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Space Invaders

We filed this under “whoopsies, tranz accidentally revealed their mission”, LOL.

It came to my attention because Joshua Twitt used the graphic in his rapetastic follow-up post, to defend why he is entitled to have sex with lesbians. Before getting onto the Space Invaders portion of this post, I need to highlight a bit from Twitt’s post:

I do think it’s revealing, though, that the arguments I’m hearing from folks who aren’t intentionally transphobic are some of the same arguments coming from radfems.

Perhaps because the twanz arguments are built on a delusion house of cards there Joshua? Anyway, priceless. Even when facing reality, Joshua still clings to the denial.

Back to Space Invaders. It was an arcade game from the late 1970s, which became even more popular when released on what became then, one of the most popular gaming platforms, Atari. Of course, this was the world “BPS” (Before PlayStation)! And early video games were, *gasp*, in Black & White – anyone remember the snake thing? Or Pong? Of course, PacMan came a little after all that, at the beginnings of the 1980s.

Here is a screenshot to show you how primitive Space Invaders really was.

The green bits are you, the player, and your defences (the humpy upsidedown U-shapes). The fancy little white critters are the space invaders, that move from side to side, and gradually down towards you, firing occasionally. The player’s strategy is to fire back, taking out the invaders before they reach your defences, or blast too many holes in your defences. If you want to know more, you can play the game online – it will take you all of thirty seconds to figure it out. Use the arrow keys to move sideways, and the spacebar to fire.

Play Space Invaders online.

Joshua Twitt gives credit to the following image off some other twanz blog (a post wanting ‘in’ to MichFest):

See what they did there? They identified with the Invaders! They didn’t use the boring little player graphic (the defensive position) but they used the attacking force picture. Apparently ‘transphobia’ is the defensive position that they are going to invade and eliminate.

It’s rather an apt Freudian Slip don’t you think? After all, they try to invade MichFest, they try to invade women’s toilets and changing rooms, they try to invade all female-only gatherings. No female or feminist ever demands entry into tranz spaces.

Anyway, for our invasive Space Cadets, here is a comfy chair in which they can plot their invasions: