My problem with… misogynists


Self-confessed not-sane

Apparently some people have a problem with radfems – who knew! But when those people are actually misogynists, pretending to be some kind of feminist, well then Houston, we have a problem.

Putting aside the double-barrelled girly name and prominent adam’s apple (dear gawd did you even look in the mirror to think you would pass?), our chum “Robyn-Eleanor” thinks he may school us on the evils of feminism and radical feminism in particular.

So let me make something very clear. I am not an MRA, Rad fem, Rad Trans, or any of the above.

Interesting random capitalisation there dude! ‘fem’ gets the lowercase treatment, but trans, the capital T thing! Just waaaay to go unbiased and stuff!!

I am going to flat out say my opinion, Radical gender movements of any kind are for Scum.

What, radical gender movements like perhaps Tranz? OK then, we possibly have reached agreement already dude! Just an FYI though, if you are calling radical feminism a ‘radical gender movement’ you couldn’t be more wrong – given the radfem mission to ABOLISH gender and all.

There is a huge fucking difference between what the original Suffragettes did compared to the scum of the second wave and rad fems.

The ‘scum of the second wave’ eh? What, those activist women who, in the 1960s fought against the female pay being a mere 10-40% of the male wage, the right to have a bank account or mortgage in the woman’s name, access to abortion and birth control – oh yeah, I can totally see your point dude… such pure scum! Dammit, all females should be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, because damn that pesky second wave from getting in the way of all that!

First off Suffragettes didn’t put words in the mouth of relatives of mine. I am directly descended from Samuel Adams, however I think he was an asshole for this country was founded on greed but that’s a story for another time. Abigail Adams is classified as a “Radical Feminist author” however this is where the twisting of my great (times whatever) cousins wife is not only insulting but revolting. She was not, everyone in the Adam’s blood line suffered from Bi-polar disorder for years. Later this turned into a less dominate trait, she was Bi-polar hence why here letters to her husband John Adams when from raging to apologetic. She had extreme mood swings and I can tell you she would not by any means stand by the Bullshit that Rad fems martyr her name for.

So you name-drop the dudely John Adams, half-claim Abigail Adams (not blood related to you anyway), claim she is misappropriated, but somehow claim the first wave feminism she fought for, then dismiss that as bi-polar ramblings in a line that isn’t really a direct line? OK, got it. But wait a minute dude, how exactly are you claiming direct feminist lineage as cred, then denying that lineage as bunk?

Why do I bring this up? because that was the first time I ran into a rad fem was when they began twisting and irritating convolution my ancestors words. When we knew the truth about our families genetics since we hid it for over a century, we as in John’s and Samuel’s families. Hell it was not that hard to find by just doing a bit of back tracking.

This is a problem and not my major beef either, but it is an example of why they cannot be trusted at all.

Umm, who then? Abigail, to whom you are not directly related? Or to John or Samuel to whom you are vaguely related?

My biggest beef falls under several arguments and who represent them.
People who are middle class, white women, who have never lived in the gutter, people who have never truly suffered.

LOL dude. You just got through name-dropping, now you want to diss middle class white people, of whom you are one, given the two-par lineage you just laid out. Whoopies dude, just blew your own street-cred there.

You have not fucking right to tell a rape victim what is and isn’t rape, you have no right to choose who is worth protecting and who must be oppressed. IT IS NOT YOUR CHOICE.

Whoa! Where did that come from after you esteemed pedigree and subsequent denial of pedigree? I really fail to see the connection here.

If you identify as rad fem you are part of what is wrong with this world. YOU ARE THE PATRIARCHY, YOU AID YOUR ENEMY. A radical is a person who trivializes everything it is to be human, and chooses to oppress those they are trying to represent by filling their minds with bigotry aimed at the wrong person.

We ARE the patriarchy? LOL, far from it dude. Our mission is actually to abolish the patriarchy, not uphold it. What is this ‘you aid your enemy’ bullshit? Makes no sense. We are hated primarily because we oppose the patriarchy, not because we uphold it. And what’s with the singular ‘wrong person’, are your fee-fees butt-hurting about now? Well, diddums.

It was not a MRA thought outed trans teenagers illegally, if was a rad fem, no matter what your view on gender is, a rad fem put a CHILD a fucking CHILD in danger of a hate crime, for simply trying to go to the bathroom.

Umm no. The so-called child was a teenaged male, emailing threats to a radfem. Instead of reporting to the police as she could have done, she reported him to the school – the soft option in other words. Teenagers, particularly teenaged males, are fully capable of committing crimes. They are not children (who are, in rarer circumstances, also capable of committing crimes).

