by the way *hides face in embarrassment*. If I hear anything about it I’ll share.

    Awesome that you’ve posted again, your “contact” page is closed, and I’ve wanted to share this with you. I thought of you ladies over here as soon as I saw this:


    The way I read this, even though transwomen have been saying all along that they were always women inside, and are merely aligning body with pre-existing identity, THIS person is saying that a murder he/she committed was done by the former man he was, not by the woman he IS. Thus, Doug did the crime, Donna is innocent, nothing to see here, Donna doesn’t deserve punishment.

    This whole tranny thing is a teflon-coated gig, I tell ya! (where do I sign up?)


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Gender Trender probably covered DougDonna, and the rather TRANSparent excuse-making that the average three-year-old could see through.

      We just have to wait out the trans nonsense. Every time they flap their gums with this stupidity, about one hundred regular people wake up to the scam going on.



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