No pleasing some people (or… I just want an easy million)

This twanz thing seems such a profitable gig, I may declare myself twanz just so as I can sue someone (kerching!) dammit I wants me some of that easy-dosh! I digress. Please have your industrial-sized sympathy tissues out for this video:

Sob, sob, I can barely type through the big sympathy tears welling up in my eyes.
*wipe* ahh, that’s better.

OK, so we have a little discrepancy between what the video claims, and what the Daily Fail claims. Almost two different stories in fact. The video claims that drag queen Carla Brenner (aka Lamonda Fuller) wants $1 million for 3 years behind bars in a women’s prison, but the Daily Fail claims it is $20 million for 3 months (good gawd Daily Fail, you are just pulling numbers out of your ass now). Somehow the truth probably lies somewhere in between, my guess is $1 million for three months. But cool eh? Easy money whatever the actual figures are! I want me some!

But lets cover some of the key facts (as we know them):

  • Has male anatomy (one assumes retains wang, probably has false laydee-boobs)
  • Wants to be referred to with female pronouns
  • Refers to himself as a Drag Queen
  • He defines that as a man who enjoys dressing as a woman, but is not a woman
  • Had no intention of ‘becoming a woman’
  • Convicted of felony theft for stealing a purse (what the hell is a python purse?)
  • When sentenced, was apparently told not to say anything, and be sentenced to a women’s prison
  • Was examined by TWO doctors, who declared him ‘woman’ even though his laydeewang was clearly distinguishable from a vagina (what the hell are they teaching doctors in medical school these days, I want their names, so I can avoid them)
  • Nice token ‘caring’ by the reporter and the lawyer on worrying that perhaps the female prisoners could have been sexually assaulted (raped is the word you dudes are looking for)
  • He was FONDLED by ONE female prisoners
  • When the other (female) prisoners found out he was a dude with a dick, they were ‘mad’
  • He says “it was hell” and that he contemplated suicide (what self-respecting twanz doesn’t insist he contemplated suicide?)
  • The CCA spokesman (contractor for Nashville) states “Our goal is always to house inmates in the safest environment as possible. This includes a professional, individual assessment of both the risk factors of their own unique circumstances and the safety needs of those around them” (hardy-hah-hah to that last one, given that CCA don’t give a shit housing a person with a penis in a women’s prison)

So lets focus on that last bit by CCA for a mo. The ‘safety needs of those around them’ – it’s a conflict pure and simple. Sure, it may be safer for the trannies and drag queens in a female prison (for the trannies/drag queens) but not necessarily those of the women (unless the tranny/drag queen is gay, in the case of drag queens, usually gay). But the female prisoners are (rightly) pissed off anyway, having to be housed with a male-bodied (or surgically altered male) with them – because they know any tranny or drag queen is going to be housed with them in the future, and some won’t be gay and will be a danger to the female prison population.

There are obvious fakers (tranny fakers) within the prison population, particularly sexual predators, that think this twanz thing is a right old lark for getting into women’s prisons so they can have access to ‘easy prey’. Like wife-murdering Robert Kosilek, now apparently ‘Michelle Kosilek’.

Clearly, if this twanz thing is as common as the media portrays, then speshul-snowflake tranny prisons, segregated by genitalia, should be established. Not foist a whole bunch of weirdos and perverts onto the female prison population just because the correction facility provider does not want to be sued for the rapes of male transgenders.

If Carla Brenner/Lamonda Fuller thinks he got a hard time in the women’s prison(s), then his time would have been way harder in a men’s prison for sure, with a high chance of being a male-on-male rape victim (multiple times). Does Brenner/Fuller think in men’s prisons he would have a lot of consensual gay sex? Doubtful, he would have been rogered to within an inch of his life – not the one incidence of ‘genital fondling’ he experienced within the women’s prison. It was lucky for the female prisoners in this instance that Brenner/Fuller was gay, and had no sexual interest in them. But the majority of twanz (‘real’ and fake) are late-transitioning heterosexual males, many are sexual predators. And ALL of the sexual predators that suddenly come over all-womany in prison are just sexual predators looking for easy captive prey.

This case does of course undermine all the other TG cases wanting ‘in’ to women’s prisons. It shows that there is absolutely no consensus under the TG umbrella (tranny parasol) – so they don’t have a case for automatically (or otherwise) getting into women’s prisons.

Does Brenner/Fuller have a case? Nope. The female prisoners he was housed with do, for being subjected to a male-bodied person (ie with penis) within their prison population. Considering many female inmates get actually raped by male prison staff, Brenner’s fondling incident, whilst not sanctioned, is not comparable to a rape by which he could have gotten impregnated or an STD.

Give him $5 compensation, and he can go out and buy some new lippy.

