Jendah-crit lesbian blogger shut down by friends of laydee



Last Friday, gender-critical lesbian blogger Gallus Mag got locked out of her WordPress blog (at the time of writing, Monday, this is still the case).

It seems that the ‘offending’ post was this one, writing about how Twitter employee Dana McCallum has been charged with three counts of rape. The post written by Gallus Mag contains only the same information as the number of news articles about the case – that McCallum has been charged with rape – this is factual, not conjecture nor libel.


In continuing her report, Gallus Mag also posted some of McCallum’s tweets (you know, written by himself) particularly one on how women (aka “Ladies”) should avoid rape. No one put a gun to McCallum’s head and to make him tweet a ‘rape joke’, nor force the 1,500+ retweets of the aforementioned ‘joke’. Hah hah hah, really NOT laughing.

Nothing in Gallus Mag’s post was different to any of the other newspaper articles (some news/blog articles even went further). They are all still published – does the tranz lobby think it can now shut down any and all reporting everytime an M2T gets arrested or charged with a crime? Why do they consider themselves above the law, that the ‘rules’ are somehow different for tranz? And tranz supporters should be asking themselves, if M2Ts are the mostest oppressedest group on the planet, how come they can wield so much power and influence, particularly on the web?

It is no coincidence that tranzjacktivists come from two main pools – ex-military and IT, with a significant third of prostitution.

Dana McCallum is a high ranking Twitter programmer – yes, yet another high-profile M2T in IT. The assumption is that McCallum would have other M2T buddies in IT, and has used this network in order to silence a gender-critical blogger. McCallum gets to make rape ‘jokes’ on the platform of his employer, but anyone reporting that fact are the ones to get silenced? That makes no sense, other than ‘jokes’ about VAW are deemed ok, but criticism of the ‘joke’ is not ok.

WordPress should reinstate GenderTrender immediately. This suspension has been totally unjust and unfair, and very anti-female. Does WordPress really want to join the list of companies hostile to females?

9 thoughts on “Jendah-crit lesbian blogger shut down by friends of laydee

  1. feral opera company

    The SFGate (online San Francisco Chronicle) reported on the story, with no mention of his transgenderism…the last sentence of the article mentioned he was a LGBT activist. If I hadn’t been reading trans-critical blogs, I would have had no way to understand the story. The headline was something like, “Feminist Twitter engineer accused of raping wife.”

    I and a few other commenters pointed out what SFGate omitted, and even though my comment was completely polite and factual, it was deleted. There was an aggressive tranny who insulted and gaslighted everyone who pointed out what was going on. Most of the commenters were completely clueless and confused. They thought a woman had raped a woman, and wondered how that could happen. Some commenters said things to the effect of, this is what happens when you have gay marriage. So frustrating! There are no gay people or lesbians in this story, it’s a man raping a woman!

    It’s important for everyone to know, it’s not just blogs that are censored, even big mainstream liberal newspapers like SFGate have tranny monitors who censor stories like this. The information is simply not getting to the public.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Welcome FOC, thank you for your comment.

      Unfortunately most of us are aware of any trans-critical comments being censored or deleted in the malestream press – because most of us have had it happen. WordPress was at least a refuge whereby our words could be seen – as you say, the general public are clueless to this censorship going on, and frequently clueless to the real situation going on as far as M2T violence against women. The main platform of transjacktivists being “this never happens, M2Ts pose no harm to females!”. The trans lobby use their contacts to get our words erased, so that this looks like the case.

      The other thing the general public are not aware of – that most transwomen keep their penises. When they talk of having surgery, it is usually only breast augmentation and not inclusive of genital surgery, but the assumption is all surgery has been done. The Just Jennifer post indicated that McCallum also did the same misleading lack of detail, that he had “had surgery”, but meaning only breast augmentation.

      Highlighting the Just Jennifer post, for those that missed the link above:


  2. Hecuba

    Excellent article documenting the real facts not the lies MTF’s are claiming. So it is acceptable for the trans lobbyists to censor/silence Feminist critiques because this isn’t ‘censorship’ but merely enactment of male rights again!!

    It is yet more evidence of which sex continues to hold real socio-economic power and no it isn’t real women – it is men, including those males who believe they have magically morphed into females!

    Yes it was a biological male who raped a woman – but this fact must be erased because it supposedly ‘upsets the trans lobbyists!’


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      yet more evidence of which sex continues to hold real socio-economic power

      Yes exactly. Sex, the male sex, hold the balance of power – and it has nothing to do with ‘gender’ because we see these males don’t actually relinquish any power or entitlement when putting on the laydee frock. If anything, they get more entitled and domineering, if that is possible! Mostest oppressedest of all the women… my arse. It is such a typical reversal, a common trick of patriarchy – and the YW who have been sucked into 3rd wave nonsense, are believing this reversal, and supporting the males over females. Complete stepfordfembots.


  3. KittyBarber

    What do you think we can do, collectively? I have a WordPress account. Is there a way to let GM use it? I’m beyond pissed off this time. This is really bad.


  4. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Still not looking good:
    The discussion with Automattic / is not being carried out in good faith, it appears. I suggest if anyone wants a copy of anything on GenderTrender that they obtain it now.

    If anyone has one of those programmes to download entire sites, please use it!

    I have backed up the ol’ twanzphobic 😉



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