Space Invaders

We filed this under “whoopsies, tranz accidentally revealed their mission”, LOL.

It came to my attention because Joshua Twitt used the graphic in his rapetastic follow-up post, to defend why he is entitled to have sex with lesbians. Before getting onto the Space Invaders portion of this post, I need to highlight a bit from Twitt’s post:

I do think it’s revealing, though, that the arguments I’m hearing from folks who aren’t intentionally transphobic are some of the same arguments coming from radfems.

Perhaps because the twanz arguments are built on a delusion house of cards there Joshua? Anyway, priceless. Even when facing reality, Joshua still clings to the denial.

Back to Space Invaders. It was an arcade game from the late 1970s, which became even more popular when released on what became then, one of the most popular gaming platforms, Atari. Of course, this was the world “BPS” (Before PlayStation)! And early video games were, *gasp*, in Black & White – anyone remember the snake thing? Or Pong? Of course, PacMan came a little after all that, at the beginnings of the 1980s.

Here is a screenshot to show you how primitive Space Invaders really was.

The green bits are you, the player, and your defences (the humpy upsidedown U-shapes). The fancy little white critters are the space invaders, that move from side to side, and gradually down towards you, firing occasionally. The player’s strategy is to fire back, taking out the invaders before they reach your defences, or blast too many holes in your defences. If you want to know more, you can play the game online – it will take you all of thirty seconds to figure it out. Use the arrow keys to move sideways, and the spacebar to fire.

Play Space Invaders online.

Joshua Twitt gives credit to the following image off some other twanz blog (a post wanting ‘in’ to MichFest):

See what they did there? They identified with the Invaders! They didn’t use the boring little player graphic (the defensive position) but they used the attacking force picture. Apparently ‘transphobia’ is the defensive position that they are going to invade and eliminate.

It’s rather an apt Freudian Slip don’t you think? After all, they try to invade MichFest, they try to invade women’s toilets and changing rooms, they try to invade all female-only gatherings. No female or feminist ever demands entry into tranz spaces.

Anyway, for our invasive Space Cadets, here is a comfy chair in which they can plot their invasions:

11 thoughts on “Space Invaders

  1. rubyfruit2

    I love the geekiness Twanz in the middle of your critique.

    That game is seriously addictive. I found myself continually knocking my own defences down – reminds me of libfems. It was accidental, I didn’t mean to and it’s only going to hurt me, not my enemy.


  2. Hecuba

    What male sexual predator admits he is a sexual predator? No must be a mistake – but wait evidence proves he is a male sexual predator who demands male right of sexual access to lesbians. He justifies his claims by proclaiming ‘I am really female despite my biological male body!’ Using the space invaders image proves he is a male sexual predator not a ‘female’ (sic) complaining about her being denied right of sexual access to lesbians.

    In fact ‘demanding right of sexual access to females’ is a common male demand because men have always believed it is their inalienable right to have sexual access/use/exploitation of all females.


  3. survivorthriver

    My brain got transtipated reading that Twitt report. I came to this website for the laughs but I’m staying for the hilarity.


  4. weiiixin

    wow. it may be a freudian slip, or it may be sheer obliviousness about the core criticisms being directed at some of the more colonistic trans activists. From what I’ve observed from the rad fem vs. trans turf war is that some of the loudest people on each side are not listening to the other side, and as a result, the “conversations” they’re having aren’t acutually conversations, because neither side is actually addressing the issues being raised by the other.

    When you put your fingers in your ears and sing “lalalalalalalalah I can’t hear you, lalalalalalalah,” you’re more at risk of shooting yourself in the foot by not being aware of the criticisms being directed at you (e.g. that Jos is a acting like a colonistic space violator).

    Oh dear. He’s really making this thing easy for you rad fems isn’t he.


  5. survivorthriver

    I’m a lapsed het that never took a man’s name in the two marriages, and in 1973 that was radical the first time. I’m appreciative of the Radfem community such as this, to have nailed down parts of the trans “story” that is BS.

    I was in N.O.W. in 1976 (peripherally, attended and tried to organize local project) and the gay rights movement of feminism was heavily supported by lesbians. But did XY’s go on to help women with domestic violence, protecting reproductive choices or anti-rape? Not much.