11 thoughts on “No pleasing some people (or… I just want an easy million)

  1. Hecuba

    ‘Sob, sob, I can barely type through the big sympathy tears welling up in my eyes.
    *wipe* ahh, that’s better.’ Hah hah – yes indeed ‘let’s get the violins out for the boys because men’s issues always take centre stage and women’s fundamental rights don’t even exist according to Male Supremacy.

    I demand special prisons be built for those men in frocks who claim to be females – that way women prisoners will not be forced to serve their sentences with biological sexually predatory males who use any excuse/justification to gain access to female bodies. But wait – that would be discrimination against ‘the men in frocks’ and we can’t house those men in frocks with biological males because the male inmates would rape these men in frocks literally to death.

    No no solution is to house those male sexual predators in women’s prisons because all women do not have the fundamental right of state government ensuring and enacting female safety within female prisons. That is why male prison guards are located in female prisons because female prisoners are merely males’ disposable sexual service stations. Innumerable male prison guards have raped/subjected female prisoners to male sexual violence and nothing has been done about these male sexual predators. Now female prisoners have to contend with ‘men in frocks’ sexually preying on them too!

    Male Brenner/Fuller deserves no financial compensation whatsoever – he made his ‘choice’ and therefore it is his responsibility for what happened to him. He enacted his agency and therefore he must accept the consequences! This is precisely what men constantly tell women and girls they have subjected to male sexual violence – ‘it’s your fault because you provoked me and since I’m a male I have no responsibility/accountability whatsoever for what I supposedly did to you!’


  2. KittyBarber

    Curiouser and curiouser, it gets. Do you feel some days that you are in a house of mirrors at the fair, and other days–well, does the name Cassandra ring a bell for you?

    When will the big wake-up come? What will it be? I fear that whatever event prompts a new awakening to occur, women will be hurt (and/or murdered) in the process.

    Thanks, Dave, for trying to prevent that.
    Rock On Squirrel!!!!!


  3. delphyne

    Awwww, given him ten dollars at least. Then he can go out and buy that python handbag he wanted.

    How many MTF trans are there in women’s prisons now, penis intacta? This is something that has just happened, without any public debate whatsoever.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Certainly, it has happened without any consultation with female (prisoners), all under the guise of protecting certain male prisoners – well, there are a bunch of male prisoners “at risk” in male prisons (not sure if still the case, but child molesters used to get a hard time), doesn’t mean they should be put in women’s prisons though – which is solely the case for putting M2Ts in women’s prisons. I am glad that the female prisoners showed ANGER at having to be housed with a male.

      I finally looked up ‘python handbags’, seems to be a thing. The bags have a snakeskin pattern, not sure if they are made out of real snakeskin or not. I don’t think our legal compensation budget should extend to a python handbag (£150-£350). Maximum compensation should be restricted to lippy and lipliner. More than generous.


  4. Sugarpuss

    What a drama queen (pun intended)! Dude looks like a fucking linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles…yet he was all fearful & suicidal in a women’s prison? Uh-huh. Sure.

    And I’d bet a python handbag that the so-called “fondling” was not only 100% consensual, but actually initiated by this faux victim. One thing about men is certain; if they are horny enough, they don’t give a crap WHO or WHAT gets them off. Though they often present a picky attitude (emulating female animal behavior), this is just a front to prevent the loss of Bro Points™.


  5. Elin

    But why would any male, especially a “female impersonator”, want to have been sent to a male prison? EVERY man knows about the male prison rape. And so many are trying really, really hard to be seen as “female” to go to a women’s prison. So why this “queen”‘s grief afterwards? It is at least interesting.

    Now, my guess is, that he expected a world of flowers, frilly pink dresses, cupcakes and make-up tips sharing in the women’s prison. He expected to fit in with all these cute, media-based visions of femalehood and women that he enacted in his plays as a drag queen. Never again had he been with all women – it would be such an inspiration! Now that he has seen what women are, his dream is crushed, his manly vision bursted by reality , and he simply can’t do his occupation as a drag queen anymore – because he finally realized that it was all bullshit, and that women are actually humans. Enraged by this affront and subversion to all that he subconsciously believed for decades (and acted out and made profit from and got recognition for), he thus blames it on the women that induced this enlightenment in him.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Maybe he expected pillow fights in pyjamas? Instead of a bunch of women that didn’t take too kindly to being parodied?

      Basically, he doesn’t have a case. He had plenty of opportunity to confirm he was male, and just a female impersonator. But he didn’t, and got sent to a women’s prison.

      However, had he gone to a men’s prison, I think his treatment in there would have been far worse (yanno, dudes, male prisons have a lot of violent pricks).

      I am not even going to bother playing the world’s smallest violin for this dude.



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