Want to know why I said shut the fuck up? Maybe because NONE OF YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE RAPED. If you did you would never have made that call, YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE STALKED, AND OUTED A CHILD. I repeat they outed hundreds of children because “all men are rapists” and the CHILDREN were trying to invade women only spaces.

Non sequitur going on about the rape/outing business. Two different things, and plenty of radfems have been raped, and outing does not necessarily lead to rape. As for ‘hundreds of children’, you may want to back that up with, yanno, actual evidence and stuff, coz there isn’t any, and really, just is hyperbole, rhetoric and … libel.

anyone who has gone on twitter and looked at #notyourrescueproject would have noticed sex workers are being “rescued” against their will. Since obviously no sane woman would classify sex as work.

Rescued against their will? It is hard enough trying to rescue someone who is willing, and damned impossible to try and ‘rescue’ someone against their will. You seriously are an idiot.

Okay history lesson kids, Sex work predates the Patriarchy, IT PREDATES CHRISTIANITY. what does this mean? It means even female dominated societies had sex workers, WHY? because some people ENJOY IT.

Sources please, oh-looney-one. Yes prostitution has been around for a long time, but so has slavery. Maybe because slavery has been around for a very long time, we should legalise it? Because that is the only real argument you are putting forth. If you rely on the ‘some people enjoy it’ thing, well, surely then you would have no problem with the ones being prostituted being rescued? Otherwise, you’d be an asshole.

I have literally never found a person of color, a poor person, or person who has been discriminated against ever utter the words “I am a rad fem”

Actually there are plenty. Most of us are poor (being women and all) and plenty are non-white. So basically just making shit up there dude.

Yet I have heard of Rad fems, putting trans women out of work and making them homeless (Sophia banks a photographer in Toronto), twisting other peoples words (my ancestor), Oppressing women (#notyourrescueproject), Trivializing rape ( degree’s of rape), Causing higher rate of suicide among teens (outing teenagers), and overall being scum bags.

Putting someone out of business? Cite the actual events and evidence dude, because that again would be rhetoric and umm, libel. No radfem has that kind of power. Trivialising degrees of rape? Jeez, it’s radfems that actually include more het/piv activity as rape than any other group – you cannot first diss our ‘piv is rape’ thing, then claim we don’t classify enough as rape.

I’m going to end on a note, a friend of mine Sophia Banks, recently had her entire Wedding photography business scuttled because of rad fems, led by Cathy Brennan. They went on a rampage posting fake reviews on yelp, her business doesn’t exist anymore and she was homeless because of this. HOW IS THIS HELPING WOMEN? YOU THREW A WOMAN ON TO THE STREET.

Again, show your (non-existent) evidence dude. Otherwise, libel.

Let me make something clear Women are women based on their brains, and bio-electric feed back. Not their bodies, If being a woman is completely about the body, than I pity anyone who has breast, ovarian, or uterus surgery, Why? because then they are no longer women by rad fems, because let’s face it male and female is all about who looks better by the boob-age(EXTREME SARCASM). Rad fems you make me sick, there is more to a woman besides her body.

If being a woman is supposedly ‘all in the brain’, then why are the male dress-ups needed dude? Obviously everyone should be able to spot your ladybrain shining like a beacon from half a mile away!

But nope. It is nothing to do with laydee brains shining like a beacon. We females are discriminated against as females from birth to grave (which is pre and post menstruation/menopause). Gender is just the straight-jacket to which we are confined, it is not what female is about. We seriously don’t need a dude, who looks like a dude, who was raised as dude, to tell us we’re doin’ feminism wrong. We know what it is to be female, not you. And frankly, with all your dissing of the second wave feminism, you outed yourself as an MRA and misogynist. Toodles nutjob.

22 thoughts on “My problem with… misogynists

  1. Hecuba

    What a load of hogwash emanating from that arrogant male who claims he is female!! Robyn-Eleanor’s hysterical contradictory irrational claims demonstrates he is just another women-hating male who gets his knickers in a twist because he is a misogynist (and yes I am repeating myself).

    News flash male Robyn next time you want to utter your women-hating lies do try and construct rational sentences and read yes read First Wave Feminism Herstory before you arrogantly claim you are an expert on womens’ herstory! But then that would mean your having to accept the fact women who are really women not men pretending to be women understand that Men’s Supremacist System was created and is maintained by men – men such as you Robyn.


  2. blackmetalvalkyrie

    Wow this guy makes about as much sense as a mouse with fins. I could get more coherent answers from a magic 8 ball. I love it how middle class white dudes use “middle class and white” as a discredit against women all the time even if they have no idea what and who they are talking about. It is a really insane fiction that RFism is a “white middle class” movement but of course they are talking about their ass and making up fictions just because they can.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Ironically, his beloved first wave that he holds up as ‘correct feminism’ probably had a much higher percentage of middle class white women in it!
      But logic ain’t his strong suit.