    I was astonished at the LGBT and then LGBTQ and sometimes LGBTQQ groups who so easily gained status and offices in city governnment even. I was very supportive of the first trans’ M2T I met in a small community that is known for being friendly to the transitioning community.

    Now an amazing Radfem dyke in our community is balding, fat and acne’d, – diminished of her beautiful womanhood before chemicals and bilateral mastectomy drained her of health and all attractiveness. Another trans M2T has inserted “herself” with her XY dong into a very private multi-generational women only private camping party (registration by word of mouth and “she” was a friend of friend, thought harmless) who then flashed “her” tackle in shiny bikini bottoms in front of young girl members of this tight community. \Stripper and BDSM costumery is not family friendly model in that lesbian community.

    These M2T are clearly acting in male behaviors to do what patriarchy does – establish power over dynamics and control proceedings for females.

    No, women do not have to have PIV with men, period. Not lesbians like Radfems nor lapsed hets nor any female. PIV-centric sexuality is male entitlement syndrome par excellence. The population explosion has put the last nail in the coffin of male myth on their need to spread their seed for survival. Now survival depends on their spilling their seed on the ground. Drop the requests to have your “she” dong accepted by lesbians. Ever. Or, lapsed hets. More females XX need to be re-conditioned to own their own vagina and to guard our eggs more thoroughly from the onslaught of male sperm already sploogging its way to severe overpopulation levels.

    XY’s can have their rights to be cross dressers respected, but don’t let dongs in my XX public bathrooms.

    Go raise your own money M2T and build your own health clinics. Get your own trans bathrooms

    All public arguments or non-listenings to which Weixxin alludes in above post should begin with a basic 101 on sex and gender terminology.

    Feel free to delete this post if it’s counter-productive to even answer posts like above and fuel ignorance and waste time in arguing.


  6. Sugarpuss

    From the pro-rape tranny article:

    The trans guys I choose to surround myself with work really hard to undo their misogyny and examine their role in patriarchy. Because they are men in the world. Sadly, I’ve also seen and heard about a lot of trans guys who take advantage of this frame to not lose their community, despite the fact that it’s a women’s community. I’ve seen them take advantage of this frame to get laid by folks who say they don’t want to be dating men, but are told dating trans men is different. I might have more complex feelings if these guys were actively working to bring trans women into these women’s spaces and women’s communities, but I’m not seeing that happen.

    Oh yeah, this slimeball definitely exposed his agenda. Probably exposes a lot of other things, too. Ugh! Fucking nerdy rapist creep!

    I was amazed to learn that he’s actually one of the editors of that so-called “feminist” site. That’s LibFems for ya’; “progressiveness” at the cost of female-born solidarity. They make me sick, the lot of them.


  7. survivorthriver

    Thanks to the Radfems for exposing the rilly silly jendah falsity around this issue – it’s crystal clear that jendah is a social construct when scrutinized, but now the general public is seeing it in plain sight.

    It’s like the story of “The Emperors New Clothes”, the more the laydees protest they are laydees, the more the public is seeing their naked dong aggression for what it is – a male entitled power play.

    That Twitter-pated post was so convoluted as to be painful to read. I won’t injure the poor octopus reputation, but their ink defense is what the transplaining achieves. A big inky obscuration of the obvious. Temporarily.

    My rural community near a major metropolitan city and very gay friendly has been a transition destination. Our community bends over backward to try not to offend the laydees.

    Learning from the Radfem blogs about the fact that 85% of those laydees wear tackle under their flounces really named the Invisible Obvious of the elephant in the room here. XY with dong is not female.

    Now if the laydees had just raised money for the local women’s shelter and kept their dong behaviors under control we might be co-existing better. As I tell my girlfriends and sisters about this issue, at first they’re PC protective of the laydees, but as the deeper issues emerge their attitude changes to being appalled.

    The transwolves have really worn sheeps clothing. Transwool over the eyes. Not. Not only is Twitt making radfem job easy, it is making it pretty clear to a more general audience that the PC “liberal” tolerance for special entitlements is wrong.



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