Transface, ironyface


Oh d’horror! Twanzface – a man pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman!

In the great battle of appropriation, twanzjacktivists have now nicked another bit of radfem theory! Radical feminists, such as Professor Sheila Jeffreys and others, have for the longest time pointed out the parallel of white males mocking MOC (blackface) with males (the dominant class) mocking females (both drag queens and transwomen) – womanface.

“In the States for instance they (trans people) were often compared to the black and white minstrels. The black and white minstrels were white men who dressed up with blackface to imitate what they thought were the behaviours of black singers and entertainers. That was seen as very insulting by the black community,” Jeffreys said.

“Transgenderism for men is about the right to imitate and pretend to be members of the subordinate class even though they are members of – biologically and were brought up in – the superior class. That was problematic for the black and white minstrels. It’s problematic generally when a group of people claim to be another group of subordinate people.”

But now we have a new player! Transface!

The outrage really got going at this week’s Oscars, with Jared Leto, a straight white man, played a gay white man who dressed in womanface. zmog… twanzface!

So lets review:

  • Blackface = white dudes mocking black peoples
  • Womanface = dudes of all colours mocking all females
  • Transface = someone ‘not tranz’ portraying tranz, who are by virtue, mocking females

Get it, got it? Good. No irony to be seen here, move it along people.

Or what about this dude?

Tootsie of the Week: Miss Kerry Whybrow

Yep, some dude pretending to be a woman for an acting job, and not even trying to be a drag queen or twanz! Dustin Hoffman. So fucking twanzphobic!

I guess that the only thing moar twanzphobic than some dude doing ‘transface’, is if some woman does transface?


Yep, some woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a drag queen (mocking women of course!). Julie Andrews. So fucking twanzphobic!

Of course, as revealed in the previous post, the 1980s were twanzphobic too! Yep, there were no twanzwomen, only drag queens and transsexuals! The 1980s. So fucking twanzphobic!

Actual females are probably also twanzphobic, wearing twanzface all the time – dammit, everyone just knows that twanzwomen make better women that actual women – to think otherwise would be twanzphobic! Women. For wearing twanzface. So fucking twanzphobic!

So in conclusion, some important things to remember:

  • A man, or a woman pretending to be a man, pretending to be a drag queen mocking women… is twanzface, and twanzphobic.
  • Twanzface, even though womanface, is to be taken most seriously at all times.
  • And women, stop looking like women, because that is twanzface, and making a mockery out of twanzwomen’s most serious mockery.

14 thoughts on “Transface, ironyface

  1. Hecuba

    Yep! How dare real biological women claim they are females given there are biological males who alone have the right to declare ‘we are the real females not you biologically born females!’ Confused?? No because whatever men claim it is always the definitive truth – even when it is obviously not.


  2. survivorthriver

    50 shades of womanface revealed!

    This mock-on analysis really hoists these trans folks on their own petards.

    I’m curious to see how far Hollywood will go to stand up for artistic freedom. Or, do the powers there as well as in Big Pharma and Big Frankendokter Psychiatritry like drugging, mutilating and controlling more people with phony constructs such as purporting that XY with penis is a real woman?

    How does transgender serve the elites to naturalize the surgical mutilation of the masses? The plastic boobies and trout pout lips are already de rigeur for starlets. How much easier is it to control a population if they think the doctors have the diagnoses on these brain abnormalities for which no actual biological evidence exists?

    This transgender things smacks to me of much worse social programming that is upheld at the highest levels. You know, where the pedophile rings reside and other privileged personages. How else did these “T” womanfaces get so far along in dismantling the political gains of XX so fast?

    Feel free to edit this post, but, this juxtaposition of Sheila Jeffreys with transgender 101 is truly mocktacular. Once again, a mocktacular depiction of gender follies.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Appropriating the blackface comparison was truly astounding, and complete reversal given T were already appropriating womanface. A bit like when they expect everyone to feel sorry for them because “woman with a penis” (the previous one was “have to dilate my mangina”). At the very least, a good test to see how gullible libfems are. I keep hoping as each ridicious thing gets trumped by a more ridicious thing, they will wake up to the scam. Not yet apparently.

      On blackface/womanface/twanzface, I would have hoped that black TW would have woken up to how bad womanface is, given they already know why blackface is bad.


  3. blackmetalvalkyrie

    Am I the only one who noticed Janet Mock was in the International Women’s Day Google doodle yesterday? Completely insulting to have a man in drag in a doodle that is supposed to be about women!


      1. survivorthriver

        Hey, as a born female and feminist since 1976, I don’t “hating, discriminating against, or devaluing trans women”.

        I just don’t want to be cowered into saying that XY with penis is a woman. Not ever.

        Transgender, “T”, that’s FINE. T should not be raped or beaten, just like born women who have been pointing this male violence out since forever.

        Just don’t go stealing my sex, trans, piggyback on my years of civil and gay rights work, ignore the risk of XY with penis who traditionally use skirts to hide under when they attack us in our private women-only spaces, and, use a gay rights movement for your heterosexual, patriarchal-based MALE viewpoint.

        Feel like a woman? Your feelings do not match my reality of a born woman. XY with penis raised male will never know what it’s like to be female.

        Feel like a trans? Fine. Fly your trans flag.

        I support freedom and equal rights for humans, just not the rights of one group “T” to co-opt my XX sex rights. And, don’t hide about true, rare, intersex.

        Feminists are not the woman-haters; but, transgenders with penis who want to force us to act like we don’t see the peen and who demand we call you a woman, are out of line.

        Come on, be a nice transgender. You are never going to be a woman. I think that if transgender had respected born women to begin with this would never have become an issue. Now all my straight het women friends are seeing this Emperors New Cloths trans BS. T seems like a movement that set out to fracture the gay rights cohesion. I hope both G and L disassociate themselves from this hetero-normative T scene.


  4. parallelexistence

    I keep hoping as each ridicious thing gets trumped by a more ridicious thing, they will wake up to the scam. Not yet apparently.

    I do wonder what it’s going to take for the libfemqueer brigade to ever see sense on this. There is so much nonsense staring them in the face and yet they continue to ignore it in favour of the whole “hateful terf” schtick. Male approval is just too important to them I guess,


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