  3. SkyLark Phillips

    “Let me make something clear Women are women based on their brains, and bio-electric feed back. ”

    It’s the bio-electric feed back…

    This is really delusional. “Women are women based on their brains, and bio-electric feed back”. Males are not female. Females exist and adult females are called women. Men are not women, and it’s impossible to force people to believe things they know aren’t true. If it weren’t for the female sex this little brainless twit wouldn’t be alive. All of his mitochondrial DNA comes from his mother as does half of this nuclear DNA.


  4. SkyLark Phillips

    “It was not a MRA thought outed trans teenagers illegally, if was a rad fem, no matter what your view on gender is, a rad fem put a CHILD a fucking CHILD in danger of a hate crime, for simply trying to go to the bathroom.”

    If he has a penis, he needs to use the men’s restroom, or a gender neutral restroom. Males do not belong in women’s restrooms or locker rooms.

    Girls and women aren’t responsible for the crimes committed by males. I don’t doubt that transgender identified males are harassed. Who is responsible for the hate crimes against trans identified people? It’s males, usually some cocky young dude. Since we are on the subject of hate crimes, rape of any female isn’t considered a hate crime, but attacking a transgender person is. About three years ago, there was a brutal gang rape in a Richmond, California high school. This girl was so severely injured that she had to be air lifted to the hospital. Because she is only a female, this isn’t considered a hate crime. If this girl, or any other girl who has experienced this level of trauma is emotionally triggered by the presence of a sixteen year old boy in the girl’s locker room, her PTSD doesn’t count. PTSD in female rape victims is just as important as “gender identity”.

    Why did a 45 year old man by the name of Colleen Francis expose his penis to high school girls? He got by with exposing himself by claiming “gender identity”. It’s in the Evergreen State College Police Report. Even after it was revealed that transgender Paula Witherspoon is a registered sex offender who molested a teenage girl, trans activists still defended his right to use the women’s restroom.


  5. SkyLark Phillips

    This is his “About Me’ page…

    Click on the link and go to the “About” page.

    “I am thus insane”….he said it not me. “I write about things both in real life, and in gaming.” What does this mean?

    “Most people are so bound to what makes the world tick, that they only follow Sanity (the recognized norm) I am thus insane, everything about me, defy’s the norm. I write about things both in real life, and in gaming. I cover which ever game I deem interesting or terrible in my mind. I won’t always do AAA because I deem them over done.

    I also do comparisons a lot between both, because like I said I am insane, and by comparing both we can identify problems with our cultures”


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Hence my caption on his photo (I read his rambly nonsensical ‘about’ page). Just for the record, it was where I obtained his obviously-dudely-looking photo. 99% of the population will see him as male, the other 1% have sanity issues.


  6. nuclearnight

    Dear manly man,
    women who have all their sexual organs removed are still women because every single cell of their body contains female genetic material. Your Y chromosome is in each cell of your body whether or not you take fake hormones and get plastic surgery. There is nothing you can do to bestow sex upon another or to take it away. It is inherent.



  7. luckynkl

    Who is this clown? Oh that’s right. He’s a direct descendant of Samuel Adams. Or so he claims. But then, he also claims to be a woman. So he isn’t much on credibility.

    Abigail Adams was bi-polar? LOL, no such diagnosis existed in the 18th century, dude. So what is this dude basing his claims on? Video games? But even if such a thing did run in the Adams bloodline, Abigail’s maiden name was Smith, not Adams. While husbands’ names may be transferred to their wives via marriage, their genetics are not. Duh.

    Since he’s a descendant and all, you’d think this dude would know Abigail Adams was not a suffragette, much less a radical feminist. Abigail was born in 1744. The Women’s Suffrage Movement didn’t begin until 1848. You’re off by 100 years, dude. Abigail died almost half a century before the suffragettes arrived on the scene. As for the 2nd Wave – aka Radical Feminism – that didn’t appear on the scene until 1967. So you’re off by over 200 years on that one, dude. I believe the term you’re looking for is “women’s rights activist” – which no doubt, Abigail Adams was.

    Obviously Robyn’s (where’s Batman, boy wonder?) forte isn’t history, math, the sciences, or even basic knowledge. Even flies are smarter than this dimwit and know sex is a reproductive category and can tell the difference between male flies and female flies. As for sex being located in the brain, sorry dude, wrong end. Just ask the flies.

    This gem is one for the books. RFs don’t know what it’s like to be raped! That ranks right up there with the GOTP’s claims that raped women can’t get pregnant! Men’s brains are apparently disintegrating faster than their Y chromosome. There seems to be some kind of pissing contest going on between conservative and liberal men – to see who can be the most stupid, most ignorant, and most female-hating creature on this planet. I’d say it’s a neck-to-neck tie.


  8. leninah

    I think you are all being too hard on Womanface. This individual should be complimented. It is really hard to maintain such a level of deranged stupidity and not once say something remotely coherent. And he seasoned his plate of shit with fallacies, historical inaccuracies and libel galore. Give the dude a medal, and make it a glittery one.


  9. redhester

    the sound of women’s laughter is the crack of lightning before the thunder rains down holy truth-fire onto the wretched earthlings who dare question our humanity. you mewling abominations of beasts, who forget the great mother to appease the bloodlusting father demi-wannabe.

    we are laughing at you as we sing to ourselves in a song of our pleasing and choosing.

    we are laughing at you. and also have no need to believe your fakery.

    in fact, we have no need of anything that is not within the sisterhood.

    i adore being a woman. yesssss.


  10. Hilda Sweck

    So, I guess the brain is no longer part of biology… interesting, and here I thought neurobiology involved the biological study of the brain… interesting.
    The fact is, if men had women’s brains:
    1) female and male brains would first have to be highly dimorphic, which are not (they are somewhat structurally different, but the difference isn’t huge).
    2) There would be NO SUCH THING as neuroplasticity (there is though, read Bach Y Rita, and/of look at all the people who’ve been born with say, half their physical brain, and who are mentally normal)
    3) you would be able to scan the brains of the so-called transgendered people and assign them a ‘sex’ based on brain structure (sex obviously has nothing to do with brain structure, it’s about the body and it’s reproductive capabilities…it’s not like you can think yourself actually pregnant and get pregnant or vice versa! well, except for phantom pregnancies I suppose…), prior to them taking any sort of drugs. This is not possible, and has never been done. The closest thing we have is a study whereby they looked at the brains of 17 (not statistically relevant) brains of m2T, who were on estrogen, and saw that they had bigger hypothalamuses than the average male (whether or not they were still in the ‘male range’ was not noted). However, if you give a male estrogen, his hypothalamus gets bigger! Just like how women who have low estrogen have smaller hypothalami! And how women’s hypothalami shrink after menopause!!
    4) brains change over time. The brain you have now is not the same as the one you had as a child, not because of thoughts or feelings, but because of hormones.


  11. joehalstead74

    Another thought-provoking blog.

    Just one thing I thought of, though: in general, I don’t agree that if someone “outs” another person, that the person who made the revelation doesn’t share any blame in what happens to that person, subsequently. Another responder’s reaction to the concern over being outed was: “we’re not responsible for what some man does to you, after the fact.” But this is clearly untrue. In fact, the purpose of outing someone virtually always IS to harm, specifically by rendering the person vulnerable to what third parties might do with information that they didn’t previously have.

    I’m not trying to suggest that a transgendered person who has made threats of bodily harm is a shrinking violet, though. Please don’t think that.



    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      in general, I don’t agree that if someone “outs” another person, that the person who made the revelation doesn’t share any blame in what happens to that person, subsequently.

      So dude, you are arguing FOR transanonymity? I call bullshit. If someone is stalking and making threats under a pseudonym, then revealing their identity is part of the investigative and stopping the abuse process. If no ‘trans’ issue was involved, you would totally agree with this. Therefore, the snowflake exceptionalism carries no weight.

      The original (unsane) poster kept referring to the perp as ‘a child’. He was a teenaged boy, and many teenaged boys are capable of committing adult crimes, like rape, like stalking, like burglary, like arson. The hypocrisy of trans in general, is when they have no problem urging that children and teenagers be put on hormone blockers affecting the rest of their lives and health.

      Dude, you bore me. The rest of your comments are unlikely to see the light of day unless you can offer up anything more than mansplaining. I just knew there was a reason why I hardly ever publish dudely remarks, they are boring.


  12. Rb D

    If this is the case I remember, the RadFem in question did the teenaged boy a favor.. Juvy court is not trivial, neither is a criminal record for stalking, threatening, harassing and libel. Which said RafFem could have implemented in a nanosecond if she was as bereft of ethics as the teenaged stalker and his supporters appear to be.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Yes, I agree. Definitely the softer option reporting the abusive PATTERN of behaviour to the school principal and not the legal system. He got off lightly. Anyone saying the teen should not have been reported at all, is saying that radfems/women should stfu about abuse and not report it.

      In fact, reporting it to the school also would safeguard the female students at his school, if he harrassed any of them for perceived transgressions of his transgenderism.

      Beyond all that, it shows, when trans don’t get everything their way, they become abusive. Yet females are supposed to accomodate them in our facilities with attitudes towards females like that?

      Male privilege.



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